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Click on the links to be taken to Barnes and Noble, where you will generally find both a description of the book, and a review or two. You can also order it at the same time. Occassionally, a book will be out of stock, and you will see the message "This title is not presently stocked by Barnes & Noble. Check availability from our network of book dealers." Check availability will be a link you can click to see if one of B&N's network has the book. Or check back frequently, or visit your local used book store.

This list has been developed based upon the most popular books currently available. If you have another favorite, please contact us.

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NANO - John Robert Marlow. Hardcover January 2004
NANO - John Robert Marlow
Hardcover January 2004
Our Review "If you haven't read Nano by John Robert Marlow, I strongly encourage you to add it to your list-at the top. It is plausible, scientifically accurate, and timely. From a 'wake-up call' standpoint, this is the most important piece of fiction written to date."

The Wellstone - Wil McCarthy 2003

The Collapsium - Wil McCarthy 2002

Prey - Michael Crichton 2002

Metaplanetary - Tony Daniel 2001 our review

The Free Lunch - Spider Robinson

The Diamond Age. Neal Stephenson 1994

Snow Crash. Neal Stephenson 1992

Forge of Heaven. C. J. Cherryh 2004

Hammerfall. C. J. Cherryh 2002

Diaspora. Greg Egan 1999

Permutation City. Greg Egan 1995

The First Immortal. James L. Halperin 1998

Idoru. William Gibson 1997

Nanotech. Jack Dann (Ed) Gardner Dozois (Ed) 1998

Limit of Vision. Linda Nagata. 2001

Vast. Linda Nagata. 1998

Deception Well. Linda Nagata. 1996

Tech-Heaven. Linda Nagata. 1995

Bohr Maker. Linda Nagata. 1995

Factoring Humanity. Robert J. Sawyer 1998

Acts of the Apostles. John F. X. Sundman Pub. Date: November 1999

Queen City Jazz Kathleen Ann Goonan 1995

Mississippi Blues. Kathleen Ann Goonan 1999

Crescent City Rhapsody. Kathleen Ann Goonan 2001

Light Music. Kathleen Ann Goonan June 2002

The Nano Flower. Peter F. Hamilton 1999

Technogenesis. Syne Mitchell. December 2001 reviews, including ours

Viral Intelligence. Don DeBrandt. 2000 reviews, including ours

Slant. Greg Bear 1998

The Forge of God. Greg Bear 2001

Anvil of Stars. Greg Bear 1993

Queen of Angels. Greg Bear 1991

Blood Music. Greg Bear 1986

Moonseed. Stephen Baxter 1999

Moonrise. Ben Bova 1998

Moon War. Ben Bova 1998

Dead Girls, Dead Boys, Dead Things. Richard Calder 1998

The Fortunate Fall. Raphael Carter 1997

Immortals. Jack Dann (Editor) 1998

Camelot 30K. Robert L. Forward June 1996

Moving Mars. Greg Bear 1994

The X-Files: Antibodies (2 Cassettes).
Kevin J. Anderson | Elizabeth Hand 1997

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