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Tammy Gordin

Gods? Science? Should religion limit science? Should anything limit science?

July 31st, 2015

Never Limit Science

Certainty breeds prejudicial irrationality.
Wasted time agitates physical experience.
Brains conquer cornerstones.
Eons of fruitless outrage exposes sound
that assimilates as it unifies.

Confluence of identifiable victims neutralizes Titans.
Coextensive equinox, imminent omen,
rebellion for gods, rips everyday ethics,
uttered indecently in worshipers eulogy 
disciples alter verbiage.

Never-ending erudition requires rigorous methodology.
Faith is sandwiched premonition.
A simple idea is mapped
to inevitably recognizable consciousness.

Incomplete science fiction contributes to myth.
Tenacity coheres to timetable displays endless temperament.
Vectors loom in cyclones, under auspicious conditions.

Lovely gestures interpret wholes to the part.
As fishtails spiral without continuity expressed,
objectives exigently design standardizes dementia.
Insignificance attracts raw productive thought 
time wasted on fruitless outrage.

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