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July 2007 Nanotechnology Press Releases

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205 press releases posted this month

July 31st, 2007

Self-Cleaning Buildings Thanks to Nanotechnology and Green Chemistry (TORONTO, CANADA)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Construction

Tegal Corporation Announces Schedule for First Quarter Fiscal Year 2008 Financial Conference Call (PETALUMA, CA)
Announcements, Tools, Patents/IP/Tech Transfer/Licensing, Financial Reports, Events/Classes

Statewide Conference on Nanotech to Feature Lessons from ATDF Training (AUSTIN, TX)
Announcements, Tools, Academic/Education, Events/Classes

ASM International Celebrates Convergence of 'Everything Material' with $35,000 Sweepstakes, Free One-Month Membership (MATERIALS PARK, OH)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

Russian Semiconductor Industry Poised for Growth as Moscow Envisions a Shift Toward a Knowledge Economy (PALO ALTO, CA)
Chip Technology, Announcements, Events/Classes

New Report Gives Comprehensive Insight into Different Drug Delivery Technologies Markets and Companies (DUBLIN, IRELAND)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers

SEMTech Solutions opens new FE-SEM services laboratory (NORTH BILLERICA, MA)
Chip Technology, Announcements, Tools

Futurist Argues that the U.S. Requires New Bill of Rights for the Twenty-First Century (BETHESDA, MD)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements, Events/Classes

July 30th, 2007

Military to study better pain relief in battle zones (ANN ARBOR, MI)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Patents/IP/Tech Transfer/Licensing, Military, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

New aerogels could clean contaminated water, purify hydrogen for fuel cells (ARGONNE, IL)
Discoveries, Announcements, Water, Fuel Cells

Cnano Technology Receives $6 Million to Develop Breakthroughs in Carbon Nanotubes (MENLO PARK, CA)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Nanotubes/Buckyballs/Fullerenes/Nanorods, Announcements

Advance Nanotech Subsidiary Launches Lonestar Product Line Offering Innovative, New Chemical Detection Solutions for Industry (NEW YORK, NY)
Announcements, Tools, Homeland Security, Events/Classes, Display technology/LEDs/SS Lighting/OLEDs

Ecology Coatings, Inc. Completes Reverse Merger with OCIS Corporation (BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Acquisitions/Mergers/Splits

ApNano Materials Establishes Nano Armor Subsidiary to Produce Ultra-Strong Bullet-Proof Products (NEW YORK, NY)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Homeland Security, Military, Law enforcement/Anti-Counterfeiting/Security/Loss prevention

Does EPA Have an Adequate Strategy to Oversee Nanotechnologies? (WASHINGTON, DC)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements, Events/Classes

Arrowhead subsidiary signs agreement to integrate its products into major display manufacturer's flat panel displays (PASADENA, CA)
Announcements, New-Contracts/Sales/Customers, Display technology/LEDs/SS Lighting/OLEDs

Enable IPC Ultracapacitor Tests Exceed Performance Target (VALENCIA, CA)
Announcements, Battery Technology/Capacitors/Generators/Piezoelectrics/Thermoelectrics/Energy storage

July 28th, 2007

Industrial Nanotech Energy Saving Coating Featured in Textile Industry Magazine (NAPLES, FL)
Materials/Metamaterials, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths, Industrial

July 27th, 2007

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the University of California, San Diego, and Rady Children’s Hospital form alliance (SAN DIEGO, CA)
Announcements, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships, Research partnerships

BioForce Nanosciences Wins “Most Successful Commercialization” Award (AMES, IA)
Announcements, Tools, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

BioForce Nanosciences Receives Second Half of a $400,000 NIH Grant (AMES, IA)
Announcements, Sensors, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

This Report is One of the First Studies Covering the Important Field of OLED and Printed Lighting (DUBLIN, IRELAND)
Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Printing/Lithography/Inkjet/Inks/Bio-printing, Display technology/LEDs/SS Lighting/OLEDs

July 26th, 2007

Playgen’s NanoMission in featured in BusinessWeek: New Game Modules Released (LONDON, UK)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Academic/Education, Human Interest/Art

Hidden order found in a quantum spin liquid (LONDON, UK)
Quantum Computing, Discoveries, Announcements, Quantum nanoscience

