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This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Nanotechnology in Billions of US$ by the following End-Use Sectors: Chemicals, Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Semiconductors & Electronics, Pharma & Healthcare, Food, and Others. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2006 through 2015.

Nanotechnology - Global Strategic Business Report

Dublin, Ireland | Posted on January 25th, 2011

The report profiles 1119 companies including many key and niche players such as Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc., Advanced Nano Products Company Limited, Altair Nanotechnologies Inc., ApNano Materials, Inc., Catalytic Materials, LLC., Chemat Technology Inc., Calando Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Dendritic Nanotechnologies, Inc., eSpin Technologies, Inc., Genefluidics, Inc, Hyperion Catalysis International, Inc., Hybrid Plastics, Hanwha Nanotech Corporation, Integran Technologies, Inc., Intrinsiq Materials Limited, Life Technologies Corportation, Nanocyl S.A., Nanogen, Inc., NanoGram Corporation, Nanomaterials Laboratory, Nanoledge, NanoSperse LLC, Nanosys, Inc, Quantumsphere, Inc., Raymor Industries, Inc., Rogue Valley Microdevices, Inc., Rosseter Holdings Ltd., Shenzhen Nanotech Port Co., Ltd., SouthWest NanoTechnologies, Inc., Sun Nanotech Co., Ltd., Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, LLC, Unidym, Inc., and Veeco Probes.

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Title Index:



Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations
Data Interpretation & Reporting Level
Quantitative Techniques & Analytics
Product Definitions and Scope of Study
Aerospace and Defense
Semiconductors & Electronics
Pharma & Healthcare
Other End-use Applications

Nanotechnology - The Builder's Final Frontier
The Coming of Nano-Age
Expect the Unexpected
What can we expect from Nanotechnology
Enabling Technologies - Need of the Hour
Breaking Conventional Size Barriers
Beyond MEMS and MST
New Discoveries Bridge the Gap between Organic and Inorganic
Current and Future Analysis
Recession Temporarily Tames Growth Momentum
Chemical Industry Continues to Lead the Nanotech Bandwagon
But Other Industries Fast Catch Up
Developing Markets to Turbo Charge Future Growth in
Nanotechnology Market
Low Entry Barriers and Broad IP Landscape
Government & Research Institutes Among Leading Customers

Commercial Applications at an Embryonic Stage
Current Commercial Applications of Nanotechnology
Controversies Still Dog Nanotechnology
Product Commercialization - The Ultimate Goal
Emerging End-Use Markets for Nanotechnology, Related
Technique and Estimated Years to Commercialization
Reproducibility and Scalability - Defining Business at a
Commercial Scale
Nanotechnolgy Impact - Actual Applications in Everyday Life
Coating Process Developed for Self-Assembled Monolayers
Plastic Nanocomposite for Step-Assists in Vehicles
Stain Resistant Khakis in Vogue
Aqueous Polymer Dispersion Products
Nanoparticulate-Based Synthetic Bone
Nanostructured Materials
Tungsten-Carbide Cobalt Composite Powder
Kodak Develops OLED Color Screens Using Nanostructure
Nanoclays and Nanocomposites
Innovative Packaging and Material Alteration
Nanocomposite Coatings
Nanocomposite Tennis Balls Bounce Better
Carbon Nanotubes Ready for Commercial Application
Nanotubes - Current Production Costs Outweigh Potential
NanoScale Catalyst Technology used for Converting Coal into Gas
Manufacture of Automotive Catalytic Converters
Nanofilter for Filtering Smallest Sized Particles
End Use Applications - Commercialization Time Grid
Dearth of Quick Results Fuel Skepticism
Factors Hampering Rapid Commercialization
Long Duration of Time in Setting up Labs
Legal & Regulatory Processes Delay Release of Funds
Difficulty in getting Money
R&D - Not an Instant Result Generating Activity

