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September 2007 Nanotechnology Press Releases

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245 press releases posted this month

September 30th, 2007

The Nanoethics Group to Speak in Yale University’s Lecture Series (SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA)
Ethics, Announcements, Events/Classes

September 29th, 2007

Breaking the Barrier Toward Nanometer X-ray Resolution (UPTON, NY)
Discoveries, Announcements, Tools

September 28th, 2007

Measurements from the Edge: Magnetic Properties of Thin Films (GAITHERSBURG, MD)
Memory Technology, Nanoelectronics, Discoveries, Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements

Local Chicago Teacher and Researcher-Scientist to Be Honored at the Inaugural iBIO iCON Awards (CHICAGO, IL)
Announcements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

Rice unveils $100 million initiative for world health technology (HOUSTON, TX)
Announcements, Academic/Education, Human Interest/Art

Ormecon published scientific article about the new ultrathin solderable surface finish "Nanofinish" (AMMERSBEK, GERMANY)
Chip Technology, Announcements

Emergency Filtration Products Issues FDA Update (LAS VEGAS, NV)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements

Digital Cable Goes Quantum: NIST Debuts Superconducting Quantum Computing Cable (BOULDER, CO)
Quantum Computing, Announcements

NIST Announces 56 New Awards For Innovative Technology R&D (GAITHERSBURG, MD)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

IDGLOBAL Receives Second Order from a Major League Association’s Sports Apparel/Merchandising Market (KELOWNA, BC, CANADA)
Announcements, Law enforcement/Anti-Counterfeiting/Security/Loss prevention

BioNanoatrix and Complete Genomics Receive $8.8 Million NIST-ATP Award to Develop Sequencing Platform for $100 Genome (PHILADELPHIA, PA AND MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Nanomedicine, Announcements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records, Research partnerships

Quantum Device Traps, Detects and Manipulates the Spin of Single Electrons (BUFFALO, NY)
Spintronics, Quantum Computing, Discoveries, Announcements, Quantum nanoscience

World Nanomaterial Demand to Reach $4.2 Billion by 2011 (CLEVELAND, OH)
Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers

September 27th, 2007

Award Winning Ricardo Beverly Hills Solutions(TM) Luggage with Built-in Digital Scale, As Featured on the Good Housekeeping Wish List, Announces Addi (LA MIRADA, CA)
Products, Announcements, Textiles/Clothing

Using Nanotubes To Detect and Repair Cracks in Aircraft Wings, Other Structures (TROY, NY)
Nanotubes/Buckyballs/Fullerenes/Nanorods, Discoveries, Announcements, Military, Aerospace/Space, Human Interest/Art

PET Scanning Tracks Injected Quantum Dots (BETHESDA, MD)
Nanomedicine, Discoveries, Announcements, Quantum Dots/Rods

Carbon Nanotubes Have Room for Multifunctionality (BETHESDA, MD)
Nanotubes/Buckyballs/Fullerenes/Nanorods, Nanomedicine, Discoveries, Announcements

Gold Nanorods Image Tumors (BETHESDA, MD)
Nanomedicine, Discoveries, Announcements

Nanoparticles Yield Safer Light-Activated Cancer Therapy (BETHESDA, MD)
Nanomedicine, Discoveries, Announcements

Festivities of International Nanotechnology Week to Continue even when nanoTX‚07 Comes to a Close on Thursday, 4 October. (DALLAS, TX)
Announcements, Events/Classes

Brookhaven Lab Physicist Ilan Ben-Zvi Wins Free Electron Laser Prize (UPTON, NY)
Announcements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records, Photonics/Optics/Lasers

Pioneering nanomaterials R&D is recognised with 'Start Up' award (NEWHAVEN, UK)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Tools, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

Dr Simon Carrington is International Business Director of the Year 2007 (CREWE, UK)
Announcements, Tools, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

Price Chopper and UAlbany NanoCollege Put Nanotechnology on the Breakfast Table (ALBANY, NY)
Announcements, Academic/Education, Human Interest/Art, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships

New Brazilian University Purchases Largest Shared-Memory Supercomputer in Latin America (NEW YORK, NY)
Announcements, Academic/Education, New-Contracts/Sales/Customers

Nanowire generates power by harvesting energy from the environment (URBANA-CHAMPAIGN, IL)
Discoveries, Announcements, Sensors, Energy

Water Vapor and Carbon Nanotube Paper Available from RASIRC (SAN DIEGO, CA)
Announcements, Events/Classes

Nanotechnology Product News Web Site Launched, with Press Releases and Directory of Businesses (FORT COLLINS, CO)
Products, Announcements

Golf ball market a hot prospect for UQ spin-off (QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA)
Announcements, Sports, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

September 26th, 2007

NANOGATE AG: Nanogate AG reports further profitable growth in the first half of 2007 - Core business sales up 51%, earnings before taxes significantly (SAARBRüCKEN, GERMANY)
Announcements, Financial Reports

