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Designed to meet the practical needs of any Business, Automobiles, Home, Factory, School, Healthcare, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Offices or any environment.

From hair salons to dental surgeries, it will work every day from three years to detox the air and destroy bad aroma.

November 27th, 2012

Novel product for increasingly popular aroma & health marketplace.

So great for poorly ventilated loos, restaurants, food processing units or just the local fish factory or hotel that may wish to have rooms for all including smokers.

When this product is sprayed on to light shades, including the light fittings in the ceiling of property, the catalysts works phenomenally well to remove all toxins, pollens and microbes from the air. Hence the whole ceiling does not require coating, just the areas where you have light focused.

Why clean air is important:

Indoor Air Quality isn't a new field of modern science. The quality of the air we breathe influences our health tremendously.

Clean air, in the home or workplace, in hospitals or indeed cities is a fundamental basic necessity and never a luxury.

We assume the air around us is free from infectious disease and other microorganisms.
- Why?
- Is it because we simply chose to ignore the risk?
What the eye doesn't see the brain does not believe?

Most people now accept that there are many diseases related to the quality of air that we breathe.

On an average, we breathe about 7 to 8 liters of air per minute, 166 gallons of air in an hour, 24,000 breaths in 24 hours… in TOTAL giving us around 12,000 liters of inhaled air per day!

Can you imagine in that one day, how much bacteria, fungus, viruses, and parasites we could and would have been exposed to?

That's just one day! Now imagined if one was to multiply that by the number of days you have lived. That's about the amount of subtle damage one has gradually suffered over the years! It's no wonder why we kept falling sick; suffer from chronic sinusitis, headaches, unresolved coughs, allergies, asthma etc. Well that is actually your body telling you how much damage we are undergoing.

What solutions are available to help enhance air quality?

When it comes to hygiene and energy usage, Nature is amazing. Just like a plant creates energy from a leaf exposed to sunlight, we have a simply spray coating that works to harness internal light to detox the air and surfaces around your home, or work place, removing negative aromas and surface bacteria. One coating should last ten years, destroying allergens and Infectious microbes.

This product has 125 ml in a Bottle, 12 units per BOX. Coverage is 40-85 ml per SQM

We also have a novel protective coating specifically designed for air condition units and refrigeration users generally. This is designed to help prevent dirt and crud build-up on unit air-fins, and thus enable much cleaner air recycling within buildings and homes, reducing commercial refrigeration costs (maintenance cycles and electricity) for business and facility managers.

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NanoLandGlobal is a vendor-neutral nanotechnology company. We generate revenue by proposing improvements to organizations, where we are able to advise on adoption of nanotechnology solutions that demonstrate clear value in reducing operational costs, identifying new services, improving quality, enhancing safety, productivity, innovation, energy efficiency, process automation, problem solving, etc.

We keep business simple, are focused, commercially and strategically astute, transparent, ethical, and believe in delivering compelling value for our clients.

Nanotechnology has the potential to transform our lives in much the same way as electricity or the internet already has. It will affect almost every aspect of our lives - from the medicines we use, the source of power for our computers, the food we eat, the cars we drive, the buildings we live in and the clothes we wear.
More importantly, for every area where we can imagine an impact, there will be others no one has ever thought of - New capabilities, New products and New markets

NanoLandGlobal is pioneer in creating this Global Reach program...

We have channels in over 30 countries, over 35 suppliers from 10 countries supplying products for over 150 applications.

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