Research & Development - The Nanotechnology Lifeline
Pioneers into a Small World
US, EU and Japan - Spearheading Nanotech R&D Revolution
National Initiatives Promote R&D Efforts in Rest of World
Cross-disciplinary Nature Demands Coordinated Research
Interdisciplinary Nature Demands a Collective Approach
"United We Discover" - Industry's Call to Universities &
Research Houses
Academic Research Institutions - Pioneering Commercial
The Commercialization Process
Funding - The Lifeline for R&D
Research Arenas - Funding Dictates the Direction
Nanocompetence by Geographic Region/Country
R&D Budgets - Large Investments into a Small World
The Big Spenders
Government Bodies & Venture Capitalists Fuel Research Initiatives
Nanotech Funding by Regional Governments
Venture Capital - New Ventures On a Back Burner?
Why Invest in Nanotech?
The Societal and Industrial Implications of Nanotechnology
Life Sciences (Medicine, Biology, Pharmacy and Health)
Industrial Sector (Materials, Products and Manufacturing)
Water Resources
Space Exploration Programs
Defense Capabilities
The Timing
Reality Check - Looking Beyond the Hype
Timeline - Timing Estimates for Commercial Nanotech Applications
Investment Management and Control
Investment Objectives - What, Where and How Much?
Chemicals and Advanced Materials
Electronics and Communications
Investment Criteria - Analysis and Decision Process
Venture Funding - Analysis & Decision Process
Management of the Company
Target Market
Business Model & Strategy

A Conceptual Definition
Think small
What is Nanotechnology?
It is -
It is not-
Product Types
Building Blocks of Nanotechnology Used, Components and Final
End-Use Products
Nanocrystalline Materials
Surface Properties
Nanoporous Materials
Quantum Dots
Nanotech Applications - An End Use Perspective
Tools & Process Instruments
Scanning Tunneling Microscopes (STMs)
Atomic Force Microscopes (AFMs)
Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPMs)
Nanostructured Materials
Nanostructured Materials - Application Areas
Attributes of Nanoparticulate Catalysts
Future Scenario - A Road Map
Paints and Coatings
Membranes and Filtration
Sunscreens with UV-light Absorbing Nanoparticles
Alloys - A Definite Facelift
Semiconductors & Electronics
Nanophotonics - Directing Tomorrow's Telecom
Near Field Scanning Optical Microscopy (NSOM)
Memory and Display Systems
Optoelectronic Applications
Nanotechnolgy - Its Relevance in Optical Fiber Communication
The Present Scenario
The Future - What it Holds
Precision Engineering, Optics and Analytics
Quantum Computing
Electronics and Electromechanical Systems
Miniature Bar Coded Beads Herald New Age Electronics
Automotive/Transportation Industry
Sensors and Displays
Global Positioning System (GPS) Sensors
Catalytic Converters and Filters
Aerospace and Defense
Smart Aircraft
Surveillance and Smart Uniforms
Structural Materials and Coatings
Pharma & Healthcare
Nanotechnology and Life Sciences - A Potent Mix
Most Hyped Applications are in the Biotech Arena
Actual Implementation Areas
Hand-Held Disease Detector
Biomedical Nanotechnology
Drug Delivery
Nanoparticles and Gene Therapy
Nanomachines - The Tech Revolution
Edible Wraps - Putting Recycling out of Fashion
Other End-use Applications
Quantum Wells (QW) Solar Cells
Dye Sensitised Nanocrystalline Devices
Fuel Cells and Rechargeables
Power Transmission
Nanoelectronics - Now and Ahead
Nanoproperties of Light
Other Miscellaneous End-Use Applications
Proteins - A New Way of Making Wires
E-Textiles - The Smart New Dress Code
Futuristic Applications
Bio-molecular Motors
Genetic and Tissue Engineering
External Tissue Products
Internal Tissue Implants
Dental and Bone Replacement
Protein and Gene Analysis
Nanorobot Therapeutics
Lab-on-a-Chip Techniques
Medical Diagnostic Sensors
Nano Medical Devices - From Surgical Tools to Contact Lenses
Nanoengineered Prosthetics
Nanotubes - Potential Drug Delivery Vehicles
Quantum Computers