New Literature Release / New Brochure: Capacitive Nanometrology Sensors: Measuring Displacement, Vibration, Thickness (AUBURN, MA)
Announcements, Tools

Keithley Instruments Reports Results for Fiscal 2007 Third Quarter (CLEVELAND, OH)
Announcements, Tools, Financial Reports, Events/Classes

Ultratech Announces Second Quarter 2007 Results (SAN JOSE, CA)
Chip Technology, Announcements, Tools, Financial Reports, Events/Classes

Abraxis BioScience and the California NanoSystems Institute Announce Partnership for Collaborative Research in the Development of New Nanobiotechnolog (LOS ANGELES, CA)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships, Research partnerships

Ubisol-Aqua(TM): Coenzyme Q10 May Prevent Toxicity of HIV Drug Therapy (HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, NJ)
Nanomedicine, Announcements

Unidym’s “Tiniest Carbon Wires” are Making a Big Impact (MENLO PARK, CA)
Possible Futures, Chip Technology, Nanotubes/Buckyballs/Fullerenes/Nanorods, Nanoelectronics, Announcements, Solar/Photovoltaic, Display technology/LEDs/SS Lighting/OLEDs

Using the Zetasizer Nano to develop coatings with enhanced functionality (MALVERN, UK)
Announcements, Tools

July 25th, 2007

A new technique may speed the development of molecular electronics (ISRAEL)
Chip Technology, Nanoelectronics, Discoveries, Announcements

Nalco and Keystone Nano Announce Joint Nanotechnology Development Venture (NAPERVILLE, IL)
Products, Nanomedicine, Announcements, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships, Research partnerships

NanoWaste Needs Attention of EPA, Industry and Investors (WASHINGTON, DC)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements, Environment, Safety-Nanoparticles/Risk management

The future of medicine: Insert chip, cure disease? (GAINESVILLE, FL)
Chip Technology, Nanomedicine, Discoveries, Announcements

Thousands of Atoms Swap ‘Spins’ with Partners in Quantum Square Dance (GAITHERSBURG, MD)
Quantum Computing, Discoveries, Announcements, Quantum nanoscience

Hana Biosciences Announces Conference Call On Second Quarter 2007 Financial Results and Business Update (SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Financial Reports, Events/Classes

New professor to develop smaller, more powerful devices at nanoscale (SOUTHAMPTON, UK)
Chip Technology, Nanoelectronics, Announcements, Academic/Education, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths

ULURU Inc. to List Shares on American Stock Exchange Under Stock Symbol 'ULU' (ADDISON, TX)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Nanomedicine, Announcements

BioSante Pharmaceuticals Announces Positive Results (LINCOLNSHIRE, IL)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Personal Care/Cosmetics

FDA Nanotechnology Task Force Takes a Step Forward (WASHINGTON, DC)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Nanomedicine, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Food/Agriculture/Supplements, Personal Care/Cosmetics

FDA Nanotechnology Task Force Takes Positive Step Forward Agency Needs More Resources, Continued Transparency to Ensure Confidence in Safety (WASHINGTON, DC)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers

Unique Quantum Effect Found in Silicon Nanocrystals (GOLDEN, CO)
Discoveries, Announcements, Energy, Quantum Dots/Rods, Solar/Photovoltaic

Worldwide Enthusiasm Intensifies for Nanotechnology Conference/Expo in Texas (DALLAS, TX)
Announcements, Aerospace/Space, Events/Classes

Nanogate AG: BIP Investment Partners becomes new anchor investor (SAARBRUCKEN, GERMANY)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements

Building on Innovation — Nanopoint Inc. Wins Its First BusinessWeek/IDSA International Design Excellence Award; cellTRAY™ Wins Gold in International C (HONOLULU, HI)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

July 24th, 2007

Mentor Graphics Collaborates with India's RV-VLSI Design Center for Higher Education Program (WILSONVILLE, OR, & BANGALORE, INDIA)
Announcements, Tools, Academic/Education, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

US Navy Begins Use of Industrial Nanotech Patented Product for Lead Abatement (NAPLES, FL)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, New-Contracts/Sales/Customers

