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May 17th, 2010
Pharmaceutical Technology Europe Interview on Nanotechnology in Pharma Industry
Adriana Vela
Founder & Chair, NanotecNexus

Nanotechnology: A lifeline for drying pharma pipelines? Pharmaceutical Technology Europe magazine interviews Adriana Vela on the impact and opportunities/challenges of nanotechnology in the pharma industry. See answers from all panelists at Read the Whole Article

May 21st, 2009
NanoTecNexus Outreach Programs Debut in San Diego
Adriana Vela
Founder & Chair, NanotecNexus

This year has been marked by change. Not only did we officially change our corporate name to NanoTecNexus from NanoBioNexus, we have also launched a series of outreach programs designed to expand the awareness and education of nanotechnology to broader audiences. Read the Whole Article

October 20th, 2008
Nano Mother Ships Designed to Detect and Treat Cancer
Mike Sailor
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UCSD, NanoBioNexus

A key nanotechnology objective is to build molecular devices that surpass the function of single molecules. Ultimately these enhanced nanodevices would provide modern medicine with integrated therapeutic and diagnostic function within a single in vivo delivery device. Read the Whole Article

October 18th, 2008
SHARING IDEAS AMPLIFYIES RESULTS IN CANCER NANOTECHNOLOGY: An interview with Ji-Ho Park, Ph.D. candidate in Material Science, UCSD CCNE (NanoTumor Center)
Adriana Vela
Founder & Chair, NanotecNexus

Years ago, the mantra among research communities was ‘publish or perish'. While publishing continues to be important, the mantra appears to be evolving into ‘partner or perish' given the overwhelming evidence that demonstrates the impact collaborations have on the speed at which research is conducted and new discoveries are made. Read the Whole Article

October 18th, 2007
Nanotechnology Book Review by Judy Senior, Ph.D., NanotechNexus Member, Independent Pharmaceutical Development and Drug Delivery Consultant
Adriana Vela
Founder & Chair, NanotecNexus

In our efforts to promote education, our very own drug development and drug delivery expert and consultant, Judy Senior, Ph.D., provides an eye opening review of the recently published nanotechnology book entitled 'Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems', D. Thassu, M. Deleers, and Y. Pathak, Editors, Informa Healthcare, 2007, Hardback, 352, IBSN: Read the Whole Article

August 30th, 2007
"Getting to the Core of the Matter - Why NanoBioNexus Was Born"
Adriana Vela
Founder & Chair, NanotecNexus

More than ever, the world is turned upside down by technology, the global economy, and the social landscape. Thriving in this environment is a new generation of leaders who are building communities, not just companies. Tightly linked communities, regional or geographically dispersed, create the ability to quickly learn and innovate through the exchange of ideas and experiences. Organizations dedicated to building communities are an essential and critical ingredient to fuel innovation and action. Read the Whole Article
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