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Nanotechnology FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: Monday, 20-Apr-2015 19:51:36 PDT

If you have a question that this FAQ does not answer, please Contact us.

Another great FAQ is located at CRN

1. What is nanotechnology?

2. How big is a nanometer?

3. What are some of the products of nanotechnology?

4. What will nanotechnology bring us in the future?

5. Where do I look to find a college or university that teaches courses on nanotechnology?

6. I want to read about nanotechnology - where do I start?

7. Are there many businesses involved in nanotechnology?

8. I'd like to attend some nanotechnology events - where can I find a list?

9. I saw a term that I do not recognize - where can I find out what it means?

10. Which government agencies are involved in nanotechnology?

11. I'd like to learn more about nanotechnology - where can I go on the internet to look?

12. I see a lot of information about nanotechnology in the USA - where can I learn about other country's programs?

13. Are there any newsletters that I can sign up for?

14. I am interested in professional societies - where can I find a list?

15. Where can I find a list of VC firms who are investing in nanotechnology?

16. Are there any white papers available on the internet for me to read?

17. Where can I find out about the people I read about who are responsible for nanotech discoveries?

18. Are there any chat sites dedicated to nanotechnology?

19. I saw a reference to an old news story - where can I find the original?

20. Where can I find artwork that relates to nanotechnology?

21. I'd like to listen programs that cover nanotechnology - where can I find them?

22. Where can I find a list of sites with nanotechnology images?

23. Is there a list of Non-Profit sites?

24. My company is interested in buying tools to set up a lab - where can I find the tool makers?

25. I recently saw an article on "Disruptive Technologies" - can you point me to more information?

26. Nanotubes seem like the building blocks of advanced technology - where can I learn more?

27. What's with all the conflicting opinion regarding Grey Goo?

28. I have seen several articles about various "nano-things" - is there a list of them, with explanations?

29. Can you tell me about Smartdust?

30. What is Utility Fog, and how may it be used?

31. Someone told me about Spintronics and Quantum Computing - can you tell me more?

32. Who are these Extropians and Transhumanists I have been reading about?

33. Are there any books that cover the Extropian & Transhumanist movements

34. After seeing The Matrix I got to wondering about the "Simulation Argument" - can you tell me more?

35. Where can I learn more about the ethics of developing technologies like molecular manufacturing?

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9. See our Glossary.

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11. See our Information Sites Directory.

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13. We offer a free newsletter, to which you can subscribe here. For others, see our Newsletters Directory.

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14. See our Professional Societies Directory.

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15. See our VC Firms Directory.

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16. See our White Papers Directory.

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17. See our Who's Who Directory.

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18. See our Chat Sites Directory.

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19. We provide a listing of news stories dating back to October 2001 - see our Old News Directory. You can also do a search at Google, which is our Search Engine of Choice. You can also use our search tool, located at the top of every page, including this one.

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20. See our Art Gallery.

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21. See our Audio & Video Directory.

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22. See our Images Directory.

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23. See our Not For Profit Sites Directory.

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24. See our Tool Makers Directory.

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25. See our Disruptive Technology page.

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26. See our Nanotubes and Buckyballs page.

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27. See our Goo page.

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28. See our Nano This and Nano That page.

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29. See our SmartDust & Ubiquitious Computing page.

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30. See our Utility Fog page.

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31. See our Spintronics page and Directory.

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32. See our Extropian, Transhuman, and Future Tech Sites Directory.

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33. See our Extropian & Transhumanist Books Directory.

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34. See our Simulation Argument page.

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35. We have developed a set of guidelines that we will follow and promote - see our Ethics of Nanotechnology page. This is a working document, which will likely change over time. Having said that, we must stress that establishing ethical guidelines now is critical if we wish to see nanoscale technologies safely and effectively developed, to the benefit of all. You can also visit the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology to learn more.

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