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Amanda Richter

The existence and future potential of nanotechnology will undoubtedly drum up a lot of ethical and legal questions about the enhancement of the human body.

February 10th, 2015

Nanotechnology Brings 'X-Men' Power and Boat Repair Together

In fact, our wildest dreams of becoming superhuman or super mutants, if you will, just as we see in movies like "X-Men," are seemingly not so wild anymore. But all that mumbo jumbo isn't going to help you with the large scratch you just put into your new boat as you put it in the water. Or will it? The very technology that has everyone raging about the possibility of enhancing our own bodies can be applied to the bodies of our boats, as well.

Boating Is Becoming Easier to Invest In

Nanotechnology is indeed a new and exciting prospect that is proving to be beneficial in every facet of our lives, including recreational boating. Maintaining a boat can be just as costly (or more) as buying one. Thus, when you have nice things like a boat, you may tend to overprotect it from being damaged, knowing the cost of repair could sink your finances. And when you do get nicks, cracks or gouges in your boat, it's not only annoying, but it can be costly. Today's nanotechnology, however, is giving boaters a sigh of relief.

With products like MagicEzy, which can repair chips, hairline scratches and certain gouges, and provides a three year guarantee on its products, maintaining a boat is becoming as easy as earning a boating license, which nowadays you can do online. With nanotech products like MagicEzy, a boater can apply the nano filler product by themselves and make those small repairs in a matter of seconds and not have to worry about taking it into a shop or having to deal with chemical fumes and lesser products that may fail sooner than expected. This nanotech product isn't just an adhesion, it provides flexibility with the boat's fiberglass hull, giving it that durability that other products don't have.

How Nanotechnology Works
While traditional repair coatings only cover the surface of a problem area of the boat, nanotech coatings bond with the boat's surface on a more molecular level, which provides a stronger, longer hold. The product basically becomes one with the structure. For example, you apply a nanotech product to your propeller and later on the propeller gets bent from the boat crossing through an unsuspecting shallow area of a lake. A typical thought is a repaired coating would probably sheer off, crack or fail due to the accidental bending, however, with nanotechnology, the coating has proven to stay intact.

Applying the nanotech fillings is easy. It's a matter of squeezing the small tube (or spray) onto the damaged area of the boat, smoothing the surface and then waiting for the product to dry. It doesn't require any sanding, it's easy to clean up and filled areas can be sanded and drilled later, if needed. The MagicEzy product comes in 11 colors. Using nanotechnology products to maintain your boat's looks and durability avoids tedious work with traditional, more chemically-fumed products, helps protect against algae buildup, is environmentally safe and, perhaps most importantly, gives you an affordable option in keeping your boat looking clean, crisp and durable.

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