Scientists Discover New Way to Study Nanostructures (ATLANTA, GA)
Chip Technology, Discoveries, Announcements, Tools, Sensors

July 23rd, 2007

Graphene Nanoelectronics: Making Tomorrow’s Computers from a Pencil Trace (TROY, NY)
Chip Technology, Nanoelectronics, Discoveries, Announcements

Polymer opal films shed new kind of light on nature (WASHINGTON, DC)
Discoveries, Announcements, Military, Food/Agriculture/Supplements, Photonics/Optics/Lasers, Law enforcement/Anti-Counterfeiting/Security/Loss prevention

Berkeley Researchers Find New Way To Fabricate Striped Nanorods (BERKELEY, CA)
Discoveries, Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements

Nanoscale Dots Target and Track Apoptosis (BETHESDA , MD)
Nanomedicine, Discoveries, Announcements

Antibody Targets Nanotubes to Tumors (BETHESDA , MD)
Discoveries, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers

Who Are You? Gold Nanorods Identify Metastatic Tumor Cells (BETHESDA , MD)
Nanomedicine, Discoveries, Announcements

Self-Assembling Nanoparticles Image Tumor Cells (BETHESDA , MD)
Nanomedicine, Discoveries, Announcements

Tightly packed molecules lend unexpected strength to nanothin sheet of material (CHICAGO, IL)
Chip Technology, Discoveries, Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements

Third Annual Meeting of American Academy of Nanomedicine Announced (SAN DIEGO, CA)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Events/Classes

Advanced Magnetics Announces Positive Results from Fourth Phase III Study of Ferumoxytol as an Intravenous Iron Replacement Therapeutic in Chronic Kid (CAMBRIDGE, MA)
Nanomedicine, Announcements

API Nanotronics Acquires All the Assets of NanoOpto Corp. (HAUPPAUGE, NY)
Announcements, Photonics/Optics/Lasers, Acquisitions/Mergers/Splits

Altair Nanotechnologies and AES Corporation Announce Joint Development (RENO, NV)
Announcements, Energy, Battery Technology/Capacitors/Generators/Piezoelectrics/Thermoelectrics/Energy storage, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships, Research partnerships

nanoTX'07 -- the World's Premiere Nnanotechnology Conference and Exposition -- Appoints Peter G. Balbus as Director of Grants and Awards (DALLAS, TX)
Announcements, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

Global Carbon Nanotubes Market to Exceed $1.9 Billion by 2010, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. (SAN JOSE, CA)
Nanotubes/Buckyballs/Fullerenes/Nanorods, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers

July 21st, 2007

Kapil Sibal inaugurates emerging technologies gallery at National Science Centre (INDIA)
Announcements, Human Interest/Art

Euro AFM Forum at University of Munster Focuses on Current Research in Atomic Force Microscopy (SANTA BARBARA, CA)
Announcements, Tools, Events/Classes

Point-of-Care Diagnostics (FAYETTEVILLE, AR)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Sensors, Textiles/Clothing

Two Faculty Honored with NSF Awards (FAYETTEVILLE, AR)
MEMS, Memory Technology, Nanomedicine, Announcements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

July 20th, 2007

Acacia Research to Release Second Quarter Financial Results and Host Conference Call (NEWPORT BEACH, CA)
Announcements, Financial Reports, Events/Classes

Call for posters at the Nanoparticles for the European Industry Conference (LONDON, UK)
Announcements, Events/Classes

July 19th, 2007

ISO 14644-6 Vocabulary available from IEST (ROLLING MEADOWS, IL)
Chip Technology, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers

King recognized for new nanoscale thermal analysis technique (URBANA, IL)
Announcements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

Report on Bay Area Energy R&D Released (DAVIS, CA)
Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Environment, Energy

Robert Coutu Joins the Board of Directors of NanoSensors, Inc. (SANTA CLARA, CA)
Announcements, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths

Do-Coop Technologies Announces New Breakthrough Service to Solvate Insoluble, Hydrophobic Molecules and Compounds Using Neowater (OR YEHUDA, ISRAEL)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Water

FEI Releases microValidator(TM) Software for SEMs and EDS (HILLSBORO, OR)
Announcements, Tools

