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The History Channel(R) and Invent Now(R) Inc., a subsidiary of the National
Inventors Hall of Fame(R) Foundation, today named the top 25 inventions of 2007
through the second annual Modern Marvels Invent Now(R) Challenge, a national competition
searching for America's next great invention idea. The Challenge, which is
named in part for Modern Marvels(R), The History Channel's signature series
that showcases this nation's passion for ingenuity and innovation, tapped a
panel of famed inventors, technologists and industry experts to determine
the top 25 inventions submitted from nearly 2,500 of the nation's most
innovative independent inventors. This spring, the Challenge will
ultimately name the invention of one of these 25 Semi-Finalists as the 2007
Modern Marvel of the Year during Modern Marvels: Great Inventions Week on
The History Channel May 15 - 17. Check your local listings for times.

Top 25 Inventions of 2007 Revealed by The Modern Marvels Invent Now(R) Challenge

NEW YORK, NY | Posted on March 15th, 2007

The top 25 inventors hail from 17 states across the U.S. and their
inventions cover a breadth of categories, ranging from medical advancements
to environmental breakthroughs, but all were chosen for being true modern
marvels with potential to have universal implications if brought to
fruition. The Semi-Finalists range from an engineer who created a
protective shield designed to guard windows from the devastating
destruction of hurricanes to a mechanic who found a way to force a diesel
engine to re-breathe its own exhaust, dramatically reducing the amount of
pollution it creates (see "Meet the Semi- Finalists" below for details of
all 25 inventions).

"The Modern Marvels Invent Now Challenge answers the call of the
nation's unrecognized independent inventors whose breakthrough ideas are
real-life modern marvels," said Judy Klein-Frimer, Co-Creator of the
Challenge for The History Channel. "These 25 Semi-Finalists were chosen
because of their tenacity to pursue their ideas in order to make an impact
on the way we live, just like the inventors of our past who we profile on
Modern Marvels."

Starting March 16th, the top 25 inventions of the year will hit the
road to kick-off this year's Modern Marvels Invent Now Challenge national
traveling exhibition. The exhibition will first visit The Tech Museum of
Innovation in San Jose, CA (March 16 - 28th), then the Saint Louis Science
Center in Saint Louis, MO (April 5 - 15th), the Orlando Science Center in
Orlando, FL (April 21st - May 3rd) and culminate at the Citigroup Center in
New York City (May 10 - 25th), where four Finalists will receive a cash
prize and the Grand Prize Winner will be revealed and receive a $25,000
grant. The top five winners will be featured on The History Channel during
Modern Marvels: Great Inventions Week. All 25 Semi-Finalists, the brains
behind the top 25 inventions of the year, will also be invited to attend a
two-day Independent Inventors Conference presented by the National
Inventors Hall of Fame Foundation and the United States Patent and
Trademark Office while in New York to help further develop their invention
ideas (May 11 - 12th). The exhibition will then travel to the National
Inventors Hall of Fame museum in Alexandria, VA where it will be on display
in June 2007.

"The National Inventors Hall of Fame Foundation strives to provide
consistent recognition for our nation's inventors," said Jeffrey Dollinger,
President of Invent Now, Inc. division of the National Inventors Hall of
Fame. "The unbelievable quality and number of entries to this year's
Challenge confirms that there are thousands of inventors in this country
quietly creating profound and breakthrough ideas and who are looking for
ways to share their stories."

Deborah Meyer, vice president of Marketing of Lexus, which has signed
on as this year's presenting sponsor, said "Pioneering product innovation
and new technologies remains at the forefront of the Lexus brand, making it
a natural connection for us to support a program that uncovers such
ground-breaking ideas as these 25 inventions."

This year's Challenge is building upon the successes of the 2005-2006
competition, which proved that America still has a strong hunger for
invention with thousands of submissions from all 50 states. After
recognizing 100 Honorable Mention recipients, 25 Semi-Finalists and four
Finalists, last year's inaugural Challenge ultimately named David R. Ward
the 2006 Modern Marvel of the Year for his invention -- the Strawjet, a
breakthrough process in creating building material from the renewable
material straw.

