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May 21st, 2013

Inaugural Conference & Exhibition on Nanotechnology in Healthcare

This conference and exhibition will showcase cutting-edge healthcare nanotechnology research, concepts and products. The target audience includes nanotechnology companies as well as other kinds of companies that want to learn about nanotechnology and/or forge strategic alliances, healthcare organizations, investors, academic/research institutions and government agencies. The event will provide a collaborative atmosphere in which this diverse audience can learn about potential opportunities to purchase healthcare nanotechnology products, develop existing product portfolios and/or explore innovative technologies to expand into new markets. In addition to the sharing of new technologies, discussions and targeted sessions will detail how large corporations and local/global economies may benefit from commercial nanotechnology applications. Potential investors and key interest groups will also have the opportunity to offer their perspectives on how they approach this emerging and developing field.


The nature of nanotechnology requires experts from a variety of disciplines working together to produce viable commercial solutions. Utilization of existing nanotechnologies and nanomaterials to address unique near-term commercial opportunities can lead clients to achieve critically important competitive advantage in global markets at low costs and short times-to-market.
Innovative improvements of current products and the creation of new products for existing markets strongly depend on pioneering advancements in materials. Fortunately, the desired advancements in material performance are rapidly emerging. Nano-structured compounds added to otherwise standard materials are accomplishing unprecedented leaps for critically important properties. Corporations and their product managers must pay close attention to recognize newly emerging opportunities for creating exceptionally competitive advantage in global markets.
Research in nanotechnology is a highly specialized and expensive undertaking. Yet, there is no time to lose. Nanotech-based materials and new products are entering the marketplace at a rapid pace. Not every organization is set up for this demanding time-sensitive challenge. The nature of nanotechnology requires experts from a variety of disciplines working together to produce viable commercial solutions. This conference will provide a forum where experts can meet and collaborate on the creation of nanotechnology products for the healthcare industry.


Healthcare organizations
Firms and individuals seeking commercial applications
Businesses, government agencies and investors seeking opportunities
Nanotechnology experts with product ideas
Commercial experts with proven experience in starting and operating a business but less expertise in selecting and managing nanotechnology (technology transfer in global economies, etc.)

The two-day conference will begin with morning plenary sessions featuring the conference chairperson and several keynote speakers. Later on Day 1, attendees will be able to choose among breakout sessions on various nanotechnology topics. Day 1 will conclude with an evening poster session, furnishing academic labs, research institutions and startup companies with a forum in which they may showcase their latest efforts and discoveries.
Day 2 will open with concurrent morning sessions. In the afternoon, the program will offer concurrent optional post-conference workshops, each approximately three and a half hours in duration. Each themed workshop, to be chaired by an industry expert, will highlight case studies in the application and integration of nanotechnology research into commercialized products for the healthcare industry. These interactive workshops will provide tangible examples of success stories and give them a benchmark against which they may compare and contrast with their own research direction.
Specific themes, sessions, and workshops are planned in the following areas:
Medical Devices
Preventive Healthcare applications
o Anti-microbial coatings
o Filters
o Disease monitoring and diagnostics
o Contrast agents to enhance imaging
Imaging diagnostics, including device/instrument coatings for enhancing visualization. (distinct from contrast imaging agents)
Nanocomposites (novel materials for medical applications)
International standards development for manufacturing and handling nanostructured compounds


NanoLandGlobal is a vendor-neutral nanotechnology company. We generate revenue by proposing improvements to organizations, where we are able to advise on adoption of nanotechnology solutions that demonstrate clear value in reducing operational costs, identifying new services, improving quality, enhancing safety, productivity, innovation, energy efficiency, process automation, problem solving, etc.

We keep business simple, are focused, commercially and strategically astute, transparent, ethical, and believe in delivering compelling value for our clients.

Nanotechnology has the potential to transform our lives in much the same way as electricity or the internet already has. It will affect almost every aspect of our lives - from the medicines we use, the source of power for our computers, the food we eat, the cars we drive, the buildings we live in and the clothes we wear.
More importantly, for every area where we can imagine an impact, there will be others no one has ever thought of - New capabilities, New products and New markets

NanoLandGlobal is a pioneer in creating this Global Reach program...

We have channels in over 30 countries, over 35 suppliers from 10 countries supplying products for over 150 applications.

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