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Nanotechnology Now Site Statistics

Last Updated: Monday, 20-Apr-2015 19:51:34 PDT

Capturing over 71% of all search traffic on the Internet, Google remains the most frequently used search engine (1) and therefore the most pertinent measure of optimization success.

Here are just a few of our Google rankings, as of Dec 2010:

  • Nanotechnology Now (NN) is the highest ranked news site for keyword (kw) = nanotechnology (at #6, where NN is the first news site listed within 7.7 million results)
  • #1 for kw = nanotechnology news (out of 3.9 million pages vying for top rankings for that term)
  • #3 for kw = nanotechnology information (with #1 and #2 being irrelevant to that kw; 10.4M pages)
  • #1, 2, 3 for kw = nanotechnology press (2M)
  • #1 and #2 for kw = nanotechnology press release (400k)
  • #5 for kw = nanotechnology application (2.6M)
  • #1 and 2 for kw = nanotechnology basics (300k)
  • #1 and 2 for kw = nanotechnology books (1.5M)
  • #1 for kw = nanotechnology company (2.1M)
  • #3 for kw = nanotechnology gallery (450k)
  • #1 and 2 for kw = nanotechnology glossary (230k)
  • #3 for kw = nanotechnology history (2.2M)
  • #5 for kw = nanotechnology investing (610k)
  • #5 for kw = nanotube (1.5M)
  • #2 for kw = nano tech (3.2M)
  • #5 for kw = nano technology (5.7M)
  • #2 for kw = nanotech (2M)

As of December 2010, we have seen over 16 million unique visits (since Sept. 2001), making this the most visited nanotech-specific web site in the world.

Because of our exceptionally high rankings and international reputation for excellence, Nanotechnology Now has been and continues to be the premier resource for businesses, government agencies, individuals, stake-holders and decision-makers wishing to better understand nanoscale technologies in order to invest in and plan for these paradigm shifting technologies

(1) with the next four most used SE's (Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AOL) combined bringing in less than 28% of all internet search traffic. We continue to rank on the first page of search returns on the other major search engines for nanotechnology-related search terms. At any given time we hold hundreds of top 5 rankings for the most pertinent keywords and continue to gain traction as the years go by.

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