Viewers can catch the highly successful series, Modern Marvels, on The
History Channel Wednesdays, starting at 8pm/7c. Log on to for more information on the Modern Marvels Invent
Now Challenge and the top 25 inventions.

Meet the Semi-Finalists (Alphabetical Order)

1) Owen Ralph Baser, Retired Building Contractor/Inventor, Sacramento,

Baser Door Handle: The Baser Door Handle is a low profile door handle
allowing a door to be opened with just one's fingertips, with no need to
grab or twist the handle.

2) Kim W. Bertron, Consultant, Tallahassee, FL
Co-Inventors: Andy Bertron, Brian J. Boothe, John Wiley Horton

SimpleShot: The SimpleShot is a medical device capable of mixing a drug
in powder-form and a diluting solution in a single syringe.

3) Pierre Bierre, Computer Scientist and Smart Product Inventor,
Pleasanton, CA

BuildExact: BuildExact is a system that allows for the precise
positioning of building materials guided by CAD software and lasers.

4) Shane Chen, Inventor, Camas, WA

AquaSkipper: The AquaSkipper is a user-controlled and user-powered
flapping-wing device that allows the rider to fly above the water.

5) Raymond Covit, Mechanic and Auto Shop Management, Los Angeles, CA

Diesel Exhaust Purification System: The Diesel Exhaust Purification
System forces diesel engines to re-breathe their own exhaust, reducing the
amount of pollution they create.

6) Dan Didrick, Inventor, Naples, FL

X-Finger: The X-Finger is a functional artificial finger designed for
finger amputees that enables patients to perform tasks such as typing,
working and playing a musical instrument.

7) Xiangfeng Duan, Principal Scientist, Mountain View, CA
Co-Inventors: Chunming Niu and Stephen Empedocles

Nanowire Thin-Film Transistor: The Nanowire Thin-Film Transistor
consists of nanotechnology enabled high-performance, low-cost flexible
electronics that can be used for flexible display, electronic paper, smart
clothing or radio frequency identification (RFID, smart labels).

8) Christopher Marshall Goggin, Inventor and Engineer, Wilmington, NC

GSPS: GSPS is a radio wave-powered switch that allows one to control
electrical devices.

9) Cameron Gunn, Mechanical Engineer, Miami, FL

ImpactShield(TM): The ImpactShield(TM) is a high-strength fabric that
stretches over a window to provide a protective shield in hurricanes.

10) James S. Hacsi, Postal Clerk, Pueblo, CO

DC-AC Soft-Switching Inverter: The DC-AC Soft-Switching Inverter is an
electronic circuit that changes direct current into alternating current.

11) Rod Herdman, Inventor and Founder, EZ Change Lock Co. LLC, West
Chester, OH

EZ Change Lock(TM): The EZ Change Lock(TM) is a new lock technology
that permits keys to be changed simply by pushing a button.

12) Robert J. Hess, Patent Attorney, Stamford, CT
Co-Inventor: Scott Sullivan

Machine Readable Code (MRC) Deployment on Medication: Machine Readable
Code (MRC)

Deployment on Medication provides a method for applying machine
readable codes to medications for use in tracking and authenticating drugs.

13) John R. Hillman, Structural Engineer, Wilmette, IL

Hybrid-Composite Beam: The Hybrid-Composite Beam is a new structural
beam for use in the construction of highway and railway bridges.

14) Christine Ingemi, President, Ingemi Corp., Amherst, NH

iHearSafe Earbuds: iHearSafe Earbuds are ear buds that limit the volume
of audio devices to prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

15) David W. Jenson, Professor, Mapleton, UT

Continuous Fabrication of Complex Composite IsoTruss(R) Structures: The
Continuous Fabrication of Complex Composite IsoTruss(R) Structures is an
automated process for continuously manufacturing composite grid structures.

16) Orrin Klitzner, Retired Businessman and Active Inventor, Andover,

Collapsible Power Plug: The Collapsible Power Plug is a collapsible
power plug that fits into a 12v accessory receptacle.

17) David T. Krausman, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Principal
Investigator and Bio-Medical Engineer, Baltimore, MD

Co-Inventor: Richard P. Allen, Ph.D.

DeSat Counter: The DeSat Counter is a miniature, portable medical
instrument that detects sleep apnea by measuring the oxygen level present
in the blood.

