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Last Updated: Monday, 20-Apr-2015 19:51:36 PDT

Why Advertise With Nanotechnology Now?

In today's volatile economic marketplace, you especially want to make smart marketing investments. There may be no more promising sector in today's marketplace than the burgeoning field of nanotechnology. Fortune, Business Week and The Wall Street Journal have all projected that nanotechnology is one of the most promising future industries you can invest in.

With the growing number of publications dedicating themselves to this field, why choose us?


There are several thousand reasons to advertise with Nanotechnology Now - our daily visitors. If you're looking to reach the industry leaders and your future customers in nanotechnology and its related industries, this site affords you the best return you will get on your investment. While our thousands of daily visitors are reason enough to advertise, there are four major reasons why your advertising investment will reap generous rewards with Nanotechnology Now:

Reach - no other online resource has the reach and impact of Nanotechnology Now. We currently have:

  • More than 13,000 daily readers visit Nanotechnology Now
  • We are one of the top ten listings under the term "nanotechnology" on all major Internet search engines
  • With more than 9 million recent visits, Nanotechnology Now has developed an exhaustive list of prospects and interested parties, who will see your ad
  • Over 20,000 subscribers, a number that grows daily.

Clout - the global experts who make up the Nanotechnology Now team are unparalleled in their depth of experience in the industry and their respect from industry peers.

Flexibility - no other on-line nanotechnology service offers you as many advertising options as we do:

  • Banner Ads (on our homepage or all of our web pages with newsletter sponsorship packages)
  • Newsletter Sponsorships (sponsor any of our newsletters for one month, three months, a year)
  • Free Listings

Value - whether it's running a banner ad or sponsoring one of our newsletters, our advertising rates are amazingly reasonable. Banner ad rates can start as low as $500 for a monthly ad, a phenomenal value given the thousands of interested readers and subscribers you will reach.

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Some of the comments we've received

"... searching for news and information on trends and research in the field of nanotechnology? Consider your search over!"

"... while we used four different sources of promotion for our webinars, you newsletter brought in the highest conversion rate of any vehicle. "
—Carl Millholland, Thermo Fisher Scientific

"The nanotech-now site is one of the most exciting on the web, and your creativity and responsibility in keeping this going has been terrific."
—Mark Ratner, Winner of the 2001 Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology, Professor in Chemistry at Northwestern University, and author of Nanotechnology: A Gentle Introduction to the Next Big Idea

"... rich introduction to the field, up-to-the-minute nano news."
—Science Magazine

"... provides an unusually comprehensive source of information on nanotechnology and related topics. "
—James Lewis, Ph.D. Foresight Institute

"... just came across your excellent nanotechnology website ... very nice!"
—Robert Freitas, Ph.D. "Father of nanomedicine"

"... an outstanding source of reference information, and a great connection point for this emerging community."
—James Clements, NanoSciences Inc.

"The NanoTech-Transfer product is an excellent tool, as it provides up to date information on what institutions and what individuals are actively involved in filing nanotechnology intellectual property. It provides me with the information I need to stay in touch with the leaders in the field. Great product."
—Doug Jamison, VP Harris and Harris Group

Become A Sponsor ... And Stretch Your Advertising Dollar

Sign on to one of our many sponsorship packages and stretch your advertising dollar even further. As a sponsor, not only will you show your support of the nanotechnology sector, but you'll be putting the weight of the fastest-growing nanotechnology-related publications behind your marketing efforts. Consider sponsoring one of our popular products:

NanoNews Digest -- our free, weekly newsletter highlighting the latest local, regional, national and international nanotechnology news logs nearly 20,000 visits per month. As a sponsor of this program, you will receive:

  • Your Company Banner (125 x 125) on every page of our site
  • One line of text (up to 80 characters) in each sponsored issue of NanoNews-Digest
  • One link to your site within the line of text above - Hypertext of your choosing


NanoTech Transfer -- our monthly report focusing on the inventions, patents and patents pending in the nanotechnology sector. The report draws on the support of the world's leading nanotechnology experts, universities from around the world involved in nanotechnology research and development, and private institutions dedicated to the advancement of nanotechnology. Subscribers also have 24/7 access to our patent data base, which is updated every Friday. As a sponsor of this program, you will receive:

  • Your Company Banner (125 x 125) on every page of our site
  • One line of text (up to 80 characters) in the NanoTech-Transfer report
  • One link to your site within the line of text above - Hypertext of your choosing


We Help You Measure Your Success Through Tracking!

We track visits and impressions, and make available a dynamic report, which you can access by a unique and private password. That will quantify the success of yoru banner ads. And if you do not already have a banner, we can create a simple one for you (ask our staff about our competitive creative rates.)


Accepted File Types

JPEG and GIF (3 loop limit), HTML, DHTML, Javascript - 5000 character limit. All rich media (Shockwave, Flash, ect.) - must be hosted by a 3rd party.

Free listings in our directories

A free listing includes a title, brief description, and a hyperlink. As always, links to your Press Releases and announcements will be featured - for free - on our home page until they roll over to our "current news" page.

Just send us the link to your news, or the copy, and we will host it.

Call today at 541-840-8155 and speak with our staff about setting up your banner ad and tracking service.

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