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Nanotechnology Investment Companies: Venture Capital, Incubators, Angels, Wealth Management, Consulting Companies, and Recruitment and Placement Companies.

Last Updated: Monday, 20-Apr-2015 19:51:36 PDT

Without making any specific recommendations, here is a list of Venture Capital firms (VC's), Incubators, Angels, Wealth Management, and Consulting, Recruitment and Placement companies that work with and fund nanoscale science start ups, projects, and ventures:

Currently there are 117 listings. If you know of another that is not shown, please contact us.


"... is a Silicon Valley consulting firm that specializes in identifying and evaluating very early-stage companies (pre-VC) for investment and partnerships in Nanotechnology, Organic Light Emitting Diodes, Semiconductor Equipment and Processes."

"... to provide the San Diego region a community service that facilitates partnering and investment opportunities in nanobiotechnology. This is accomplished through educational, networking programs and market research that provide visibility into scientific breakthroughs in the nanobio field."

Silicon Valley Nano Ventures
"Silicon Valley Nano Ventures has provided services to nano businesses since 2001. We are goal and results oriented and focused on closing transactions which bring money or people to a company. Business development services include funds raising; sales - customers, joint ventures, strategic partners; & senior technical & executive recruiting."

The Strategic Synergy Group "... focuses on team building and business building in the nanotech domain, including executive & senior recruiting, technical & marketing consulting, and funds raising via our investor network. We have particular value add in development, funding, manufacturing, & marketing in Asia-Pacific, through joint ventures & strategic allliances." Interview with Bo Varga, Chair, Steering Committee, nanoSIG, and Client Champion, Executive Recruiter, Strategic Consultant for the The Strategic Synergy Group.

nanoSIG "... designed to provide angel, VC, and corporate investors access to companies, IP, people, products, & technologies (and vice-versa), by hosting "Nano Funding & Partnering Opportunities" which we host in Silicon Valley and by partnering with affiliates globally."

SK Helsel & Associates
"We specialize in connecting emerging technology companies with decision-makers & opinion leaders in business, finance, academia, & media to accelerate business development. We have specific expertise and knowledge base in biotechnology, nanotechnology, optics, & photonics."

Molecular Manufacturing Enterprises Incorporated (MMEI) Steve Vetter, President and CEO. "The primary goal of MMEI is to advance the state of the art of molecular nanotechnology. We do this by providing seed capital, advice, contacts, and other support services to researchers and business people developing key advances towards this overall goal. A secondary goal is to obtain enough of a return on our investments to sustain and expand our efforts towards fulfilling our primary goal."

Axiom Capital Management
"Building and managing wealth for high-net-worth individuals and institutions."

Harris & Harris Group (Proposes Name Change to Small-Technology Venture Capital, Inc.) "The Company's objective is to achieve long-term capital appreciation, rather than current income, from its investments. The Company has invested a substantial portion of its assets in private development stage or startup companies and in the development of new technologies in a broad range of industry segments." Nanoscale investments include Nantero. Interview with Charles Harris, Chief Executive Officer.

CMP-Cientifica Tim Harper, CEO. Interview with Tim E. Harper, CEO Cientifica.

Lux Capital Josh Wolfe, Managing Partner
Nanotechnology: A New World Is Born Forbes article with Josh Wolfe, 03.14.02

Draper Fisher Jurvetson Steve Jurvetson, Managing Director

Draper Triangle Ventures The Midwestern-based fund of Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ)

MITX Nanotech Exchange (MNE)
"... a division of the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX). MNE features a broad range of programs aimed at nanotechnology startups, commercial corporations using nanotechnology, universities, and legal, financial, and consultant service providers."

Nick Massetti Consulting
Technology Risk Assessment and Mitigation for Venture Capitalists & Startups

Seraphima Ventures Pearl Chin, PhD, MBA. Managing General Partner

3i A global VC firm.
"Size Matters" 3i Technology Papers > Nanotechnology. (PDF)

Molecular Manufacturing Enterprises
"... founded to help accelerate advancements in the field of molecular nanotechnology."

The Nanotechnology Group
"A Consortium of nano companies, universities and organizations working together with a determined focus to develop Education Solutions which include the study of the integrated nano sciences to nourish the future of nano technology as an industry."

nABACUS Partners Dr. Lerwen Liu, President. "... aims to deliver unmatched high quality consulting with utmost integrity to governments and industries, to create value for our shareholders, employees, and affiliates, and to stay at the forefront of new emerging technologies. To build a portfolio of strategic investments and assist other investors in their identification, management and exit from Nanotechnology ventures." Interview with Carl Masens, Chief Information Officer.