Where Does the Nano Go? (WASHINGTON, DC)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Events/Classes

Alltracel Pharmaceuticals Plc - Re Agreement (DUBLIN, IRELAND AND LONDON, UK)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Military, New-Contracts/Sales/Customers

mPhase Wins US Army Small Business Technology Transfer (SSTR) Program Grant (LITTLE FALLS, NJ)
Announcements, Military, Battery Technology/Capacitors/Generators/Piezoelectrics/Thermoelectrics/Energy storage, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

July 18th, 2007

Robert Clark to Lead Duke's Pratt School of Engineering (DURHAM, NC)
Announcements, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths

Marcy NanoCenter Introduces New Website (ROME, NY)

Lumera Corporation Announces Shelf Registration (BOTHELL, WA)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements

NVE Corporation Reports First Quarter Results (EDEN PRAIRIE, MN)
Spintronics, Announcements, Financial Reports

X MET3000TXV+ - The new handheld XRF analyser for light metals analysis in the aerospace industry (UK)
Announcements, Tools

£1m programme to help non-privileged students (UK)
Announcements, Academic/Education, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

Neuftec Statement regarding Oxonica Dispute (DOMINICA AND UK)
Announcements, Energy

Weizmann Institute of Science Grants to Promote Careers for Women in Science (ISRAEL)
Announcements, Human Interest/Art, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

Ninth Annual International TransVision 2007 Conference Kicks off in Chicago with Keynote Speakers William Shatner, Ed Begley Jr., Peter Diamandis, an (CHICAGO, IL)
Ethics, Announcements, Environment, Energy, Aerospace/Space, Human Interest/Art, Events/Classes, Life Extension/Cryonics

Industrial Nanotech Announces Development of Coating for Undersea Gas and Oil Pipelines (NAPLES, FL)
Products, Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Patents/IP/Tech Transfer/Licensing

July 17th, 2007

AMKOR and IMEC Sign Collaboration Agreement for 3D Wafer-Level Packaging (CHANDLER, AZ & LEUVEN, BELGIUM)
Chip Technology, Announcements, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships, Research partnerships

IMEC reports progress in advanced lithography program (SAN FRANCISCO, CA)
Announcements, Printing/Lithography/Inkjet/Inks/Bio-printing

IMEC extends 3D system intergration program (SAN FRANCISCO, CA)

University of Pennsylvania engineers discover natural 'workbench' for nanoscale construction (PHILADELPHIA, PA)
Discoveries, Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements

STS Ships VPX Pegasus to Semefab (NEWPORT, WALES, UK)
MEMS, Announcements, New-Contracts/Sales/Customers

Beyond A.I. -- Creating the Conscience of the Machine (AMHERST, NY)
Ethics, Possible Futures, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Artificial Intelligence

James Dietz Joins Plextronics as Vice President of Business Development (PITTSBURGH, PA)
Announcements, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths, Energy, Solar/Photovoltaic, Printing/Lithography/Inkjet/Inks/Bio-printing

Chemistry Professors Receive More Than $1 Million in Federal Grants (WASHINGTON, DC)
Announcements, Energy, Fuel Cells, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

IQ Micro Accelerates Product Development Program (WEST PALM BEACH, FL)
Announcements, Patents/IP/Tech Transfer/Licensing

Platypus Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce that Dr. Jeff Williams has joined the Company as CEO (MADISON, WI)
Announcements, Tools, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths

Mattson Technology Selected by Leading Global Chipmaker for Joint Development of Advanced Millisecond Annealing Applications (FREMONT, CA)
Announcements, Tools, New-Contracts/Sales/Customers

Lumera Corporation Forms New Bioscience Subsidiary and Initiates Review of Partnering Opportunities for the Bioscience Business (BOTHELL, WA)
Announcements, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships

Nanotechnology Research Spurs Growth in the Global Microscopes Market (PALO ALTO, CA)
Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Tools

Carl Zeiss SMT Names Daniel McGee Vice President Sales and Service, North America (PEABODY, MA)
Announcements, Tools, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths

248 nm Lithography to Reach 80 nm Resolution (OBERKOCHEN, GERMANY & SAN FRANCISCO, CA)
Chip Technology, Announcements, Tools, Printing/Lithography/Inkjet/Inks/Bio-printing