Market Drivers
Limited Scope for Advancements in Silicon Chip Design
The Red Brick Wall
Nano-Breaking the Wall
Semiconductor Industry- The Past, Present and Future
The Solution
Growing Need for Boosting Computer Disk Drive Storage
Need for Use of Minute Parts in Consumer Electronics
High Demand for Tiny Healthcare Devices
Defying Gravity- NASA Banks on Nanotechnology
The Challenges
The Viable Force
Separating Hype from Reality
Scarcity of Researchers with Appropriate Training
Limited Access to Tools & Technologies
The Fat Fingers Problem
The Sticky Fingers Problem
Battling 'Grey Goo' Blues
Research Duplication & Absence of Common Standards
Legal and Financial Constraints for Startups
Investment Issues and High Costs Delay Rapid Commercialization
Guarded and Protective Stance on Intellectual Property & Open
Development of Industrial Processes for Patterning Materials
on Nanoscale
Effective Utilization of Government Budgets

Proliferation of Nanotechnology Patent
Patents - Guarding Intellectual Property
An Introduction - Concepts Made Clearer
An 'Inventor' is:
Types of Patent Claims
Patent Claims - Basic Rules of the Game
General Patent Trends
Intellectual Property (IP) Patents
Types of Intellectual Property
Nanotechnology Patents - Unique Characterization
Corporate IP Policy
Patent Protection Vital for Investment
Industry's Multidisciplinary Nature Calls for Regulations
Nanotechnology Patent/Claim Trends - What's New
Select Patents
A Historic Perspective
Select Technology Patents - A Summarized Profile
Dendrimer Patent Trends

The Flip Side of Molecular Nanotechnology (MNT)
Economic Disturbance from Plentiful Accessibility of Cheap
Economic Imbalance Due to Highly Inflated Prices
Right Technology in the Wrong Hands
Small can be Dangerous - Multitude of Miniscule Lethal Weaponry
The Grey Goo Horror
Military Risks - High Destruction System
Environmental and Biological Risks - A Serious Issue
Major Proposals and Efforts Underway on Nanoparticle Safety
Synopsis - No Radicals Please!

Top-down and Bottom-up Concepts
Nanoscale Structure Construction Techniques
Dip-Pen Nanolithography
Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)
Soft Lithography
Common Enabling Technologies
Electron Microscopy
Molecular Design/Modeling
Nano Probes in Intra-Cellular Study
Quantum Dots in Nano Probing
Chemical and Magnetic Nano Probes
Supramolecular Chemistry
Thin Film Technology
Nanomaterial Synthesis Techniques
Amorphous Crystallization
Chemical Precipitation
Combustion Synthesis
Dip Coating
Dynamic-Magnetic Consolidation
Electrophoretic Deposition
Application of EPD to SOFC Fabrication
Field-Assisted Sintering Techniques
Gas Condensation With Thermal Evaporation
Gas-Phase Processing
High-Energy Milling
Hydrodynamic Cavitation
Hydrothermal Processing
Metal Powders
Electroceramic Powders
Organic Carbon Oxidation
Removal and Stabilizing of Arsenic
Birch Wood
Wheat Gluten Isolate
Reduction of BOD
Jet-Printing Process
Mechano-Chemical Synthesis
Inter-Metallic Compounds
Quantum Dots
Nanotubes of Boron Nitrides
Thermoelectric Material - Iron Disilicide
Quasi-Isostatic Pressure Process
Self-Assembly of Nano-particles
Severe Plastic Deformation
Shockwave Compaction
Slurry-Coating Routes
Sol-Gel Processing
Solid-State Processes
Sono-chemical Synthesis
Spin Coating
Thermal Plasma Synthesis
Thermal Spray Coating
Thermo-Chemical Synthesis
Vacuum Evaporation on Running Liquids (VERL)
Wet Chemical Processes

