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Our Review:

This work definately belongs with the rest of the great nanoscale technology and future sciences books, as it deals with nano sized entities [nono ticks], runnaway AI, and plenty of cool advanced science. Don makes the technology believable, and his storytelling gift is as entertaining as it is remarkable. He is able to keep the reader's attention, without having to appeal to the least common denominator [by dumbsizing the content]. Don's characters are believable and charismatic, both human and alien, good guys and bad. Each is well defined, without too much detail or segues into personal history - just enough to keep the reader informed and interested. The technology -especially the nanotechnology- is not overwhelming, and even a neophyte can easily grasp the concepts as Don presents them. Full of energy, great humor, and spirit! All in all, a very enjoyable read. I finished it in 2 days, sacrificing some sleep to do so [and it was worth it!]


I very much look forward to reading his other works, such as Shakedown (Angel), Steeldriver, and Timberjak.

"DeBrandt's energetic prose is vivid, graphic, and concise." Spider Robinson

From the Publisher:
It's viral. It's intelligent. It's spreading....

An organism from an alien world has linked with an artificial intelligence. The result: A true computerbug that hungers for flesh and blood. Now the bugs are loose. The infestation has begun....

From the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America:

Mike Blink, the galaxy's best known pilot, is the only witness to an otherdimensional explosion that cripples him and may lead to the destruction of hyperspace itself. He enlists two interstellar rogues, Skinshifter and Storysmith, to investigate the source of the explosion on the Toolies' home world of Kinslick; there, in the continent-spanning city of Myriad, they must uncover the stories of seven unique individuals, ranging from an 800 pound cabbie to a time-traveller and a pyromaniac, and enlist their aid.

Opposing them is a new life form with near omnipotent powers; at stake, not just the existence of hyperspace, but the survival of sentient life itself...

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