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Nanotechnology refers to different types of techniques that are used to manipulate matter at the level of molecules and atoms. At this really tiny scale, familiar materials start to behave differently, offering unusual functionality and value, such as strength, colour change, elasticity, conductivity, reactivity and efficiency. These same materials behave completely different when examined at human-eye level.
So how can this help Farmers?

February 12th, 2012

How can farmers benefit from nano technology?

Like any business, farmers produce something, be it milk, cereals, meat or eggs. They use energy, machinery, buildings and land.

Nano coatings and technology can help in numerous ways to reduce costs and increase productivity around the farm.

For example, a tractor can work longer using less fuel, savings that can result in 1 free day of fuel every 11 days, or almost a month's free fuel per year. In addition, mechanical stress can be increased without fear or breakdown to gears, pistons or bearings. Even if you run out of oil, the machines will run safely for a day or so! Farm machinery will work better, longer and with less maintenance and costs.

Insulation can be a major issue for farmers, keeping products chilled or livestock at safe temperature. Imagine simply applying a varnish to walls or ceilings, tanks or pipes to control temperature? Even bee hives can be protected. Poultry sheds for example could deflect heat whilst working to prevent corrosion and regular maintenance. Cold rooms can be coated to reduce temperature loss by 40%, reducing the need to run refrigerators. Condensers can be coated to also run much more efficiently.

Health & Hygiene is a major concern for everyone. How can we cut the costs of aggressive cleaning chemicals and infection control and enable bacteria-free milking parlours, mushroom tents and processing houses? How for example can we prevent pig-waste causing corrosion to metal gates, crates and fencing?

Here nano coatings can offer compelling value. By simply coating the stone, wood, glass, metal, plastic (almost any surface) around the farm, one can create an "easy-clean" and anti-corrosive coating to the surface without the need to apply detergents and aggressive cleaning materials. In fact some surfaces can be made self-cleaning and anti-bacterial simply using thin film coatings and UV in sunlight.

Cleaning cycles become much easier with around 40% less water usage and labour! Coated surfaces can be "easy-clean" and anti-microbial reducing the need to constantly and robustly clean milking machines, dairy processing equipment and birthing sheds. Even your working clothes, wellies and equipment can be rendered anti-microbial and "easy-clean" for hygiene purposes.

Farm buildings, fences and assets can be badly damaged by mildew, mold and corrosion. Nano technology can help here too by preventing surfaces becoming spoiled by rain, bacteria & environmental corrosion. Painted surfaces can remain perfect for up to 21 years and more using environmentally friendly nano solutions. That's a lot of repainting removed from the work schedule!

All electrical connections can be nanomimized to operate safely in wet and damp conditions. External wiring, electronic machinery, mobile phones, notebooks etc can all be protected to survive a drenching. Electric fences and machinery work better without short-circuiting.

Sometimes animal waste can be a problem rather than an asset. Imagine using poultry manure or cow dung to generate "nano-turf" for domestic and industrial use? Yes, even dung treated in a simple and environmentally friendly way can bring cheap energy to the farming community.

Fertilizer can be expensive and easily washed away once spread on the fields, especially for hill farmers? Imagine however a solution that works to save the nutrients in the ground for up to five years, enabling plants and vegetation to "self-serve" their food requirements regardless of rain, sun or drought.

Seems like magic, but in fact nano technology here offers phenomenal potential to turn animal waste and water into a gel that can be planted into the ground to enhance crop productivity. Studies show a 40% leap in productivity as roots seek out this unique feeding method. And environmentalists need not worry about water or river contamination as nitrates remain in the ground until used. Farmer can plough or till the land as normal as these nano-gels mix with the soil as fertilizer.

Some sheep farmers complain about loss of wool caused by dirt on healthy sheep. If we can protect fabrics from dirt, grease and stains we can protect wool on the tail-end of sheep! We are working on solutions to eradicate the menace of red-mite in poultry farms, using environmental friendly fluids that stop red-mite inhabiting buildings forever.

Indeed we are working on numerous projects to enhance the food sector: to stop beetle infestation in vending machines, seed enhancement and even a project to improve Stellenbosch wine labels in South African vineyards. Some food professionals claim that 90% of taste is smell!

One day soon you will pick up your favourite bottle of wine, smell the label and your nose will ascertain the authentic aroma of the wine itself, prior to purchasing or opening the bottle! What will this mean for food packaging generally? Will your goat cheese be the first to become packaging free?