Stanley Hall dedication heralds new era of bioscience innovation (BERKELEY, CA)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements, Academic/Education

Model for the Assembly of Advanced, Single-Molecule-Based Electronic Components Developed at Pitt (PITTSBURGH, PA)
Chip Technology, Nanoelectronics, Announcements

Noted Mayo Clinic Biomedical Engineer to Report Breakthroughs are Near in Nanotechnology Medicine (DALLAS, TX)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Events/Classes

Science of the Ultra-Small Poised to Bring Gigantic Gains (TUSCALOOSA, AL)
Announcements, Tools, Academic/Education

Yale scientists make 2 giant steps in advancement of quantum computing (NEW HAVEN, CT)
Quantum Computing, Discoveries, Announcements

University of Oregon Receives NSF Grant to Fund Entrepreneurship Collaboration (EUGENE, OR)
Announcements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

DOE Awards $2.5 Million Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery Technology Development Contract to Ener1's EnerDel Subsidiary (FORT LAUDERDALE, FL)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements, Automotive/Transportation, Battery Technology/Capacitors/Generators/Piezoelectrics/Thermoelectrics/Energy storage

Accretion in Old Age Population Drives Mobility Aids Industry (PALO ALTO, CA)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers

Using Catalysts to Stamp Nanopatterns Without Ink (DURHAM, NC)
Chip Technology, Discoveries, Announcements, Nanobiotechnology, Printing/Lithography/Inkjet/Inks/Bio-printing

Biosensors Undergoing Rapid Growth in Medical Diagnostics Industry (PALO ALTO, CA)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Sensors

CSIR Foundatioin Day celebrated (INDIA)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements

Nanobiosym Awarded $2M Contract From U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) (MEDFORD, MA)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements, Military

Ormecon Introducing Ultrathin New Organic Nanometal Surface Finish in Commercial Scale (HAMBURG, GERMANY)
Chip Technology, Announcements

The Carbon Nanotubes Industry – Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes (LYON, FRANCE)
Nanotubes/Buckyballs/Fullerenes/Nanorods, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers

September 25th, 2007

BIOIDENT Wins Illustrious 2007 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Awards (MENLO PARK, CA)
Announcements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records, Printing/Lithography/Inkjet/Inks/Bio-printing

Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies and Consumers Union Collaborate on (WASHINGTON, DC)
Announcements, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships

Researchers set new record for brightness of quantum dots (URBANA-CHAMPAIGN, IL)
Discoveries, Sensors, Quantum Dots/Rods, Photonics/Optics/Lasers, Display technology/LEDs/SS Lighting/OLEDs

Platypus Technologies has received a Phase 1 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant for $600,000 (MADISON, WI)
Announcements, Sensors, Environment, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records, Research partnerships

New Partnership: Nano-oriented but not Nano-sized (WASHINGTON, DC)
Announcements, Environment, Safety-Nanoparticles/Risk management, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships

BioForce Nanosciences' Nano eNabler System Named One of the 25 Most Innovative Products in 2007 (AMES, IA)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

Researchers Develop Nanoblade (TROY, NY)
Discoveries, Announcements, Energy, Fuel Cells

ULURU Inc. Announces the Appointment of Renaat Van den Hooff to Join Executive Team (ADDISON, TX)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths

Nansulate® Coatings Mentioned in New Nanotechnology for Green Building Report (NAPLES, FL)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements

World Energy Market Shifts Report Available Now (DUBLIN, IRELAND)
Possible Futures, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Energy, Battery Technology/Capacitors/Generators/Piezoelectrics/Thermoelectrics/Energy storage, Solar/Photovoltaic, Display technology/LEDs/SS Lighting/OLEDs

Advances in Drug Discovery Technologies Fuelling Development of Anti-Diabetic Therapies (PALO ALTO, CA)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers

Germany: Europe’s Leading Player In Nanotechnology (DUBLIN, IRELAND)
Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers

September 24th, 2007

CRN Leadership Team Expands (NEW YORK, NY)
Announcements, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths

Poll Reveals Public Awareness of Nanotech Stuck at Low Level (WASHINGTON, DC)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements, Human Interest/Art

Leading IC Engineers to Gather in Albany at SEMATECH Workshop on 3D Chips (ALBANY, NY)
Chip Technology, Announcements, Events/Classes

BioNanomatrix Receives New NCI Grant to Support Development of Chip-Based Nanofluidics Systems for Cell Fractionation (PHILADELPHIA, PA)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

Investment Strategies for Volatile Markets (ZURICH, SWITZERLAND)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers

AMD's Doug Grose to Chair High-Profile Advanced Materials Summit at nanoTX'07 (DALLAX, TX)
Chip Technology, Announcements, Events/Classes

