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Carl Masens Interview March 2002

The following is an interview with Carl Masens, Chief Information Officer, nABACUS. nABACUS is the official organizer of the Asia Pacific Nanotechnology Forum February 26-28, 2002. Tsukuba, Japan. (note: nABACUS is now nABACUS Partners)

Regarding investing in companies developing nanoscale technologies, here are the Questions:

1. Given the vast [and growing] plethora of nano-this and nano-that companies, how does one go about investing in a company with real potential?

Very carefully. The Business Plan has to be in place and be sound. You also have to find out something about the technology itself, which inevitably means seeking advice, which can be scary, since you have to trust that the guys you paid really know what they are talking about. That's where nABACUS Partners comes into its own, since we know what is hot and what is not we can help people decide what they are looking for. We do not advise investment in particular companies, we simply allow people to make better informed decisions. All the usual questions apply in Nanotechnology as in any other venture - if the basics are not there, then neither is the opportunity.

2. About what percent of this year's venture capital will nanoscale technology companies receive?

Very little, maybe only fraction of a percent. Especially if you make that a global figure. If you just look at the US, then the figure (nano/non-nano) will be larger, but still in absolute terms it will be small. Exact numbers are difficult to achieve since there has been little recording of nano-investing data distinct from "high tech" or IT-related investment.

3. Do you expect to see the same kind of frenzied investing in MNT as happened with the dotcom boom, or have we learned our lesson?

No. There is intense interest, but caution is the tone when the checkbooks are on the table.

4. Out of every 10 start ups that you typically fund, how many succeed past the third year?

We do not fund start ups at this time, but we are looking for opportunities, since the money is out there, lots of it.

5. Is there any one nanoscale technology of special interest to you or your firm?

No. We are interested in anything that is nanoscale.

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