University of Michigan Develop Nano-Sized Voltmeter
University of Illinois Develop Enhanced Biomimetic Membranes
Georgia Institute of Technology Create High-Performance
Jeff Bulte develops Nanoparticle-Embedded Microcapsules
Max Planck Research Team Develop Gold Nanoparticles
Technique of Mild Dispersion of Nanoparticles
Nanotechnology based Panacea for Facial Wrinkles
Prominent Nanotech-Related Technological Breakthroughs in 2006
DNA Origami
Nanomagnets To Provide Clean Drinking Water
Array Connections Amongst Neurons and Nanowire Transistors
Single Nanotube Electrical Circuits
Nano Cure for Prostate Cancer

Panasonic Electric Works Develops New LED Technology
Nanomaterial University Develops Bioactive Nanomaterial
FutureCarbon Launches Non-dusting CNT Granulate
C-Polymers Introduces New Range of CPM and CPC Carbon Nanotubes
Carbon Design Innovations Launches Latest Carbon Nanotube
Enabled Atomic Force Microscope Probes
Elmarco to Develop Next Generation of Solar cells
Cnanoz Rolls Out NanopureTM
Cnanoz Unveils CNT Drug Delivery System
SouthWest NanoTechnologies Launches SWeNT® CG 200 CNT
EnerG2 Introduces Avant-Garde Nano-Structured Materials for
Energy Storage Breakthroughs
Evident Technologies Introduces evidot LED Products
Microfluidics Devises Method for Processing Carbon Nanotubes
Advanced Diamond Technologies Offers NaDiaProbesTM
Altair Nanotechnologies Launches Lithium Titanate Battery for
US Navy
ApNano Materials Introduces Inorganic WS2 Nanotubes
Starpharma Holdings Offers NanoJuiceTM Transfection Kit
Integran Technologies Launches NanovateTM -NS Coating
NanoGram Introduces New Suite of Silicon Nanoscale Materials
Integran Technologies Launches NanovateTM EM Coating
Neo Biocon Unveils Abraxane Drug in UAE
ApNano Materials Introduces Inorganic WS2 Nanotubes
Starpharma Holdings Offers NanoJuiceTM Transfection Kit
Unidym Develops Color Liquid Crystal Display
Chadbourne & Parke Introduces Nanotechnologies Practice
Nanocomp Technologies Manufactures Largest Carbon Nanotube
Material Sheet
Bruker Daltonics Launches FlashFormulaTM Solution
IBM to Develop Nanophotonic Devices
Biomet Launches NanoTite Dental Implant
Nano Chemical Systems Launches Nanoilmarine GREEN 2-Cycle Oil
Oakley Introduces Nanowire Polarized Sunglass Range
Physik Instrumente Launches Nanopositioning E-755 Motion
Samsung Fabricates 65 Nano Chip for Digital TV
NanoGram Develops Nanocomposites with Superior Refraction and
Amsoil Launches Nanofiber-Based Ea Motorcycle Oil Filters
IBM Develops Complete Circuit Around Single Nanotube Molecule
Beyond Skin Science Launches Nanotechnology-Based Skin Care
SmalTec Introduces M217-n Micro-EDM/Nano-Grinding Equipment
Lati Launches Compounds with Carbon Nanotubes
Zyvex Corporation Unveils New Product Family
Acrongenomics, Inc., Introduces Nanotechnology-Based Cancer
Detection Kit
Nanofilm Introduces Clarity Defender for Automotive Application
Ahwahnee Technology Debuts Carbon Nanotubes Innovation KitT