OVP venture partners
"We do what a lot of other VC firms do. We invest capital in new companies in growing markets—software, communications, Internet, and biotechnology. Our initial investment is typically about $1-5 million, and we usually partner with other venture capital firms."

"In-Q-Tel was established in 1999 as an independent, private, not-for-profit company to help the CIA and the greater US Intelligence Community (IC) to identify, acquire, and deploy cutting-edge technologies. In-Q-Tel's open and entrepreneurial venture capital model gives it the agility - lacking within traditional government contracting approaches - to help the IC benefit from the rapid pace of change in information technology and other emerging technology fields."

A provider of software, information and services to the nanotechnology community: "Enabling the Diamond Age."

Garage Technology Ventures "... a venture capital investment bank that provides private placement services for high technology companies and investors. Garage Technology Ventures serves companies in the communications, infrastructure, software, and wireless sectors that seek to raise between $2 million and $15 million in a first or second institutional financing round." Interview with Bill Reichert, President and Director.

San Francisco Consulting Group David Ewing, Managing Director. "Strategic marketing, consulting, and programs for Nanotechnology companies and investors. SFCG also publishes the Nanotech Business Update twice a month for investors, corporate & start-up executives, entrepreneurs, and senior technologists to remain informed and educated on business-relevant Nanotechnology updates."  
From their "NANOTECH BUSINESS UPDATE" March 30, 2002 Two National Science Foundation (NSF) Events Help 'De-Mystify' Nanotechnology, as Well as Promote Small Business Success

Angstrom Partners "... formed in 2001 as a Joint Venture between Lux Capital LLC, a venture firm focused on nanotechnology, and McGovern Capital LLC , an investment firm focused on technology development, capital formation, strategic transactions and alliances, and intellectual property value creation."

Arrowhead Research Corporation "... sponsors nanoscience research and development at universities. In return for funding, Arrowhead obtains exclusive rights to license and commercialize technologies generated through the research."

LARTA "... runs sustained and proven programs throughout the year that help professional investors connect with promising cutting-edge technology companies."

Molecular Manufacturing Shortcut
Promotes developing nanotechnology as a way to facilitate space exploration and settlement.

Albany NanoTech
"... a global research, development, technology deployment and education resource supporting accelerated high technology commercialization and job creation through leveraged partnerships between business, government and academia."


The Investor's Guide to Nanotechnology and Micromachines. Glenn Fishbine January 2002
From the Publisher:   Tiny machines = giant profits-the first-ever investor's guide to the burgeoning field of nanotechnology

Combined government and private investments in nanotechnology topped $20 billion in 2000, and that figure is expected to continue to grow exponentially in the years ahead. In the first investment guide to the rapidly emerging nanotech industry, Glenn Fishbine separates fact from fiction for professionals looking at nanotechnology as potential business or financial ventures. He takes an objective, no-nonsense look at current applications in the field and what's likely to develop in the near future in order to help professionals and investors distinguish between solid opportunities, "Hail Mary's," and sheer science fiction. Fishbine provides an overview of the current state of research and identifies the key nanotech applications areas. He also explores the nanotech initiatives currently underway and assesses their long-term potential from an investor's perspective.

An interview with Glenn Fishbine, and

Texas Nanotechnology Initiative
A Consortium of industry, universities, government, and venture capitalists whose goal is to position Texas as the Nanotechnology State.

NGEN Partners "... catalytic, second-stage venture capital funding to emerging new businesses in the materials science and enabling technologies arena."

Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers "We invest in early-stage and breakthrough ventures that have the promise to create new market opportunities."

CW Group "... invests in seed and early stage healthcare companies which have the potential to grow rapidly into substantial enterprises. CW Group invests primarily in companies it co-founds with leading scientists and entrepreneurs in the areas of biotechnology, including pharmaceuticals, genomics and diagnostics; medical devices and instrumentation; healthcare services and medical information systems."

Evolution Capital Andrew Jones, Technology Analyst. "... a research driven investment bank that specialises in Enabling Technologies. Objective research forms the core of our business model and supports Private Equity; Corporate Finance; Equity Capital Markets. Our area of expertise include IP exploitation, Emerging Engineering, Software and Services, Wireless and Electronics; Life Sciences and Nanotechnology."