Metryx Wins Multi-System Mentor Order from Research Consortium (BRISTOL, ENGLAND)
Chip Technology, Announcements, Tools, New-Contracts/Sales/Customers

Nano-Network and NanoBusiness Alliance Partner to Host 2007 Nano App Summit (CLEVELAND, OH AND CHICAGO, IL)
Announcements, Events/Classes

Department of Energy Advances NSLS-II Project (UPTON, NY)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements

Scientists well positioned for success with new manipulation device (NEWCASTLE, UK)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Chip Technology, Announcements, Tools, Patents/IP/Tech Transfer/Licensing, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records, Research partnerships

Nanogate AG gains its first major U.S. customer (SAARBRüCKEN, GERMANY)
Announcements, New-Contracts/Sales/Customers

July 16th, 2007

Rogue DNA Inc. and Revell Group International form a Partnership to Address Anti-Counterfeiting Opportunities (VANCOUVER, BC)
Announcements, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships, Law enforcement/Anti-Counterfeiting/Security/Loss prevention

Asian Nanotechnology Industry 2007 Report (DUBLIN, IRELAND)
Nanoelectronics, Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Nanobiotechnology

ISE-CCM Nanotechnology Index is up 2.50% Year to Date (NEW YORK, NY)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements

Seiko Instruments NanoTechnology opens up European headquarter (EUROPE)
Announcements, Tools

Industrial Nanotech CEO Invited to Petrobras Headquarters to Discuss Additional Projects (NAPLES, FL)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements

Half of World’s Ten Fastest Supercomputers Leverage Force10 Networks High Performance Switches (SAN JOSE, CA)
Announcements, Tools

Atlas Mining Company Appoints Robert L. Dumont as its President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) (OSBURN, ID)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths

Israel renews association with the European Union's research programme (EUROPE AND ISRAEL)
Announcements, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships, Research partnerships

Third Annual Geoethical Nanotechnology Workshop Webinar to Explore Downloading Human Minds Into Bio-Nano Bodies (SATELLITE BEACH, FL)
Ethics, Announcements, Aerospace/Space, Events/Classes, Life Extension/Cryonics

Lux executive summit announces 2007 speakers (NEW YORK, NY)
Announcements, Events/Classes

July 15th, 2007

New Waterless Carwash Helping Save the Environment (UK)
Products, Announcements, Environment, Automotive/Transportation

July 14th, 2007

U.S. and Brazil Must Strengthen Economic Ties, Says Private Sector Leaders Meeting in Brazil (BRASILIA, BRAZIL)
Announcements, Patents/IP/Tech Transfer/Licensing, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships

July 13th, 2007

Brouse McDowell Names New Corporate Practice Partner and Intellectual Property Group Associate (AKRON, OH)
Announcements, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths

FEI Company Announces Date for Second Quarter Financial Release (HILLSBORO, OR)
Announcements, Tools, Financial Reports

US Global Nanospace, Inc. Files SEC Form 15 (CARSON CITY, NV)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements, Military

Neuftec Response to Oxonica PLC Statement regarding Licence and Patent Dispute with Neuftec Limited (DOMINICA)

Another Audio Interview Featuring Paul S. Clayson, Chief Executive Officer of nCoat, Inc. is Now Available at (AUSTIN, TX)
Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers

July 12th, 2007

Speed bumps less important than potholes for graphene (GAITHERSBURG, MD)
Nanoelectronics, Discoveries, Announcements

Arrowhead Subsidiary Unidym Signs Strategic Alliance with Battelle (PASADENA, CA)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships

Lifecare Awarded $2 Million From the Research Council of Norway (WEST PALM BEACH, FL)
Announcements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

Pacific Fuel Cell Corp. Announces Increase in Production of Bipolar Plates, Break-Even and Profitability Targets (TUSTIN, CA)
Announcements, Fuel Cells

Pall Showcases Record Number of New Technologies for the Semiconductor and Display Industries (EAST HILLS, NY)
Chip Technology, Announcements, Tools, Water, Events/Classes

Precision XY Piezomotor Stages with Large Aperture Move Faster and Feature a Lower Profile (AUBURN, MA)
Announcements, Tools