Bilcare Signs Agreement with Pharmaceutical Companies
NanoRidge Materials Enters into Partnership with Riley Solutions
Goodrich Corporation and UDRI Enter into Partnership
JA Solar Holdings and Innovalight Ink Agreements
ActiveCare Enters into Partnership with Vista Therapeutics
NanoMech Bags Contract from KDH Defense Systems
Luna Innovations Acquires Tego Biosciences
Showa Denko KK Builds New VGCFTM-X CNT Unit
Bayer MaterialScience Starts New Carbon Nanotubes Plant
Industrial Nanotech Supplies Nansulate Coatings to Beverage
and Food Companies
SVTC Technologies Deploys Production Tools of Synopsys
EcoloCap Solutions Sells NPW-30 System to R3 Energy
Cambridge NanoTech Enters in Korea
Industrial Nanotech Receives Hefty Nansulate Order from
Exclusive Saudi Distributor
Applied Nanotech Enters into License and R&D Agreement
withSports Goods Manufacturer
UAlbany NanoCollege, IBM and Novellus Systems Become Strategic
Partners at Albany NanoTech Complex of CNSE
Industrial Nanotech Inks Korea Distribution Agreement Deal
with Intas
API Technologies to Cease Nanotechnology R&D Subsidiary
Russian Nanotech and Eurasian Development Bank Sign Memorandum
of Cooperation
BASF and KIT Enter into Nanotechnology Partnership
Applied Pharma Research Buys New Platform Technology
Saudi Nanotechnology Company Sets Up in Saudi Arabia
CEAs Electronics and Information Technology Laboratory, IBM
Ink Agreement to Jointly Develop Nanoelectronics Technology
Bulgaria Inks Agreement with IBM
Z-Cube Inks Agreement with Yissum Research Development Company
Nanosys Segment QD SoleilTM Inks Agreement with Starfire
Electronic Development and Marketing Corporation
SPECS GmbH Buys Nanonis GmbH
EcoloCap Solutions Inks Letter of Intent with Micro Bubble
Shrink Nanotechnologies Buys Shrink Technologies
Integran Technologies Inks Agreement with NOVA Research and
Technology, TransCanada
Advanced Diamond Technologies Receives Contract from Threat
Reduction Agency
eGen Partners Inks Agreement with MysticMD
Bayer Material Science Sets Up New Carbon Nanotube Facility
Unidym Closes Operations in Houston to Consolidate Business
Pro-Tect Purchases Medivices
Arkema Partners with Fulcrum SP Materials
Unidym Extends Agreement with Samsung Electronics
RFASI and UESM Ink Agreement
Shrink Nanotech and Inabata America Enter into Strategic
Alliance for Solar Products
Applied Nanotech Holdings Signs Research Agreement
SWeNT and Chasm Establish a Development Center
Indium Purchases RNT's Hunt Valley Operations
MSGI Inks Space Act Agreement with NASA
Government of India to Establish R&D Centers
Shrink Nanotechnologies Purchases Shrink Technologies
IBM and CEA/Leti to Collaborate for Research
ATN and ISTA to Ink Research Agreement
Agilent Technologies to Snap Up Particle Sizing Systems
Vacci-Test Acquires Maxivet
Altair Nanotechnologies Bags Contract from U.S. Navy
Integran Technologies USA Bags Contract from US Department of
Integran Technologies Obtains Contract from U.S. Department of
Luxtera Receives Contract from Sun Microsystems
Nanogen Inks Agreement with The Menarini Group Division
Nanogen Inks Agreement with The Elitech Group
DRI Capital, Nanogen Ink Agreement
Evolved Machines Inks Agreement with Nanosys
Nanosys Extends Agreement with Sharp
Sigma-Aldrich, SouthWest NanoTechnologies Ink Agreement
SouthWest NanoTechnologies Sets Up Nanotube Production Facility
SouthWest NanoTechnologies Inks Agreement with NEC
Unidym Inks Agreement with Nippon Kayaku
PrimeGen Biotech Enters into Alliance with Unidym
Hanwha Chemical Starts Mass Carbon Nanotube Manufacturing
Unidym Inks Agreement with Samsung Electronics
Unidym Enters into Alliance with Battelle
Unidym Establishes Ensysce Biosciences
Cavitation Technologies Completes Initial Sale of Bioforce
9000 Nano Biodiesel Reactor Skid System
Wyncrest Group to Acquire Solar Technologies
Thomas Swans Elicarb SW Receives U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency Approval
Saturn Research, Rosnanotech State Corp and Gazprombank Set Up
Production Facility in Russia
Biotechnology, Nanobiotix SA to Jointly Develop Drug Delivery
SouthWest NanoTechnologies Establishes Carbon Nanotubes
Manufacturing Plant
Zyvex Performance Materials, Lockheed Martin Ink Agreement
Manhattan Scientifics Takes Over Metallicum
Oxantium Ventures Invests in RF Nanos Technology Development
Lockheed Martin Inks Agreement with Nantero