ARCH Venture Partners Steve Lazarus, Managing Director

Intel Capital Michael Dierks, senior Manager, Strategic Investments

meVC Peter Freudenthal, CEO & President

MIT-Stanford Venture Laboratory "... a volunteer-run, non profit organization founded by the MIT Enterprise Forum, the Stanford Office of Technology Licensing and the Alumni Association of the Graduate School of Business. There are 20 additional chapters of the MIT Enterprise Forum Inc. worldwide. The mission of the MIT· Stanford Venture Laboratory (Vlab) is to foster the growth and success of entrepreneurial ventures by connecting emerging ideas, technology and people."

Alameda Ventures Richard Helfrich, General Partner

Ark Venture Partners Ajay Ramachandran, Managing Partner

Ardesta Rick Snyder, CEO. "... like a traditional venture capitalist ... like an incubator. ... develops industry-building resources such as trade publications, web sites and trade shows." See also Nano-Industry 'Hype vs Substance'

NVST "... a catalyst for the private investment community. We provide entrepreneurs tools and services to showcase their opportunity while providing investors access to the deals they want."
"Investment portal for Nanotechnology. Expert-Forum, monthly Nano-Letter, Investor Relations / Investor Marketing for Nanotech companies." In German

National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) "... the trade association that represents the venture capital industry."

vFinance "... global portal for companies in need of capital and private investors seeking quality deal flow."

Polaris Venture Partners "... has backed and played a lead role in developing some of the world's most successful information and medical technology companies in the US and Europe."

Sevin Rosen Funds "Focusing on pivotal new technologies, Sevin Rosen invests in early stage ventures with technology products that can play market leadership roles."

Zone Ventures "... a partnership funded by institutional investors for the purpose of providing equity capital to young, high-growth companies, while achieving superior returns to its investors."

Venrock Associates "... founded as the venture capital arm of the Rockefeller Family and continues a tradition of funding entrepreneurs that now spans over six decades."

Arcturus Capital "... an early-stage venture capital firm that specializes in the development, commercialization, and financing of state-of-the-art technology companies."

California Technology Ventures Alexander B. Suh, Managing Director "...helps start-up companies and investors put the pieces together by providing equity capital to early-stage technology companies, with special emphasis on Southern California companies."

McGovern Capital "... based in Greenwich, Connecticut and New York City, originates, funds, structures and implements capital formation, joint ventures and business alliances."

Austin Ventures "... focusing on seed and early-stage investments in growth companies, primarily located in Texas and the Southwest."

Battery Ventures "... has the bandwidth, industry expertise and capital to launch the next generation of category leaders."

JPMorgan Partners (JPMP) "... formerly Chase Capital Partners, is a global partnership with over $30 billion under management."

Hitachi CVC Fund "... invests at any stage of a company's development, including seed, first, and later rounds of financing. Funding can combine cash and in-kind investment by the Hitachi global network of corporations, alliance partners, venture capitalists, and customers."

PureTech Ventures "... identifies scientific breakthroughs from research institutions, and provides the management support and funding required to develop a venture or commercialization structure around the technologies that has been accepted into our portfolio." Portfolio includes NanoPharma.

Capital Stage Nanotech "... a listed financial services provider with a wealth of experience in investment business. Thanks to close links with its portfolio companies and an extensive network of contacts in industry and research institutions, Capital Stage is excellently informed of the latest developments in business and science. Capital Stage recognised the potentials of nanotechnology at an early stage and in February 2001 published one of the first studies on this subject. In the same year, the company acquired its first holdings in nanotechnology companies, subscribing to Nanotype GmbH and o.m.t. GmbH."

CenterPoint Ventures "As one of Texas' largest early-stage venture capital firms, CenterPoint Ventures has helped scores of entrepreneurs build successful, enduring companies - Initiatives that have delivered long-term value to investors, founders, employees, customers and investors alike."

Austin Ventures "With over $3.1 billion under management, Austin Ventures is one of the largest and most established venture capital firms in the United States. Over the past two decades, AV has built a highly successful investment portfolio by focusing on seed and early-stage investments in growth companies, primarily located in Texas and the Southwest."

MicroPowder Solutions "... a high technology company with core competencies in nanomaterials, nanotechnology, ultra fine materials, advanced ceramics, and technical due diligence. We combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience to define and implement real world solutions. From seminars introducing the technology and marketplace, to a full time member of the team; we bring value, expertise and results."

FirstStage Capital "... a corporate finance house that specialises in raising venture capital for early stage technology companies." Report - Nanotechnology Today: Reality or Hype? PDF

iManage Collaboration Software Provides collaboration software for business, commerce, and supply chain collaboration solutions.

Gaebler Ventures Business incubator and holding company providing venture capital investment to early-stage companies.