ATDF and UMC to Collaborate in Evaluating and Commercializing New Technologies (AUSTIN, TX AND HSINCHU, TAIWAN)
Announcements, Patents/IP/Tech Transfer/Licensing, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships

FEI introduces Vitrobot Mark IV (HILLSBORO, OR)
Announcements, Tools, Events/Classes

EPA Foregoes Opportunity to Improve Nanotechnology Oversight (WASHINGTON, DC)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Environment, Safety-Nanoparticles/Risk management

July 11th, 2007

Xidex Wins New NSF Contract for Carbon Nanotube Device Manufacturing (AUSTIN, TX)
Announcements, Tools, New-Contracts/Sales/Customers

Fifty Companies Representing Twenty Industries Set to Present At the RedChip Small-Cap New York Investor Conference August 16-17, 2007 At The Waldorf (ORLANDO, FL)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements, Environment, Events/Classes

ULURU Inc. Announces Development Partnership With a Leading Consumer Pharmaceutical Company to Develop a Range of Products. (ADDISON, TX)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships

VESTA & ATDF Introduce Super High-k Films for DRAM and Flash Applications; Also Announce Innovative Low-Temperature Processing Technology (SAN JOSE, CA & AUSTIN, TX)
Chip Technology, Announcements

Lumera Announces New Podcast Interviews with Kimberly D.C. Trapp and Dr. Craig Beeson; Next in 2007 Lumera Experts Series (BOTHELL, WA)
Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers

mPhase Technologies, Inc. Announces Engagement of (LITTLE FALLS, NJ)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements, Battery Technology/Capacitors/Generators/Piezoelectrics/Thermoelectrics/Energy storage

Palladium Equity Partners Makes $10 Million Commitment to Starfire Systems (NEW YORK AND MALTA, NY)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Automotive/Transportation, Aerospace/Space

VeruTEK Technologies and QuantumSphere, Inc. Announce Product Development and Marketing Partnership (GLASTONBURY, CT)
Announcements, Environment, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships

BioSante Pharmaceuticals Announces New Findings for Potential Bird Flu Vaccine (LINCOLNSHIRE, IL)
Nanomedicine, Announcements

Nanogen Gains Access to Schizophrenia Markers (SAN DIEGO, CA)
Announcements, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships

Innovative carbon nanotube growth tool selected for nanocomposites and mechanical sensor research (TRAPANI, SICILY)
Nanomedicine, Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Tools, Sensors, Aerospace/Space, New-Contracts/Sales/Customers

July 10th, 2007

MFIC to Present at C.E. Unterberg, Towbin Emerging Growth Opportunities Conference (NEWTON, MA)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements, Tools, Events/Classes

JET-HOT(R) Opens State-of-the-Art Facility in Quakertown, PA (KING OF PRUSSIA, PA)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements

Nanobubbles Deliver Targeted Cancer Drugs Using Ultrasound (SALT LAKE CITY, UT)
Nanomedicine, Discoveries, Announcements

Houston Technology Center (HTC) strengthens commitment to renewable energy (HOUSTON, TX)
Announcements, Energy

UIC and Japanese chemists close in on molecular switch (CHICAGO, IL)
Molecular Machines, Chip Technology, Nanoelectronics, Discoveries, Announcements

IQ Micro Signs Agreement in Principle to Acquire Lifecare (WEST PALM BEACH, FL)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Patents/IP/Tech Transfer/Licensing, Acquisitions/Mergers/Splits

CEM Announces Finalists for the 2007 MJ Collins Award (MATTHEWS, NC)
Announcements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

SEMATECH to Describe Supplier Alliances, Technical Challenges at SEMICON West (SAN FRANCISCO , CA)
Chip Technology, Announcements, Events/Classes, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships

Piecing together the Cyanobacteria puzzle (LIVERMORE, CA)
Discoveries, Announcements, Tools

Purdue, S. Korean researchers collaborate on nanomedicine project (WEST LAFAYETTE, IN)
Nanomedicine, Discoveries, Announcements, Research partnerships

Nanotechnology at the leading edge of medical innovation (LONDON, UK)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Events/Classes

