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Technogenesis by Syne Mitchell - Our Review:

What do you get when you cross 18 billion minds with a world wide nerve induction network? Gestalt - the meta mind. But is this mind benign and beneficial, or harboring a deadly plan for humanity? A faulty data mask forces Jaz Reese to leave the net, where she discovers a whole new world of sensory input, more real, her senses more acute. But she is an outcast in a world of the constantly connected, and soon she receives a cryptic message from another of the disconnected: "The Beast is watching you......".

But wait, there's more! Another meta mind exists, and it threatens the original. Will Jaz take sides? Will she help pit one against another? And what does it mean for humanity if she is successful in revealing the hidden secrets of Gestalt? Read ON!

Taking place in the late 21st Century, this work postulates the way the internet may grow, and the way we may interact with it. Good science, and great story telling! While not explicitly nanoscience, there are many elements that result from nanoscale technology.

Syne Mitchell has a deft touch in developing her characters, neither too detailed nor too skimpy. Her writing is easy to follow, with very little complicated technology that would have bogged the narrative down.


I very much look forward to reading her other works, such as Murphy's Gambit.

Syne Mitchell is a rare author - as equally deft with special relativity and biochemistry as she is with sculpting real characters and delivering a ripping good read." Eric S. Nylund, author of A Signal Shattered

From the Publisher:
In a near future where almost everyone on earth is connected to a worldwide net, Jasmine Reese discovers the existence of an intelligence called Gestalt-a self-aware entity generated by the collected consciousness of eight billion networked people. And only Jaz can stop it from controlling the world.

Other Reviews:
A reviewer (, November 28, 2001,

absorbing and creative science fiction tale
In the not too distant future, most of humanity is hooked up to the net, if not through a computer than through neural jewelry or special glasses. Most people stay on the net twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, conducting business and pleasurable pursuits and even virtually eat and sleep in cyberspace.

Jasmine Reese is one of the rare people that can find data anywhere on the net and is able to immerse herself in it so thoroughly that she becomes part of it. When her hook-up to the net is broken she sees things that make her wonder if the neural computers transmitted by the net are controlling her and everyone else linked to it. When a secret government agency kidnaps her and forces her to do what the net wants, she vows to regain her individuality by avoiding cyberspace and do whatever it takes to fight her new enemyís intelligence network.

Syne Mitchell has written an absorbing and creative science fiction tale that is fine entertainment for those fans that like a futuristic drama. TECHNOGENESIS addresses some interesting social issues, which are cleverly intertwined inside the story line but it is the characters that raise the quality level of this novel from a poor manís Matrix into a strong story. The protagonist is flawed and weak at times yet so heroic that she represents the finest qualities inherent in our species. On a scale from one to ten, this novel is an eleven.

Harriet Klausner

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