FEI Introduces for Owners Featuring FEI Connect (HILLSBORO, OR)
Announcements, Tools

Arrowhead Subsidiary, Insert Therapeutics, Awarded Patent for Cyclosert™ Camptothecin, the Company’s Lead Oncology Candidate (PASADENA, CA)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Patents/IP/Tech Transfer/Licensing

ThalesNano Inc. Opens Own Representation in the United Kingdom and has New Distribution Agreements for Europe and India (BUDAPEST, HUNGARY)
Announcements, Tools, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships

Scientists get first look at nanotubes inside living animals (HOUSTON, TX)
Discoveries, Announcements, Nanobiotechnology

September 23rd, 2007

DSO to Host 17th International Electronics Forum for First Time in the Middle East (DUBAI, UAE)
Announcements, Events/Classes

CADS Presents the Technology Intelligence Unit (WASHINGTON, DC)
Announcements, Homeland Security

September 21st, 2007

Nanotechnology: What's that? (WASHINGTON, DC)
Announcements, Events/Classes

Solutions for a Dirty Planet: Green Chemistry CEOs Give Wall Street Reporter a Glimpse Into Their Technologies and Investment Potential (NEW YORK, NY)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Environment

EPA To Regulate Ion Generators as Pesticides (WASHINGTON, DC)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements, Safety-Nanoparticles/Risk management

Imaging quantum entanglement (LONDON, UK)
Discoveries, Announcements, Quantum nanoscience

Federal nanotech grant made to Law School team (TEMPE, AZ)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements

Safe nanotechnologies: Enabling responsible business opportunities 1.11.2007 Innopoli II, Otaniemi, Espoo (FINLAND)
Announcements, Safety-Nanoparticles/Risk management, Events/Classes

ASTM Advanced Ceramics Committee Co-Sponsors Needs and Opportunities for Strength and Fracture Standards at Micro and Nano Scales Workshop (DAYTONA BEACH, FL)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Events/Classes

September 20th, 2007

Scientists decipher mechanism behind antimicrobial 'hole punchers' (CHAMPAIGN, IL)
Nanomedicine, Announcements

Tiny Ceramic Linear Motor Moves Fast with Nanometer Precision (AUBURN, MA)
Announcements, Tools

Purdue-led network awarded $18.25 million NSF grant to grow users, translate nanoscience into nanotechnology (WEST LAFAYETTE, IN)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

Green Technology Forum Releases "Nanotechnology for Green Building" Report (INDIANAPOLIS, IN)
Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Environment, Construction

Keithley and CNSI Announce Nanotechnology Measurement Partnership (CLEVELAND, OH)
Announcements, Tools, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships

Kylin Therapeutics Signs Collaboration with Fort Dodge Animal Health, a Division of Wyeth (WEST LAFAYETTE, IN)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships, Research partnerships

MFIC Corporation Announces Resignation of Irwin Gruverman from Board of Directors (NEWTON, MA)
Announcements, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths

Niels Christian Nielsen receives Danisco Award 2007 (DENMARK)
Announcements, Food/Agriculture/Supplements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

Industrial Nanotech, Inc. Expands International Sales Success with New Representatives (NAPLES, FL)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships

Home Based Generation of Electricity Works Efficiently To Provide Homes with DC Current (LEXINGTON, MA)
Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Energy, Battery Technology/Capacitors/Generators/Piezoelectrics/Thermoelectrics/Energy storage, Solar/Photovoltaic

Thomson Salutes Japan's Contribution to Global Research (TOKYO, JAPAN)
Announcements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

September 19th, 2007

NANOIDENT CTO to Speak About Printed Sensor Applications at the Organic Electronics Conference 2007 (LINZ, AUSTRIA)
Announcements, Sensors, Events/Classes, Printing/Lithography/Inkjet/Inks/Bio-printing

ULURU Inc. to Present at UBS Global Life Sciences Conference 2007 (ADDISON, TX)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Events/Classes

Zecotek Introduces a New Compact, Ultra-Narrow Linewidth Ti:Sapphire Laser for High-Precision Applications (VANCOUVER, BC)
Announcements, Tools

New Topical Therapy Safely Treats Serious Skin Infections (ANN ARBOR, MI)
Nanomedicine, Announcements

Partnership Hosts First Science Cafe on Energy, Fuels (HAMPTON, VA)
Announcements, Energy, Events/Classes

Nanotechnology Focus at ESTECH 2008 (ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL)
Announcements, Events/Classes

The Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship Hosts 5th Annual Energy & Clean Technology Venture Forum (HOUSTON, TX)
Announcements, Environment, Energy, Events/Classes

Nanomix to Webcast Corporate Presentation at the UBS Global Life Sciences Conference (EMERYVILLE, CA)
Announcements, Events/Classes