So with all these new and emerging solutions in nanoscience, how are you going to exploit them? What and where can nano technology help save you hard cash? Do cleaning chemicals cost you money and time? Does heating loss poise a problem? Is corrosion an issue? Can you grow crops better?

Can you reduce water and fuel usage? Can you reduce packaging costs? Can you turn manure into gold? Can you show your vet how to reduce his costs?

Let's make this technology work safely for farmers everywhere. Be proactive! Match problems and new ideas with innovation and turn your farm into a model of profit and efficiency for the industry.

We are here to help you benefit from these new and amazing technologies. Simply tell us what you need to achieve.

Just write to .
NanoLandGlobal…..Our raison d'être

What we do?
NanoLandGlobal are launching a NanoLand business entity in every country, with stakeholders created in US, Central America, Ireland, UK, Turkey, South Africa, Baltic States, Korea, China, India. We have requests pouring in from Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Israel, GCC and the list is growing daily.

Our partner network will be offered the following services by us:
1. Access to unique range of smart fluid technology
2. Application Instructions & Training
3. New Products & Services
4. Health & Safety Information
5. Direct contact with Specialists
6. Business Leads and New Markets
7. Networking through Industry Alliance (GAINSS)
8. Trade Website & Information
9. Funding & Legal Advice services

NanoLandGlobal are a solution sales organisation, identifying areas of application for nanotechnology, matching solutions to problems, mainly for business stakeholders. We work with small, medium and large companies globally to fast track new technology, enhance efficiency, up productivity and innovation, whilst focusing on safety, Footprint, best practice environmentally and sustainability.

Needless to say, we are not just money motivated, but strive to introduce technologies that better humanity and Society. Thus safer agriculture, humane livestock and farming, improved industrial and commercial processes, cleaner supply-chains. Hence we look to increase food and industrial productivity deploying less resources, reduce wastage by better recycling, lower pollution, enhanced processes across every aspect of commerce, from light and energy efficiency to disease prevention and cleaner transport & construction.

By adopting safe Nano techniques, we eliminate risk around nanotechnology. We're not interested in messing with the building blocks of life, changing the essence of atoms and molecules! We deploy tools and expertise around nanotechnology that manipulate the Nano-scale, to understand the secrets of Nature herself, and thus drive innovation for today's companies for positive value. Hence we strive to create new solutions to reduce, for example, the menace of insect or rodent damage by using methods created by Nature over millennium.

We help forestry organisations protect young trees from damage, organic growers suffer less seed wastage, enhanced disease methodologies for livestock, improved air, nutrition for city dwellers and better food chain packaging and techniques with less cancer risk and less aggressive chemical usage for everyone. Companies that deploy cleaner and more efficient processes that look to better The Environment and Life generally for citizens are in alignment for future success and reward.

Our strategy at NLG is to dovetail the value of nanotechnology generally, with environmental and sustainable best practice, business process efficiency and energy enhancement. We have the knowledge and commercial base to provide a win-win relationship with stakeholders. With an increasing network of Nano specialists working with us, NLG are in a strong position to help companies and organizations exploit the value of emerging technology now and in the future.

Our Journey has just begun. Acquisition of data on the manufactures that will form the supply to our NanoLand Country Partners has been achieved. Many consultants who will form the members of Global Association of Independent Nano-scale Surface Specialists (GAINSS) have been contacted. Some of the NanoLand Country Partners have been identified in major markets to reach the end-customers. As a futuristic move we have identified the creation of Regional NanoLabs which will support the propagation of usage of Positive Safe Nanotechnology across the Globe.

We are at the beginning of an exciting and enormous development project. We have identified a number of specific trade products and requirements that are enabling our partners globally to focus on driving revenue forward. These Nano products save companies real operating costs, help with C02 Footprint, Supply Chain Compliance and offer numerous environmental benefits for every business and organization across the planet, by helping to:
• Reduce water usage and automate safe drinking water
• Remove aggressive cleaning chemicals
• Stop environmental depreciation and Footprint
• Cut emissions and pollutants
• Enhance energy efficiency, minimizing waste
• Reduce mechanical wear and material consumption
• Open doors for new cleaner products and revenue
• Improve health, food production, resources

Many companies and organizations are aware of the benefits of going green. However many are still unaware of how nanotechnology can turn them into profitable and responsible operations overnight, simply by adopting incremental changes, using nanotechnology and related emerging technology. NLG is being launched to pioneer the effort in "Green Economics" and "Green Electronics". Let us show you some great technologies working.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate.

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