The Stanton Group "A small, retained executive search firm specializing in the recruitment and placement of Research and Development Professionals and Executives in technology leadership roles. We specialize in Nanotechnology and MEMS, Materials Science, Electrical, Mechanical and Software Engineering."

TechVision21 "TechVision21’s seasoned team of former government officials can help you navigate the federal government “maze” to pinpoint and secure appropriations, grants and contracts that meet your business goals."

Index Ventures "... dedicated to working with entrepreneurs to build the world-class technology companies. While we focus on investing in European companies, we are only interested in companies with the drive and ability to become global players."

Knowledge Market Knowledge Market creates de novo startups and also assists early stage companies with early stage funding, technology evaluation, technology transfer, strategy and positioning, and start-up operations including recruitment of key management, directors and later stage investors.

Advent Technologies "The mission of Advent is to commercialize U.S. technologies into Japanese industry. In pursuit of this mission, we leverage our extensive relationships on the source side (U.S. R&D and technology organizations) and the target side (Japanese industry)."

Volant Technologies "Our interest at Volant is to enable disruptive technologies in microsystems, MEMS, and nanotechnology, through industry experience and the application of numerical and computer modeling."

Glocap Tech
"... an executive search & recruiting firm that places Senior Engineers, Scientists, Researchers and Management into MEMS, Microsystems and Nanotechnology companies in all sectors including instrumentation (gyroscopes, sensors, accelerometers), optical communications, biotech / life sciences, RF / wireless & advanced materials.

"... a privately held think-tank that addresses the needs of business executives worldwide. We investigate technologies that will mature within a 2-3 year time period, assess their impact on business outcomes, develop business strategies that take advantage of the technological changes, and defend against disruptive technologies."

The Nanotechnology Institute
"A Collaborative Enterprise among academic and research institutions, corporate partners, private investors, government and economic development. A Multi-State Initiative involving PA, NJ, DE, & MD supported by emerging international alliances with Japan, Italy, United Kingdom. A Multi-Institutional/Disciplinary Research & Development Approach to facilitate the transfer and commercialization of discoveries and intellectual knowledge that support rapid application of nanotechnology to the life sciences sector and the creation of new enterprises organized around this technology. Lead Organizing Partners: Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, and the University of Pennsylvania."

Center for NanoSpace Technologies
"... nonprofit research foundation chartered to conceive, establish and conduct cutting-edge technology, research, and development. These technologies are then infused into the Aerospace, Education, Energy, Life Sciences, and Shipping/Transportation industries."

A Swiss-based nanotechnology investment firm.

"A business information & consulting arm of Yash management & satellite Ltd. specialised in Nanotechnology."

A "directory of venture capital, private equity, merchant banking, and other investment firms from all over the world."

Helmut Kaiser
"... elaborates exclusive international strategies, schemes, technology/market studies, and special studies for concerns, small and midsized enterprises, and government agencies. It has a professional team of engineers, economists and scientists from various different fields (biology, physics, and chemistry)."

Quantiam Technologies
"Develops and commercializes advanced materials based on nanotechnology; manufactures powders, catalysts and coatings for the petrochemical, energy and aerospace industries; provides consulting, technical and research services for characterization of nanomaterials and surfaces; extensive collaboration and seed investment in innovation."

Isha Nanotech
"... specializes in growing nanotechnology ventures and in helping investors evaluate nanotechnology opportunities."

Kim Ludvigsen
"... specialized in financial engineering, in particular valuations, Due Diligences and technology assessments."

"... a Nanotechnology application development centre and industrial resource centre. NanoFrontier will work together with companies on joint projects to develop nanotechnology enable products, processes and services."

University Innovation Centre for Nanotechnology

Israel Nanotechnology Trust
"... the fundraising and fund distribution arm of the Israeli National Nanotechnology Initiative (INNI) – the national initiative established by the Government of Israel to set national priorities and goals for the advancement of nanotechnology in Israel."

Pond Venture Partners
"... invests in early-stage European companies in the semiconductor, communication, wireless and software areas."

"... a business consultancy and research company located in Leiden - the Netherlands. The firm supports organisations with innovation aspects related to nanotechnology developments and commercialization."

NanoHoldings LLC
"... an investment and commercialization company formed to assist University Tech Transfer Offices and their leading research scientists commercialize key patentable inventions in the field of Nanotechnology."

"... a consulting company specialized in Nanotechnology."

Applied Materials Ventures
"... focuses on electronic and photonic components, systems, subsystems and software for datacom and telecom applications as well as nanotechnology."

NanoWorld Holding AG
"... purely financial holding company and does not conduct operational business."