July 9th, 2007

Tekmira Comments on Market Activity (VANCOUVER, BC)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Nanomedicine, Announcements

Accelrys Nanotechnology Consortium Delivers New Multi-scale Computer Aided Nanodesign Software Tools and Adds New Members (SAN DIEGO, CA)
Announcements, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships

UCSB researchers show how to make polymeric micro- and nanoparticles (SANTA BARBARA, CA)
Nanomedicine, Discoveries, Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements

NVE Schedules Conference Call On First Quarter Results (EDEN PRAIRIE, MN)
Spintronics, Announcements, Financial Reports, Events/Classes

US judge rejects damages claim against IMEC (LEUVEN, BELGIUM)

Tiny tweezers and yeast help St. Jude show how cancer drug works (MEMPHIS, TN)
Nanomedicine, Discoveries, Announcements

Center for Responsible Nanotechnology to Host Molecular Manufacturing Conference: Challenges & Opportunities: The Future of Nano & Bio Technologies (TUCSON, AZ)
Ethics, Announcements, Molecular Nanotechnology, Homeland Security, Military, Events/Classes

Nanotechnology Startup AeonClad Coatings, LLC, Licenses Plasma Deposition Technology from The University of Texas at Arlington (AUSTIN, TX)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Patents/IP/Tech Transfer/Licensing

Carl Zeiss SMT Forms New North American Headquarters in Peabody, Mass. (PEABODY, MA)
Announcements, Tools

Nano-Proprietary, Inc. to Present at C.E. Unterberg Towbin Emerging Growth Opportunities Conference (AUSTIN, TX)
Announcements, Events/Classes

Tomorrow's Green Nanofactories (WASHINGTON, DC)
Chip Technology, Nanomedicine, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Self Assembly, Automotive/Transportation, Battery Technology/Capacitors/Generators/Piezoelectrics/Thermoelectrics/Energy storage, Fuel Cells, Solar/Photovoltaic

July 8th, 2007

John Dellaria Announces New Salon Haircare Line in SoHo New York (NUTLEY, NJ)
Products, Announcements, Personal Care/Cosmetics

Sandia receives five R&D 100 Awards (ALBUQUERQUE, NM)
Announcements, Self Assembly, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

July 6th, 2007

pSivida Announces Closing of First Tranche of Previously Reported Offering of American Depositary Shares and Warrants (BOSTON, MA & PERTH, AUSTRALIA)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Nanomedicine, Announcements

Applied Nanoscience Enters into Litigation Settlement Agreement (HAUPPAUGE, NY)

July 5th, 2007

Among the Regional Markets, the Asia Pacific Market Remains the Largest One for Microscopes, Accounting for a Share of 46.9 Percent in 2006 (DUBLIN, IRELAND)
Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Tools

Nano-Biotech Podcast: INBT Directors on (BALTIMORE, MD)
Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Events/Classes, Nanobiotechnology

CMC Microsystems Announces Dr. Ian McWalter as New President and CEO (KINGSTON, CANADA)
Announcements, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths

Industrial Nanotech Announces Innovative Application Process and Equipment Design for Petrobras Pipeline Project - Reduces Application Time for 50 Foo (NAPLES, FL)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements

NVE Announces Dismissal of Shareholder Class Action (EDEN PRAIRIE, MN)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Spintronics, Announcements

Swiss Federal Offices publish Report on Risks of Engineered Nanoparticles - providing solid ground for subsequent political actions (SWITZERLAND)
Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Safety-Nanoparticles/Risk management

Neonatal Monitoring and Prenatal Diagnostics Become Safer and More Sophisticated Due to Advances in Monitoring Technologies (DUBLIN, IRELAND)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Sensors

July 4th, 2007

STS Receives Order from Prestigious US University (NEWPORT, UK)
Announcements, Tools, New-Contracts/Sales/Customers

Nanotechnology in Construction forecasts to 2011, 2016 & 2025 (INDIA)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Construction

Growing Need for More Efficient Ultra-High Density Storage Devices Encourages Advancements in Embedded Memories (MUMBAI, INDIA)
Chip Technology, Memory Technology, Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Automotive/Transportation

July 3rd, 2007

Discovery Park to launch scheduled public tours of research facilities this fall (WEST LAFAYETTE, IN)
Announcements, Academic/Education, Human Interest/Art