18) Jesse Leaman, Astronomer, Berkeley, CA

Gryphon Shield: The Gryphon Shield is a modular, upgradeable
information technology platform for motorized wheelchairs.

19) Dennis McNeely, Entrepreneur, Gibraltar, MI

Offsprings(TM): Offsprings(TM) is an automobile suspension system
designed to improve safety, increase fuel economy and provide better ride
and handling for cars and trucks.

20) Anthony J. Newbill, Ornamental Iron Artist and Inventor,
Wickenburg, AZ

Tire-Lift: The Tire-Lift is a tire carrier that mechanically raises and
lowers a carrier rack that mounts a spare tire, making the changing of a
heavy truck tire much easier.

21) Greg Owoc, Small Business Owner, Greenville, SC

MEGAFLEX-121: The MEGAFLEX-121 is a two-jointed ratchet that can
auto-lock into 121 different positions by pressing one button.

22) Roy Pellegrin, Inventor, Wailuku, Maui, HI

Aqueous-Froth Air (AFA) Filter: The Aqueous-Froth Air (AFA) Filter is
an air filter that cleans contaminated air, trapping particles and gases in
bubbles and then cooling the bubbles to form water droplets that wash out
the contaminants.

23) Dr. Igor Reizenson, Dentist, Atlanta, GA

ClearSmile: The ClearSmile is a comprehensive oral hygiene device that
cleans the teeth and gums. It is intended to effectively replace a tooth
brush, tooth paste, floss, mouth rinse and tooth bleaching system.

24) Michael Sykes, Builder, Wake Forest, NC

Enertia(R) Building System: The Enertia Building System is designed to
be a fast, economical and green system for building houses. The structural
material captures, stores and distributes solar and geothermal energy
without the need for fuel or electricity.

25) Dan Williams, Insurance Agent, Inventor and Entrepreneur,
Maryville, TN

Co-Inventor: Helmut Siepmann

StayAlive: StayAlive is a marine survival system which uses adjustable
panels on a lifejacket to hold numerous water survival tools.


About The History Channel
The History Channel(R) is one of the leading cable television networks
featuring compelling original, non-fiction specials and series that bring
history to life in a powerful and entertaining manner across multiple
platforms. The network provides an inviting place where people experience
history in new and exciting ways enabling them to connect their lives today
to the great lives and events of the past that provide a blueprint for the
future. The History Channel has earned six News and Documentary Emmy(R)
Awards and received the prestigious Governor's Award from the Academy of
Television Arts & Sciences for the network's Save Our History(R) campaign
dedicated to historic preservation and history education. The History
Channel reaches more than 89 million Nielsen subscribers. The website is
located at .

About the National Inventors Hall of Fame(R) Foundation

The not-for-profit National Inventors Hall of Fame Foundation is the
premier organization in America dedicated to honoring and fostering
creativity and invention. Each year a new class of inventors is inducted
into the Hall of Fame in recognition of their patented inventions that make
human, social, and economic progress possible. Founded in 1973 by the U.S.
Patent and Trademark Office and the National Council of Intellectual
Property Law Associations, the Hall's permanent home is in Akron, Ohio,
where the inventors in the Hall are honored and from where the Foundation
administers its national programs and subsidiaries, including the Camp
Invention(R), Club Invention(R) and the Collegiate Inventors Competition(R)
programs and Invent Now(R) Inc., a subsidiary of the Foundation which is
dedicated to providing creative, educational and inspirational programs for
inventors from all walks of life.

About Lexus

Lexus has become synonymous with luxury since its introduction in 1989.
By offering some of the finest quality luxury vehicles and providing
benchmark customer service, Lexus has remained the top-selling luxury
nameplate in the United States for seven years in a row. Lexus and its 221
dealers have repeatedly achieved high honors for both the products they
sell and the customer service they provide.

Additional Partners

The United States Patent and Trademark Office, TIME and The Sharper
Image are proud supporters of the Challenge. Additional partners include
the American Intellectual Property Law Association, American Society of
Civil Engineers, Invention Showcase, Intellectual Property Owners
Association, Industrial Research Institute, National Science Teachers
Association and Young Inventors International.

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