Agilent Technologies Takes Over MTS Systems Nano Instruments
Analytical NanoTechnologies Buys Newton Industrial Groups
Nanocomp Technologies Bags Contract from US Air Force
Oxford Instruments Snaps Up Link Analytical
Castlerise Investments Snaps Up Alltracel Pharmaceuticals
Hynix Semiconductor to Purchase Stake in ProMOS Technologies
AFK Sistema Buys Majority Stake in Sitronics Nanotechnology
Raymor Aerospace Purchases SE Techno Plus
Arrowhead Research Subsidiaries Calando Pharmaceuticals &
Insert Therapeutics Merge
Analytical NanoTechnologies Inks Agreement with Microarray
Lumera, GigOptix to Merge
Bilcare Singapore Pte Takes Over Singular ID
PPG Industries Buys NanoProducts Assets & Intellectual Property
Bayer Group Inks Agreement with Toyota Tsusho
First Nano Supplies ET3000-BN to Brookhaven National Laboratory
El-Mul Technologies Purchases Quantomix
Nano Chemical Systems to Buy Calgene
eSpin Technologies Establishes Notus Laboratories
AmberWave Systems Snaps Up Aonex Technologies
VT International Buys Nanotailor
Organogenesis Buys NanoMatrix
Hanwha Chemical Snaps Up Iljin Nanotech
Veritek Completes Acquisition of Omni-Lite E-Form
Unidym Acquires Carbon Nanotechnologies
NaturalNano Enters into Joint Development Pact with Cascade
mPhase Technologies to Establish a New Wholly Owned Subsidiary
NaturalNano and NYCOA Join Hand to Commercialize Nylon
Pleximer Products
Raymor Industries Expands Presence in Asia
Nanosys Signs Development and Supply Pact with Rockwell
Merck Allies with Nano Terra to Develop Solutions for
Specialty Chemicals
Bruker and Nanosys Enter into a Distribution and Collaboration
Nanosys, NTT DoCoMo and DoCoMo Capital Form a Partnership
Canon Enters into a Distribution Agreement with Obducat
Nanocyl Signs Distribution Agreement with Velox
Advanced Nano and Energenics Enter into Strategic Alliance
NanoVic Launches Two Spin-Off Companies for Nanomedicine
Hynix Partners with IMEC to Initiate Research on 32nm CMOS
Mitsui and Rice Collaborates with Team of Scientists
Oxonica Acquires Nanoplex
Starpharma Acquires Dendritic Nanotechnologies
Nanocyl Joins Forces with Vantage Resin Systems
Moser Baer PVL Acquires Minority Stake in Stion
NanoPolaris Changes Name to Unidym
CNT Technologies Selects CVD Equipment
SouthWest NanoTechnologies to Acquire License from NEC
Osmetech Inks a License Agreement with Ohmx
NanoInk Signs a License Agreement with SII Nanotechnology
ON Semiconductor Collaborates with Nantero
NanoDynamics Receives Patent on Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Structures
NanoGram Establishes Business Unit in Japan
NanoGram and Nagase & Co., Enter into Agreement
NanoInk Signs a License Agreement with SII Nanotechnology
Applied Nanotech Signs License Agreement with Shimane Masuda
Invitrogen Enters into a Collaboration Agreement with Signalomics
Maelor Signs a License Agreement with Plethora
Imago Scientific Completes the Acquisition of Oxford NanoScience
Arkema Inks a Supply Agreement with Nanoledge
Air Products Acquires Nanogate's Nanoparticle Dispersion
Production Operations
BASF Inks an Agreement with NanoMaterials Technology
BASF Inaugurates a Center for Nanotechnology Research in
United Nanotechnologies Establishes Joint Venture with NEI
Nanophase Enters into Agreement with Competitive Technologies
NanoDynamics Enters into Partnership Agreement with Nanocyl
Invitrogen Acquires Quantum Dot Corp. and Biopixels
Agilent Enters into Partnership Agreement with Asylum
Tailored Materials Establishes New Manufacturing Facility
INSEQ Inks Agreement with Cheap Tubes
Pacific Fuel Cell Obtains Rights to Carbon Nanotube Membrane
Electrode Assembly
Carbon Nanotechnologies Expands Pilot Plant Facility to
Produce Double Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Carbon Nanotechnologies Merges with C Sixty
Los Alamos National Laboratory Inks Cooperative Research and
Development Agreement with Carbon Designs
BioSante Signs Agreement with European Pharmaceutical Company
Alltracel Enters into Product Development Venture with ELMARCO
Southern Corporate University Receives Grant from Rosnauka
Nanotechnology based Building Material to Fight Pollution
Advance Nanotech Acquires Stake in Singular ID
Yashnanotech Joint Ventures with Cientifica Ltd. for
Altair Nanotechnologies Inks an Agreement with Advanced
Battery Technologies
Agilent Technologies Purchases Molecular Imaging

Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc. (US)
Advanced Nano Products Co., Limited (South Korea)
Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. (US)
ApNano Materials, Inc., (US)
Catalytic Materials, LLC (US)
Chemat Technology Inc. (US)
Calando Pharmaceuticals, Inc., (USA)
Dendritic Nanotechnologies, Inc. (US)
eSpin Technologies, Inc. (US)
Genefluidics, Inc., (US)
Hyperion Catalysis International, Inc. (US)
Hybrid Plastics (US)
Hanwha Nanotech Corporation (South Korea)
Integran Technologies, Inc. (Canada)
Intrinsiq Materials Limited (IML) (UK)
Life Technologies Corportation (USA)
NANOCYL S.A. (Belgium)
Nanogen, Inc. (US)
NanoGram Corporation (US)
Nanomaterials Laboratory (Japan)
Nanoledge (France)
NanoSperse LLC (US)
Nanosys, Inc. (US)
QuantumSphere, Inc. (US)
Raymor Industries, Inc. (Canada)
Rogue Valley Microdevices, Inc. (US)
Rosseter Holdings Limited (Cyprus)
Shenzhen Nanotech Port Co., Ltd. (China)
SouthWest NanoTechnologies, Inc. (US)
Sun Nanotech Co., Ltd. (China)
Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, LLC (US)
Unidym, Inc. (US)
Veeco Probes (US)








Total Companies Profiled: 1119 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries

Region/Country Players
The United States 569
Canada 51
Japan 81
Europe 333
France 15
Germany 113
The United Kingdom 97
Italy 4
Spain 1
Rest of Europe 103
Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) 92
Middle East 23


Hard Copy : EUR 4381
Electronic (Single User) : EUR 4381


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Rachel Thompson
Senior Manager
Research and Markets Ltd

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Oddball enzyme provides easy path to synthetic biomaterials May 17th, 2017

The brighter side of twisted polymers: Conjugated polymers designed with a twist produce tiny, brightly fluorescent particles with broad applications May 16th, 2017

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