Growing Demand and Advent of Nanotechnology Likely to Give Technological Boost to Neurostimulators (PALO ALTO, CA)
Possible Futures, Nanomedicine, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers

Physicist and Renewable Energy Expert, Dr. Alastair K. Livesey, Joins Octillion Corp. Board of Directors (AUBURN HILLS, MI)
Announcements, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths, Energy, Solar/Photovoltaic

Printing with enzymes instead of ink (DURHAM, NC)
MEMS, Molecular Machines, Discoveries, Announcements, Sensors, Printing/Lithography/Inkjet/Inks/Bio-printing

Toward pure white light: Next-generation LEDs show bright promise (BANGALORE, INDIA)
Discoveries, Announcements, Display technology/LEDs/SS Lighting/OLEDs

September 18th, 2007

New Spaceloft(R) Insul-Cap(TM) From Aspen Aerogels Improves Thermal Efficiency of Wall Framing ( NORTHBOROUGH, MA)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Home, Industrial, Events/Classes

Hospitals See Infection Rates More Than Halved, Patient Stays Shortened by 27 Percent in New Study Announced by I-Flow (CHICAGO, IL)
Nanomedicine, Announcements

MU Engineers Develop Micro Device and Nano-Engineered Materials to Treat Cancer and HIV (COLUMBIA, MO)
Nanomedicine, Discoveries, Announcements

Nanosphere Announces First FDA Cleared Genetic Test for Warfarin Sensitivity and Nanotechnology-based Molecular Diagnostics Platform (NORTHBROOK, IL)
Nanomedicine, Announcements

Tech Part of $31 M Translational Partnership (ATLANTA, GA)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Nanomedicine, Announcements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships, Research partnerships

Nanobac Pharmaceuticals Announces Continuation of Space Act Agreement with NASA: NASA to Study Characterization of the Physical and Chemical Propertie (TAMPA, FL)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Aerospace/Space

Engineering profs win top composites research awards (NEWARK, DE)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Academic/Education, Events/Classes, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

Leading energy experts mobilize minds with critical discussion of Ontario's energy choices (OSHAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA)
Announcements, Energy, Events/Classes

Siemens and Xintek Form Joint Venture to Develop Nanotechnology-Enabled Multi-Pixel X-ray Tubes (RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC)
Announcements, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships, Research partnerships

Toppan Photomasks and CEA-Leti Announce Collaboration to Study Double Patterning (ROUND ROCK, TX AND GRENOBLE, FRANCE)
Chip Technology, Announcements, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships, Research partnerships

Ecology Coatings Strengthens Clean-Technology Platform with New Automotive IP (BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI AND AKRON, OH)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Patents/IP/Tech Transfer/Licensing, Automotive/Transportation

USABC Awards $6.5 Million Battery Technology Development Contract to Ener1's EnerDel Subsidiary (FORT LAUDERDALE, FL)
Announcements, Battery Technology/Capacitors/Generators/Piezoelectrics/Thermoelectrics/Energy storage, New-Contracts/Sales/Customers

Printed Electronics Enable Everyday Objects with Electronic Intelligence (PALO ALTO, CA)
Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Printing/Lithography/Inkjet/Inks/Bio-printing

New Book Introduces Kids to the Wonders of MEMS and Nanotechnology (SCOTTSDALE, AZ)
Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Academic/Education, Human Interest/Art

September 17th, 2007

Advance in Creating Inexpensive Polarized Light May Lead to Better Displays on Laptop Computers, Cell Phones and Other Devices (LOS ANGELES, CA)
Discoveries, Announcements, Display technology/LEDs/SS Lighting/OLEDs

New technology to reduce large-scale emissions (BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA)
Nanotubes/Buckyballs/Fullerenes/Nanorods, Discoveries, Announcements, Environment, Energy

Nanogen to Focus on High Growth Clinical Diagnostics Markets with Real Time and Point of Care Products; Undertakes Evaluation of Strategic Alternative (SAN DIEGO, CA)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Nanomedicine, Announcements, Tools, Events/Classes

UT-ORNL governor's chair unlocks secrets of protein folding (KNOXVILLE, TN)
Nanomedicine, Discoveries, Announcements, Energy, Nanobiotechnology

Integrated Imaging Center Brings It All into View (BALTIMORE, MD)
Announcements, Tools, Academic/Education, Events/Classes

Risk Assessment Minor in Development at JHU (BALTIMORE, MD)
Announcements, Academic/Education, Safety-Nanoparticles/Risk management

JMAR Technologies Receives $7.5 Million in New Financing from Laurus Master Fund, Ltd. (SAN DIEGO, CA)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements, Tools

INBT Grant Proposal Service: Formula for Funding Success (BALTIMORE, MD)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

Bone-Growing Nanomaterial Could Improve Orthopaedic Implants (PROVIDENCE, RI)
Nanomedicine, Discoveries, Announcements