Wiley-Blackwell Announces Strong Gains in Journal Impact Factors (MALDEN, MA)
Miscellaneous, Announcements

UC San Diego Establishes Department of NanoEngineering (SAN DIEGO, CA)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements, Patents/IP/Tech Transfer/Licensing, Academic/Education

A Simple Magnet Can Control the Color of a Liquid, Making New Technologies Possible, UCR Nanotechnologists Report (RIVERSIDE, CA)
MEMS, Discoveries, Announcements, Self Assembly, Sensors, Photonics/Optics/Lasers, Display technology/LEDs/SS Lighting/OLEDs

MNT-for-Aerospace Visionary Awards (MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA)
Announcements, Aerospace/Space, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

Industrial Nanotech Releases Projects Update (NAPLES, FL)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements

Research and Markets: Current Applications of Nanotechnologies Will Result in a Global Annual Saving of 8 Thousand Tons of Carbon Dioxide in 2007, Ri (DUBLIN, IRELAND)
Announcements, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers, Environment, Energy, Automotive/Transportation

Appointment of LITMUS Molecular Design President (LITTLE ROCK, AR)
Announcements, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths

July 2nd, 2007

NanoSensors Provides Update on its Biosensor to Detect E.coli and Salmonella in Food and Water (SANTA CLARA, CA)
Announcements, Sensors, Food/Agriculture/Supplements, Human Interest/Art

nCoat Completes Acquisition of Metallic Ceramic Coatings, Inc., Known as JET-HOT(R) (WHITSETT, NC)
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Acquisitions/Mergers/Splits

Asylum Research Announces Collaboration with the Institute of Microelectronics of Madrid (IMM) on Advanced AFM Cantilever Dynamics (SANTA BARBARA, CA)
Announcements, Tools, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships, Research partnerships

Tough tubes -- Carbon nanotubes endure heavy wear and tear (TROY, NY)
Nanotubes/Buckyballs/Fullerenes/Nanorods, Nanomedicine, Discoveries, Announcements

Luxury Skin Care Brand Euoko Announces Major Release of 24 New Products (TORONTO, CANADA)
Products, Announcements, Personal Care/Cosmetics, Acquisitions/Mergers/Splits

Nanotechnology Expertise for the Engineering Workforce (BALTIMORE, MD)
Announcements, Events/Classes

Catilin Raises First Round to Commercialize Innovative Biofuels Technology (AMES, IA)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements, Energy

Nanophase Places 1,900,000 Shares (ROMEOVILLE, IL)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements

Researchers Hope to Unlock Capabilities of Carbon Nanotubes (RICHARDSON, TX)
Chip Technology, Nanotubes/Buckyballs/Fullerenes/Nanorods, Nanoelectronics, Announcements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records

mPhase Technologies/AlwaysReady, Inc. Extends Cooperative Research Agreement With Rutgers (LITTLE FALLS, NJ)
Announcements, Battery Technology/Capacitors/Generators/Piezoelectrics/Thermoelectrics/Energy storage, Research partnerships

Telomolecular: Cure for Cancer, Age-Related Diseases Coming Into View (RANCHO CORDOVA, CA)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Human Interest/Art, Life Extension/Cryonics

Abraxis BioScience Announces Plan to Separate Into Two Independent Public Companies (LOS ANGELES, CA)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Nanomedicine, Announcements

pSivida Announces Sale of American Depositary Shares and Warrants (BOSTON, MA. AND PERTH, AUSTRALIA)
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Nanomedicine, Announcements

July 1st, 2007

Unidym Announces Establishment of Technical Advisory Board (MENLO PARK, CA)
Announcements, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships

Iroko Pharmaceuticals Acquires Nano-Reformulated Products from iCeutica (PHILADELPHIA, PA)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships

CEA and STMicroelectronics Collaborate for Miniaturized Energy Sources Solutions ( GENEVA, SWITZERLAND AND PARIS, FRANCE)
Announcements, Energy, Battery Technology/Capacitors/Generators/Piezoelectrics/Thermoelectrics/Energy storage, Fuel Cells, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships, Research partnerships

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