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Eco spray antimicrobial general cleaning fluids.

A natural product from Nature mated with superhydrophobic functionality.

Advances in nanotechnology and nanoscience are given us new concepts, products, tools and instruments that can help cleaning professionals for the first time manipulate the invisible world of atoms and molecules. These products, when taken from the natural world, are completely safe, edible, environmentally friendly, yet offer the user new ways to deliver value and service, reducing costs, enhancing physical aesthetics, pushing product and food shelf-life, innovating R&D, driving new services and helping lower unit operation cost whilst acting eco-positively and sustainably across the supply chain.

June 12th, 2013

Discovering the next big thing in Cleaning!

Imagine a one stop eco-cleaning spray that offers a long lasting natural antimicrobial protection when applied to all surfaces, and also creates a dirt-oil-grease-repellent function! Cleaning thereafter is magical: fast and efficient as bacteria and grime can't adhere to surfaces.

This eco-spray can lead to reduced cleaning cycles (up to 40-50% faster), with consequent labour & water / energy reductions, and a 95% reduction in the use of aggressive cleaning materials. The cleaning sector will not like this naturally, (as chemicals sales are embedded in revenue models) and like the old gas- light industry at the dawn of electricity, may also attempt to resist change in technology.

By making surfaces superhydrophobic and antimicrobial using safe and natural products, we can reduce operational costs by reducing aggressive cleaning programmes and effort.

This in turn will enable enhanced shelf-life of machinery, reduced energy costs and better looking facilities, as some smart- coatings, when applied to glass and reflector points, can aesthetically improve the look and feel of assets and stock on display.

Nanotechnology and nanoscience embraces every step of product design and product development, offering new processes, functions and efficiencies. Every aspect of hygiene and facility management, food processing and operation, from crop protection to consumption, machine wear and tear, logistics and fuel, process deliver, asset and infrastructure protection, product improvements, etc are possible using nano-related concepts, technologies and knowledge transfer.
The salient point here is that the nanotechnology we refer to are tools, instruments and methodology. The raw materials we work with are already known to industry. We do not change in any way the building blocks of Nature, and thus are not offering new risk to Society, Brands or consumers. We are using in many cases just natural products already in Nature and safe.

The world is changing. Consumers are looking for different types of offerings and services. Metadata analysis gives insight to consumer trends and needs that quick of-the-mark entrepreneurs can leverage. Dovetailing new materials and products to future demands is where the savvy business professional differentiates.

Businesses that engage with consumers through new technologies that embrace the mind-body-soul principle, that empathise with the environment, that deploy environmentally friendly insecticides and animal repellents (all available now), that offer homely environment products and services will thrive and future-proof their businesses in times of uncertainty and beyond. There was never a better time for R&D, new product launches and profitable growth.


NanoLandGlobal is a vendor-neutral nanotechnology company. We generate revenue by proposing improvements to organizations, where we are able to advise on adoption of nanotechnology solutions that demonstrate clear value in reducing operational costs, identifying new services, improving quality, enhancing safety, productivity, innovation, energy efficiency, process automation, problem solving, etc.

We keep business simple, are focused, commercially and strategically astute, transparent, ethical, and believe in delivering compelling value for our clients.

Nanotechnology has the potential to transform our lives in much the same way as electricity or the internet already has. It will affect almost every aspect of our lives - from the medicines we use, the source of power for our computers, the food we eat, the cars we drive, the buildings we live in and the clothes we wear.

More importantly, for every area where we can imagine an impact, there will be many others no one has ever thought of - new capabilities, new products and new markets

NanoLandGlobal is the pioneer in creating this Global Reach program. We have channels in over 30 countries, with over 35 manufacturers from 10 countries giving us over 150 product groups with 1000s of potential applications.

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