Penn engineers design computer memory in nanoscale form that retrieves data 1,000 times faster (PHILADELPHIA, PA)
Memory Technology, Nanoelectronics, Discoveries, Announcements

New nanoparticle vaccine is more effective but less expensive (LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND)
Nanomedicine, Discoveries, Announcements

Ultratech, Inc. Chairman and CEO Arthur W. Zafiropoulo to Open the NASDAQ Stock Market on September 18 (SAN JOSE, CA)
Chip Technology, Announcements, Tools, Events/Classes

AlphaRx To Present at 47th Annual ICAAC (MARKHAM, ONTARIO, CANADA)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Events/Classes

French nanotechnology boosted by US and Japanese investment (FRANCE AND JAPAN)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships, Research partnerships

Industrial Nanotech joins U.S. Green Building Council (NAPLES, FL)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships

Michael Nobel relieved of nanoTX’07 activities after protest from Nobel Foundation and Family Society. (DALLAS, TX)
Announcements, Events/Classes

Chipworks CEO to deliver keynote address at 4th Patent Strategies Conference (NEW YORK, NY)
Announcements, Patents/IP/Tech Transfer/Licensing, Events/Classes

Nanotech Could Make Solar Energy as Easy and Cheap as Growing Grass (WASHINGTON, DC)
Announcements, Energy, Solar/Photovoltaic

Prof. Thomas N. Gladwin, PhD, MBA Joins Octillion Corp. Board of Directors (AUBURN HILLS, MI)
Announcements, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths

Peter Balbus to Speak at nanoTX'07 Nanotechnology Conference in Dallas, Texas (DALLAS, TX)
Announcements, Events/Classes

September 15th, 2007

New Research Complex Encourages Collaboration (ATLANTA, GA)
Announcements, Academic/Education

Physicists establish "spooky" quantum communication (ANN ARBOR, MI)
Quantum Computing, Announcements, Quantum nanoscience

September 14th, 2007

Alum honored as ACS Hero of Chemistry (NEWARK, DE)
Announcements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

Renowned Scientist To Join Rensselaer Biocomputation and Bioinformatics Group (TROY, NY)
Announcements, Academic/Education, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths

Sheet of Carbon Atoms Acts like a Billiard Table, Physicists Find (RIVERSIDE, CA)
Chip Technology, Discoveries, Announcements, Quantum nanoscience

'Radio Wave Cooling' Offers New Twist on Laser Cooling (GAITHERSBURG, MD)
Discoveries, Announcements, Sensors, Quantum nanoscience

NIST Team Develops Novel Method for Nanostructured Polymer Thin Films (GAITHERSBURG, MD)
Chip Technology, Memory Technology, Discoveries, Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements

New Report Provides an in-Depth Discussion on Recent Developments of Nanoparticle Enabled Drug Delivery Systems (DDS) and Future Opportunities (DUBLIN, IRELAND)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Nanomedicine, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers

$150,000 ZINO Zillionaire Investment Funds Awarded to END//outdoor and Healionics (SEATTLE, WA)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements

Researchers Improve Ability to Write and Store Information on Electronic Devices (ARGONNE, IL)
Memory Technology, Discoveries, Announcements

Soitec and the French Agency for Industrial Innovation (AII) Announce the European Commission Approval for the Funding of the Strategic R&D Program, N (BERNIN, FRANCE)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Chip Technology, Announcements, Automotive/Transportation, Display technology/LEDs/SS Lighting/OLEDs

NSF Expert to Discuss "New Frontiers in Nanotechnology" at UB Sept. 20 (BUFFALO, NY)
Announcements, Events/Classes

September 13th, 2007

NIST, SRC-NRI Enter Partnership to Drive Search for Next-Generation Computer Technology (RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC)
Nanoelectronics, Announcements, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships, Research partnerships

Harvard Researchers Select the ELIONIX 100kV Electron Beam Lithography System for Nanoscale Fabrication (BILLERICA, MA)
Announcements, Tools, Academic/Education

Federal Research Plan to Determine Nanotech Risks Fails to Deliver (WASHINGTON, DC)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements, Safety-Nanoparticles/Risk management

Platypus Technologies awarded $600K federal grant (MADISON, WI)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

Leading Lights of UK Nanotech Depart for Trade Mission to India (UK AND INDIA)
Announcements, Trade agreements/Negotiations

New scientists join Argonne's Center for Nanoscale Materials (ARGONNE, IL)
Announcements, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths

Keithley Adds Low Current Capability to SourceMeter® Line for Fast, Compact, and Economical Parametric Testing (CLEVELAND, OH)
Chip Technology, Announcements, Tools

Science Buddies to Exhibit Science Fair Projects of Future at Wired NextFest in LA (SAN FRANCISCO, CA)
Announcements, Academic/Education, Events/Classes