"SEMATECH's role is to tackle those challenges and to ensure the timely availability of the materials, tools, and technology needed by our member companies to stay on the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS)."

"... the leading German network for innovative materials on the basis of chemical nanotechnology. Since 1999, our Network of Excellence has been offering associated enterprises, research institutes, founders and investors a common platform for cooperation, exchange, further education and advanced training and contact with the public."

Bio Life Technical
"Providing independent due diligence services to investors, globally. Specializing in Nanotechnology and Personalized Healthcare."

Nano Science and Technology Consortium
"NSTC is a non governmental, industry managed and promoted organization with a role of facilitator for Nano Developmental processes."

Whitlatch Associates
"We are affiliated with an investment company that has 1,000+ wealthy passive investors as shareholders. This company is an S.E.C.1940 Act Closed End Investment company."

Go BIG Network
"... on-line network of small businesses, startup companies and investors."

Nanotech Capital
"A North Carolina based nanotechnology intellectual property management and development company founded by individuals involved for many years with investment in and commercialization of cutting-edge technology. It specializes in assisting inventors and entrepreneurs in the commercialization of patented and highly proprietary ideas."

Global Crown Capital
See the press release on their recently created nano hedge fund.

Preciseley Microtechnology Corp.
"... a MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) technology consulting company. Preciseley has formed strong collaboration with established MEMS foundries and research institutions throughout North America and Asia."

ISE-CCM Nanotechnology (TNY)
"... includes companies involved in the science and technology of building electronic circuits and devices from single atoms and molecules. Applications involve the intended ability to manipulate materials to fundamentally improve processes, materials, and devices on an 'atomic' scale."

Atlantic Nano Forum
"... provides networking and educational opportunities so these diverse groups can meet, exchange ideas and establish meaningful relationships that will result in the creation of the impact companies of this century."

NanoBioNet - The Center of Excellence of Nanobiotechnology
"... a powerful network including as partners universities, research institutes, hospitals, private companies and experts from the areas of technology transfer and patents as well as from economics and finance."

Cleantech Venture Network
"... a membership organization bringing insight, opportunities and relationships to investors, entrepreneurs and service providers interested in clean technology." European Nanotechnology Trade Alliance (ENTA)
"... represents the interests of its members across Europe. ENTA compromises over thirty members, all with a business interest in nanotechnology."

"CeNTech promotes the formation of start-up companies that originate from university research and supports the expansion of companies in the nanotechnology sector. The CeNTech GmbH provides the general conditions for entrepreneurs to further develop their research ideas into marketable products."

"Our goal is to make Cenamps an internationally recognised centre for the successful commercialisation of emerging technologies and to encourage greater collaboration of science with business, promoting sustainable innovation and technological development."

Invest Australia
"Invest Australia is the Australian Government's inward investment agency. We're the first national point-of-contact for your investment inquiries, offering free, comprehensive and confidential assistance, saving you valuable time and money. Invest Australia has investment advisory specialists in 11 locations around the world."

"... an internationally recognized investment research and advisory firm specializing in analyzing companies' performance on environmental, social, and strategic governance issues, with a particular focus on their impact on competitiveness, profitability, and share price performance."

Headland Ventures LP
"... a Venture Partnership focused on early stage company investing."

Mohr, Davidow Ventures (MDV)
"... invests in innovative entrepreneurs with deep expertise in energy and materials, Internet services; life sciences, semiconductor and software and systems."

Newbridge Nanotechnology Index (NYSEArca: NNIX)
"... constructed to track the stock market performance of companies that are currently active in nanotechnology. As of our May 19, 2006 quarterly rebalance, the index includes 24 companies."

Nanotech Partners
"... a unique private equity fund that focuses exclusively on nanotechnology around the world. With the sponsorship of Mitsubishi Corporation, the fund was established after Nanotech Partners, Ltd. was founded as a General Partner in September 2001."

Norwest Venture Partners
"... offers its portfolio companies the essentials of success: a sound reputation, significant financial resources, seasoned business experience, and a network of relationships."

Nanostart AG
"... a listed nanotechnology investment company. As an investor in the nanotechnology sector and a subadvisor to the world's first nanotechnology equity funds, we offer a unique profile in the global financial scene."

Millennium Materials Technologies (MMT)
"The MMT funds were created to invest in the development and commercialization of novel advanced materials used in high growth industries like micro-electronics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, agro/chemicals, polymers and communication materials."

Micro and Nanotechnology Commercialization Education Foundation - MANCEF
"IMANCEF globally supports the creation, exchange, and dissemination of knowledge vital to people, organizations, and governments interested in the commercialization of miniaturization technologies."

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