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What happens when solar panels get covered with grime, grunge and dirt?

March 25th, 2012

Solar Panels: BIG nanotechnology opportunity

We have all heard recently of the negative impact volcanic dust can create for airline safety, animal health and the travelling public.

What few of us realize however is the remarkable reduction in energy efficiency caused by solar panels blighted by dirt and dust.

Take Google for example, who have 1.6 Megawatt solar installations positioned on the roof of their Mountain View California headquarters.

Google discovered that when solar panels get dirty, the become less productive.

Google compared the performance of their flat solar panels to that of their angled-positioned ones, and to their astonishment, discovered that the panels that were cleaner were 50% more productive!

The sloped panels were cleaned by the action of rain water (except at the edges), whilst the flat positioned panels were covered in dust, grime and dirt.

Prior to this discovery, Google had a 15 month cleaning maintenance cycle for flat solar panels.

They now intend to regularly clean their panels and maximise energy output.

What Google may not yet have appreciated is that by simply coating their solar panels with a Smart Fluid they can replicate Nature by creating surface tension on the surface of the solar panels as in broccoli, locus or nasturtium leaves and enable natural cleaning without aggressive chemicals and regular maintenance.

Self-Cleaning and Antimicrobial Actions using the secrets of Nature can be described in three ways:

1. Hydrophobic ( water repelling, drops form beads washing away sand or dust)
2. Hydrophilic ( water attracting , drops flatten out washing away dirt and dust)
3. Photocatalytic ( UV-induced reactions that cause decomposition of dirt molecules)

These coating creates a super-repellent membrane that repels dirt, bacteria and grime annually like magic.

Inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and easy to apply, this coating can help reduce solar panel maintenance costs whilst offering long term protection and efficiency for everyone deploying solar panel technology.

In fact the menace of bacteria and dust around mainframe computers, wires, servers and ventilation systems all around the World can forever be removed by smart fluid coatings.

We are here to help you benefit from these new and amazing technologies. Simply tell us what you need to achieve.

Just write to .
NanoLandGlobal…..Our raison d'être

NanoLandGlobal are launching a NanoLand business entity in every country, with stakeholders created in US, Central America, Ireland, UK, Turkey, South Africa, Ghana, Baltic States, Serbia, Italy, Korea, China, India. We have requests pouring in from Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, France,Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Switzerland, Israel, GCC and the list is growing daily.

Our partner network will be offered the following services by us:
1. Access to unique range of smart fluid technology
2. Application Instructions & Training
3. New Products & Services
4. Health & Safety Information
5. Direct contact with Specialists
6. Business Leads and New Markets
7. Networking through Industry Alliance (GAINSS)
8. Trade Website & Information
9. Funding & Legal Advice services

NanoLandGlobal are a solution sales organisation, identifying areas of application for nanotechnology, matching solutions to problems, mainly for business stakeholders. We work with small, medium and large companies globally to fast track new technology, enhance efficiency, up productivity and innovation, whilst focusing on safety, Footprint, best practice environmentally and sustainability.

Needless to say, we are not just money motivated, but strive to introduce technologies that better humanity and Society. Thus safer agriculture, humane livestock and farming, improved industrial and commercial processes, cleaner supply-chains. Hence we look to increase food and industrial productivity deploying less resources, reduce wastage by better recycling, lower pollution, enhanced processes across every aspect of commerce, from light and energy efficiency to disease prevention and cleaner transport & construction.

By adopting safe Nano techniques, we eliminate risk around nanotechnology. We're not interested in messing with the building blocks of life, changing the essence of atoms and molecules! We deploy tools and expertise around nanotechnology that manipulate the Nano-scale, to understand the secrets of Nature herself, and thus drive innovation for today's companies for positive value. Hence we strive to create new solutions to reduce, for example, the menace of insect or rodent damage by using methods created by Nature over millennium.

We help forestry organisations protect young trees from damage, organic growers suffer less seed wastage, enhanced disease methodologies for livestock, improved air, nutrition for city dwellers and better food chain packaging and techniques with less cancer risk and less aggressive chemical usage for everyone. Companies that deploy cleaner and more efficient processes that look to better The Environment and Life generally for citizens are in alignment for future success and reward.

Our strategy at NLG is to dovetail the value of nanotechnology generally, with environmental and sustainable best practice, business process efficiency and energy enhancement. We have the knowledge and commercial base to provide a win-win relationship with stakeholders. With an increasing network of Nano specialists working with us, NLG are in a strong position to help companies and organizations exploit the value of emerging technology now and in the future.

Our Journey has just begun. Acquisition of data on the manufactures that will form the supply to our NanoLand Country Partners has been achieved. Many consultants who will form the members of Global Association of Independent Nano-scale Surface Specialists (GAINSS) have been contacted. Some of the NanoLand Country Partners have been identified in major markets to reach the end-customers. As a futuristic move we have identified the creation of Regional NanoLabs which will support the propagation of usage of Positive Safe Nanotechnology across the Globe.

We are at the beginning of an exciting and enormous development project. We have identified a number of specific trade products and requirements that are enabling our partners globally to focus on driving revenue forward. These Nano products save companies real operating costs, help with C02 Footprint, Supply Chain Compliance and offer numerous environmental benefits for every business and organization across the planet, by helping to:
• Reduce water usage and automate safe drinking water
• Remove aggressive cleaning chemicals
• Stop environmental depreciation and Footprint
• Cut emissions and pollutants
• Enhance energy efficiency, minimizing waste
• Reduce mechanical wear and material consumption
• Open doors for new cleaner products and revenue
• Improve health, food production, resources

Many companies and organizations are aware of the benefits of going green. However many are still unaware of how nanotechnology can turn them into profitable and responsible operations overnight, simply by adopting incremental changes, using nanotechnology and related emerging technology. NLG is being launched to pioneer the effort in "Green Economics" and "Green Electronics". Let us show you some great technologies working.

Imagine, Imagine, Imagine
Chairs that never get wet!
Shutters that block vibration
Wallpaper that eats offensive smells
Fluids that generate aroma for functional value
Insect and animal repellents using atoms in nature
Toothbrushes that don't need toothpaste, battery power or electricity, but automatically brush teeth!
The Innovation list is endless; we focus on adding value for our clients

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate.

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