September 12th, 2007

N.C. Biotechnology Center Study Seeks Boost in State Support for Advanced Medical Technologies (RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements

UC Berkeley: Physicists pin down atomic spin for spintronics (BERKELEY, CA)
Spintronics, Quantum Computing, Discoveries, Announcements

Toward next-generation integrated circuits made from carbon nanotubes (TEL-AVIV, ISRAEL)
Chip Technology, Nanotubes/Buckyballs/Fullerenes/Nanorods, Discoveries, Announcements

Federal, State, and City Dignitaries, Esteemed Scientists to Gather for Official Opening of WPI's Gateway Park (WORCESTER, MA)
Announcements, Events/Classes

ISE-CCM Nanotechnology Index is down -6.29% Year to Date (NEW YORK, NY)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements

Nanobac Pharmaceuticals Inc. Signs Agreement with American Health Associates Clinical Laboratories to Provide Calcifying Nanoparticle Tests in the Uni (TAMPA, FL)

Dr. William Bosch, a Nano-pharmaceuticals Industry Leader, Joins iCeutica (PHILADELPHIA, PA)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths

CombiMatrix Corporation Changes Trading Symbol (MUKILTEO, WA)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Reports Revenue and Earnings Growth for the First Quarter (HOBOKEN, NJ)
Announcements, Financial Reports

New DNA-Based Technique For Assembly of Nano- and Micro-sized Particles (UPTON, NY)
Announcements, Self Assembly, Nanobiotechnology

Hitachi High Technologies America to Exhibit Groundbreaking Tabletop Microscope at WIRED’s NextFest (PLEASANTON, CA)
Announcements, Tools, Events/Classes

CMU to host nanotechnology workshop that will shape national policy (MOUNT PLEASANT, MI)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements, Events/Classes

Taxol® bristle ball: a wrench in the works for cancer (HOUSTON, TX)
Nanomedicine, Announcements

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Issues Fundamental Patent for Carbon Nanotube-Based Transparent Electrodes (MENLO PARK, CA)
Nanotubes/Buckyballs/Fullerenes/Nanorods, Announcements, Patents/IP/Tech Transfer/Licensing, Energy, Solar/Photovoltaic, Display technology/LEDs/SS Lighting/OLEDs

The NanoEurope 2007 is now open (ST.GALLEN, SWITZERLAND)
Announcements, Events/Classes

September 11th, 2007

Method Safely Deposits Novel Metal Oxide Thin Films on Substrates (BUFFALO, NY)
Discoveries, Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Military, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

Nanophase to Present at Think Equity 5th Annual Growth Conference (ROMEOVILLE, IL)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements, Events/Classes

Nanomaterials With a Bright Future (ARLINGTON, VA)

Buoyant Sales Prompt Further Expansion of the Malvern® Instruments Laser Diffraction Team (MALVERN, UK)
Announcements, Tools, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths

Ener1 Signs Exclusive License Agreement with ITOCHU (FORT LAUDERDALE, FL)
Announcements, Patents/IP/Tech Transfer/Licensing, Battery Technology/Capacitors/Generators/Piezoelectrics/Thermoelectrics/Energy storage

China Bionanometer Industries Corporation Promotes New Cosmetics Product Line in China (XI'AN, CHINA)
Products, Announcements, Personal Care/Cosmetics

The Nano Valley Consortium Holds Its Kick-Off Meeting on October 18th (SWAINSBORO, GA)
Announcements, Events/Classes

Award-Winning Humidification System enabling precise fabrication of carbon nanotubes to be a Highlight at nanoTX’07 (DALLAS, TX)
Nanotubes/Buckyballs/Fullerenes/Nanorods, Announcements, Events/Classes

IEST Fall Conference to Feature New Educational Topics (ROLLING MEADOWS, IL)
Announcements, Safety-Nanoparticles/Risk management, Events/Classes

NANOIDENT developer to speak about the next generation of printed lab-on-a-chip devices at SPIE Europe Security & Defence 2007 (LINZ, AUSTRIA)
Announcements, Homeland Security, Military, Events/Classes

Job Fair Planned to Add High-Tech Jobs in Support of UAlbany NanoCollege Expansion (ALBANY, NY)
Announcements, Jobs, Academic/Education

September 10th, 2007

IBM Researchers Bring Printing to the Nanoscale with New Fabrication Technique (ZURICH, SWITZERLAND)
Chip Technology, Optical computing/Photonic computing, Nanoelectronics, Discoveries, Announcements, Sensors, Photonics/Optics/Lasers, Printing/Lithography/Inkjet/Inks/Bio-printing

BioAlliance Pharma Takes Part in Paris MidCap Event September 17-18 (PARIS, FRANCE)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Nanomedicine, Announcements, Events/Classes

Keck Foundation funds UO's bio-nanomaterials research (EUGENE, OR)
Announcements, Safety-Nanoparticles/Risk management, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

