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The monthly NanoNews-Now report offers an in-depth analysis of one important issue relevant to nanotechnology development

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Current Issue #37 - July 2006

This issue of NanoNews-Now covers military nanotech, from a nanoscale materials point of view, and from a molecular manufacturing p-o-v.

In our opening piece, Editor Rocky Rawstern interviews Neil Gordon of the Canadian NanoBusiness Alliance on near-future nanotech.

In our first contributed article, Chris Phoenix of the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology talks about Military Implications Of Molecular Manufacturing.

In our second contributed article, Futurist Brian Wang brings us an article titled Considering Military and Ethical Implications of Nanofactory-Level Nanotechnology.

In our third contributed article, Ethicist Patrick Lin and Futurist Brian Wang write about Nanotechnology: Shifting Political and Economic Winds, or a Firestorm of Change?

In our fourth contributed article, Kevin G. Coleman of Technolytics presents NanoTechnology: Homeland Security Applications.

Next, Rocky Rawstern interviews Dr. Victor Bellitto and Dr. Jason Jouet of the Indian Head Division, Naval Surface Center on their work and it's potential military impact.

In the 6th of 6 articles on Building The Winning Nano Venture Team, Bo Varga covers Identifying & Filling Gaps In Management.

And last, a brief Q&A with nanoscale materials company, QuantumSphere.

Select Quotes:

From: Interview with Neil Gordon on Military Nanotech

NN: What are some of the near-term applications that we are likely to see, and what will be their impact?

Many near-term military applications will see benefits from reducing the high lifecycle cost of equipment operations and maintenance through nanotechnology-based coatings and composite materials, sensors and diagnostic devices, miniature systems and actuators on a chip, and an increased use of commercial off the shelf technology products that are made with nanotechnology and microsystems.
Neil Gordon, P.Eng, MBA, President, Canadian NanoBusiness Alliance

From: Military Implications Of Molecular Manufacturing

Although it is tempting to start with a question like, "What would a modern battlefield be like with molecular manufacturing," this question is meaningless. It is as pointless as trying to imagine a modern battlefield without electricity. Without radios, airplanes, and computers, war would be completely different. Imagination is not sufficient to generate this picure-it simply doesn't make sense to talk of a modern military without electricity. Molecular manufacturing will have a similarly profound effect on near-future military affairs.
Chris Phoenix Director of Research CRN

From: Considering Military and Ethical Implications of Nanofactory-Level Nanotechnology

This essay looks at some existing trends in military capability and technology development, and considers the impact of nanofactory-level nanotechnology (NN). A nanofactory is a proposed manufacturing system that could be built if molecularly precise manufacturing technology is developed. Current projections indicate that a nanofactory should be able to fabricate its own mass of advanced products-including duplicate nanofactories-in just a few hours.
Brian Wang, Futurist

From: Nanotechnology: Shifting Political and Economic Winds, or a Firestorm of Change?

In the short and mid term, failing to keep up with other nations in the research or adoption of nanotechnology has obvious negative consequences for an economy, both domestically and globally as world markets are increasingly dependent on each other. As quickly as technology is advancing, following Moore's Law, it will be an extraordinary challenge for any nation (or ethics) to catch up, if they fall too far behind. Think of the nations that missed the previous Industrial Revolution in the last century or even the Internet bandwagon today.
Patrick Lin, Ph.D., The Nanoethics Group, and Brian Wang, Futurist

From: Nanotechnology: Homeland Security Applications

From shape-shifting armor to fabric that can turn away microbes, as well as bullets to new power sources, the defense industries are launching major initiatives and planning for Nanotechnology. The Government is the major source of funding for current Nanotechnology initiatives. Centers of Excellence in Nanotechnology have been established around the country. The basic research in Nanotechnology conducted at these centers will provide the foundation upon which real world applications can be built. Other centers are already concentrating on military application of Nanotechnology. While there are efforts for new and improved weapons based on Nanotechnology, the vast majority of the Nanotechnology research and applied research fall into the support category.
Kevin G. Coleman, Senior Fellow with the Technolytics Institute

NN: What are some of the potential military applications of your research?

Currently, Al particles with native oxide coatings are widely used in explosives, propellants, and thermites to enhance performance. The use of nanoparticles and/or clusters would significantly increase the surface to volume ratios, and could greatly improve performance through tailored energy release and more efficient combustion.
Dr. Victor Bellitto, Indian Head Division, Naval Surface Center (IHDIV, NSWC)

From: Building The Winning Start-Up Team: Part 6 of 6

Upon completion of this article, you will understand how to evaluate your management capabilities, gaps that need to be filled, and ways to fill those gaps with employees, long term & project contractors, boards, and advisors. In addition you will gain some understanding of two important tools, the Bell Mason Diagnostics and the Stage-Gate´┐Ż Product Development Process.
Bo Varga, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Nano Ventures

Each monthly issue of NanoNews-Now offers focussed analysis, interviews and reporting on one important sector of emerging nanotechnology. Whether your interest lies in medicine, bio-tech, investing, defense, manufacturing, energy or other, you'll get up an up to the moment, in-depth, detailed report that will cover all the relevant history, trends, breakthroughs, government agencies, companies and people that are making it happen.
"...searching for news and information on trends and research in the field of nanotechnology? Consider your search over! "
"The nanotech-now site is one of the most exciting on the web, and your creativity and responsibility in keeping this going has been terrific."
Mark Ratner, Winner of the 2001 Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology, Professor in Chemistry at Northwestern University, and author of Nanotechnology: A Gentle Introduction to the Next Big Idea
" introduction to the field, up-to-the-minute nano news."
Science Magazine
"...provides an unusually comprehensive source of information on nanotechnology and related topics. "
James Lewis, PhD. Foresight Institute
"...just came across your excellent nanotechnology website ...very nice!"
Robert Freitas, PhD "Father of nanomedicine"
" outstanding source of reference information, and a great connection point for this emerging community."
James Clements, NanoSciences Inc.
"...I wanted to commend you for your coverage of the happenings in the nanotech community."
Doug Jamison, VP - Harris and Harris Group, Venture Capitalists
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