New CAP-XX High-Temperature Supercapacitors Pack Pulse Power in a Thin, Environmentally-Robust Package (SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA)
Products, Announcements, Battery Technology/Capacitors/Generators/Piezoelectrics/Thermoelectrics/Energy storage, Display technology/LEDs/SS Lighting/OLEDs

Nanotechnology Initiative Presents Research Opportunities for Rensselaer Students (TROY, NY)
Announcements, Academic/Education, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships, Research partnerships

Keeping the Data Center Clean: ATEN Launches Industry-First KVM Switches with Antimicrobial Nanocoating to Protect Products from Bacteria Surviving o (IRVINE, CA)

Drawing Nanoscale Features the Fast and Easy Way (ATLANTA, GA)
Chip Technology, Nanoelectronics, Discoveries, Announcements, Tools, Printing/Lithography/Inkjet/Inks/Bio-printing

pSivida to Present at the Astrologers Fund Conference in New York City (BOSTON & PERTH, AUSTRALIA)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Nanomedicine, Announcements, Events/Classes

Medtronic Makes Equity Investment in NanoCor Therapeutics, Inc. (CHAPEL HILL, NC)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Nanomedicine, Announcements

The Kavli Prize Begins Call for Nominations and Announces Prize Committees (YORK, UK)
Announcements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

NanoViricides, Inc Engages Pharmaceutical and Life Science Division of Grubb & Ellis/BRE Commercial (WEST HAVEN, CT)
Nanomedicine, Announcements

Tiny Tubes and Rods Show Promise as Catalysts, Sunscreen (UPTON, NY)
Discoveries, Announcements, Energy, Personal Care/Cosmetics, Solar/Photovoltaic

Northern Europe’s Largest Nanotechnology Event Comes to Denmark in 2008 (COPENHAGEN, DENMARK)
Announcements, Events/Classes

September 9th, 2007

DFI Signs New Agreements to Expand US Market and Puerto Rico (SAN CLEMENTE, CA)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships

Obducat receives International Research award (SWEDEN)
Chip Technology, Announcements, Tools, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records, Printing/Lithography/Inkjet/Inks/Bio-printing

Toshiba Leads Industry in Bringing Discrete Track Recording Technology to Prototype of 120GB Hard Disk Drive (TOKYO, JAPAN)
Memory Technology, Announcements

September 7th, 2007

T3 + Orlando Pita Heat up the Runways With T3 360: Their First, Revolutionary Collection of Heat-Seeking Styling Products (NEW YORK, NY)
Products, Announcements, Personal Care/Cosmetics

Rensselaer Celebrates Grand Opening of World-Class Supercomputing Center (TROY, NY)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships

MIT works toward safer gene therapy (CAMBRIDGE, MA)
Nanomedicine, Discoveries, Announcements

Platypus Technologies has been awarded a $2.3 Million contract by the Department of Defense (MADISON, WI)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements, Sensors, Military

Malvern® Instruments shows latest developments for Zetasizer® Nano at L.A.B. (MALVERN, UK)
Announcements, Tools, Events/Classes

September 6th, 2007

Improved e-jet printing provides higher resolution and more versatility (CHAMPAIGN, IL)
Discoveries, Announcements, Printing/Lithography/Inkjet/Inks/Bio-printing

MFIC Corporation Introduces New Product, M-110P Microfluidizer® Processor (NEWTON, MA)
Announcements, Tools

IBM and Imago Find a Crucial Difficulty in Semiconductor Device Scaling (MADISON, WI)
Announcements, Tools, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships, Research partnerships

Media Advisory - International privacy experts meet in Montreal (OTTAWA, CANADA)
Announcements, Events/Classes

Bayer Foundation Awards $380,000 for New Graduate Chemical Engineering Fellowships at West Virginia University (PITTSBURGH, PA)
Announcements, Academic/Education, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

Award-Winning Researcher, Teacher and Administrator Named Yale Dean of Engineering (NEW HAVEN, CT)
Announcements, Academic/Education, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths

Thirsty Business: Global Companies Not Prepared for Looming Threat of Water Shortage (NEW YORK, NY)
Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Safety-Nanoparticles/Risk management

Team project achieves microscopy breakthough (HILLSBORO, OR)
Announcements, Tools, Research partnerships

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology and American University in Cairo to Collaborate on Research and Academic Development (DHAHRAN, KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA)
Announcements, Academic/Education, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships, Research partnerships

September 5th, 2007

Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology: 2007 Finalists announced (PALO ALTO, CA)
Announcements, Events/Classes, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

Superbugs, shapes and nanotechnology (UK)
Discoveries, Announcements, Self Assembly, Events/Classes

Implementing innovative business ideas at the Chemical Parks (LEVERKUSEN, GERMANY)
Announcements, Events/Classes

AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to Present at Two Upcoming Healthcare Conferences (CAMBRIDGE, MA)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Events/Classes

AlwaysReady, Inc., Developing Lithium-Based Battery Using its Smart Nanobattery Architecture (LITTLE FALLS, NJ)
Announcements, Military, Battery Technology/Capacitors/Generators/Piezoelectrics/Thermoelectrics/Energy storage

Nanocomp Technologies Expands Management Team with Appointment of Mark A. Banash to Vice President of Engineering (CONCORD, NH)
Announcements, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths, Textiles/Clothing

BIO Announces Sessions for Pacific Rim Summit on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (WASHINGTON, DC)
Announcements, Events/Classes, Nanobiotechnology

Lumera Corporation Announces Two Bioscience Industry Veterans to Join Plexera Board (BOTHELL, WA)
Announcements, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths

Inaugural Conference in June 2007 Provides Up to the Minute Data on the Rapid Growth of Nanopolymers (DUBLIN, IRELAND)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Events/Classes

BioSante Pharmaceuticals Names Joy A. Thomas (LINCOLNSHIRE, IL)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths

Industrial Nanotech, Inc. Extends Distribution to African Markets (NAPLES, FL)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships

IVAM directory brings together suppliers and users: application deadline passes on November 15, 2007 (GERMANY)

Carbon nanotube capacity expanded (LAUFENBURG, GERMANY)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements

September 4th, 2007

UH-Developed Nanopantography Can Create Billions of Nanotech Devices in Hours (HOUSTON, TX)
Discoveries, Announcements, Display technology/LEDs/SS Lighting/OLEDs

NASA Technology Forms the Basis for a New Nanotechnology Company (GREENBELT, MD)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements

Nanotechnology Identifies Peptide "Fingerprint" in Both Forms of ALS (BUFFALO, NY)
Nanomedicine, Discoveries, Announcements

Japanese Business Legend to Represent Delegates at nanoTX'07 (DALLAS, TX)
Announcements, Events/Classes

UCR engineers to develop new tool to measure how environmental exposures affect health (RIVERSIDE, CA)
Announcements, Sensors, Environment, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

BioForce Nanosciences Completes Financing (AMES, IA)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements, Tools, Printing/Lithography/Inkjet/Inks/Bio-printing

NVE Notified of Grant of Magnetothermal MRAM Patent (EDEN PRAIRIE, MN)
Spintronics, Chip Technology, Announcements, Patents/IP/Tech Transfer/Licensing

Unidym Appoints Seasoned Finance Executive as Chief Financial Officer (MENLO PARK, CA)
Announcements, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths

Novel Influenza and Bird Flu Therapeutics Moving Rapidly at NanoViricides, Inc. (WEST HAVEN, CT)
Nanomedicine, Announcements

NaturalNano Names Kent A. Tapper as Chief Financial Officer (ROCHESTER, NY)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths

SUSS MicroTec and STS Take MEMS Technology Roadshow to Europe (NEWPORT, UK)
MEMS, Announcements, Events/Classes

MedThink Communications Retained by NanoBio Corporation (RALEIGH, NC)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths

U.S.-Singapore team applying nanoelectronics to embedded computing (HOUSTON, TX)
Chip Technology, Nanoelectronics, Announcements, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships, Research partnerships

Poll Findings Released on Nanotech Awareness, Trust and Food Products (WASHINGTON, DC)
Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Food/Agriculture/Supplements

Argonne scientist to give the plenary talk at Royal Society of Chemistry meeting on nanoalloys (ARGONNE, IL)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Events/Classes

Public Debate: Nanomedicine… hype? Or a real revolution in healthcare? (LONDON, UK)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Events/Classes

Farfield Expands International Patent Portfolio (CREWE, UK)
Announcements, Tools, Patents/IP/Tech Transfer/Licensing

September 3rd, 2007

Focus on Technology and Process Economics Key to the Growth of the Global Nanocomposites Market (LONDON, UK)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers

A Nano-Microscope for Ultrafast Processes (GERMANY)
Discoveries, Announcements, Tools

Yale Scientists Use Nanotechnology to Fight E. coli (NEW HAVEN, CT)
Nanomedicine, Discoveries, Announcements

Balzan Prize 2007 (1 million Swiss Francs) for nanoscience awarded (MILAN, ITALY)
Announcements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

Oerlikon Names Jeannine Sargent CEO of Oerlikon Solar to Further Expand Enterprise (PFAFFIKON, SWITZERLAND)
Announcements, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths, Energy, Solar/Photovoltaic

September 2nd, 2007

Princeton engineers develop low-cost recipe for patterning microchips (PRINCETON, NJ)
Chip Technology, Discoveries, Announcements

September 1st, 2007

Technopreneurs in the Spotlight at GES 2007 (SINGAPORE)
Announcements, Events/Classes

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