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We never knew it before, but at the molecular level, chemistry acts in very different ways to that which we take for granted at the normal human eye scale. Recent advances in technology enable us to see and manipulate extremely thin film coatings or fluids that range in size from 50 000 to 100 000 times thinner than the diameter of a fly hair. These coatings in the main have no aroma, are invisible, durable, and flexible and offer remarkably value mechanically, thermally, electrically, and optically for the Hotel & Leisure industry.

January 28th, 2012

The Value of Smart Fluids for Hotel & Leisure Sector

We call them coatings but perhaps this is incorrect as the boundaries between and below the surface substrate are never clear cut. Atoms and molecules interact in complex ways according to materials, grain interface and their environment. However for the sake of simplicity we will refer to these coatings as smart fluids and they are changing everything we took for granted in manufacturing, processing, production, material functionality and surface protection.

Commercial opportunities in and around nanoscience and nanotechnology for hotels and leisure units have never been greater. From wear and tear prevention in generators and machinery; water, ice and corrosion repellency; metal and wood durability, rust-proofing of metal; heat barrier insulation for pipes, walls and heaters, vapour protection for microelectronics, grime moss and mildew repellency for property & swimming pools, self-clean fabrics, etc., every surface internally and externally can be functionally customised, enhanced to add value and benefit. Hotels and property of every description, size and budget can benefit immediately using these functional surface fluids to reduce running and maintenance costs, enhance aesthetic quality and improve shelf-life and safety.

Why should you be interested?

Glass / ceramics / metal /wood / fabric / plastic / paper / leather/ concrete / stone /
Easy-to-clean glassware and ceramics, windows and glass panels, solar cells, shower cubicles, mirrors, urinals, door handles, toilets, using simple microfiber cloth. Surfaces can be made antimicrobial for food storage, health and safety. All aggressive cleaning chemicals are no longer required. Satellites, tiles, bricks, in fact surfaces that repel water and grime work better.

Smart Fluids offer numerous benefits to materials without changing basic structure, processes or design. Simply coat the surface!

One can instantly make materials:
Metal abrasion resistance
Hydrophobic, hydrophilic & photocatalytic (self cleaning glass)
Anti-oxidation of silver, copper
Anti-vapour for microelectronics
Water absorption gels for landscapes gardens, flowers, golf courses
Heat barriers
Energy enhancement and value
Self healing / self-repairing lime mortar

Market Applications for Hotels & Leisure

Smart Fluids can coat metallic assets to protect and to recondition new and worn out
metal surfaces. By adding a new coating and replacing the friction pair metal-metal with metal ceramic-metal ceramic one can eliminate wear and reduce oil and diesel


o Reduction of abrasion and wear of rubbing metal surfaces
o Coating process during system is running, without down time
o Obvious increase and smoothening of load carrying areas
o Reduction of friction, vibration and noise
o Prolongation of engine, gearbox and bearing life time
o Less fuel costs

Cost saving by:

o Extension of lifetime / reduction of down time
o Reduction of repairs
o Prolongation of maintenance intervals
o Bridging of delivery times/ Planned exchange possible
o Improvement of efficiency:
o Savings of energy and fuel up to 11 %
o Reduction of emissions (Diesel soot, CO2, HC und NOx)
o Emergency running properties in case of oil loss
o Air condition units, generators, refrigerators enhanced efficiency

Lift maintenance reduced. All surfaces dirt repellent. Self-cleaning concrete (Tio2) process

External Body-Work & Assets:

External surfaces, which are exposed to the elements such as facades (glass, plastic, metal rails, gates, protective sheeting, or painted surfaces), windows, doors, floors, metal stairs can all be coated to withstand corrosive and aggressive environments and provide more fire retardancy . Lights can shine brighter as glass itself can be super-repellent to dirt and grime. Signs, paint-work, building colours can be as new for much longer that currently possible.

Sun and UV light are deflected whilst stone and brickwork are protected against the ravages of time, acid rain and frost.

Hotel lights, outdoor signage and self-cleaning glass improved visibility in the rain, and make significantly easier the removal of dirt, grease and ice for all surfaces.
With cleaner buildings, enhanced energy processes and environmentally conscious coatings with reduced omissions, operation costs and compliance are never in conflict.

Internally, carpets, kitchen utensils, furniture, lights and door handles, even electronic equipment can all be protected to deflect dirt or moisture. Antibacterial cleaning and sealing for cookware enhances safety and confidence. Sanitary equipment such as tiles, shower-units, washbasin, stainless steel and chromium products, rooms, bedding, uniforms etc can all be protected. For specific metals like copper or silver, oxidation is a problem.

Never again worry about the cleanness and oxidation of candelabra. These coatings not only prevent metal oxidation (improving ascetics), but significantly enable easier removal of dirt, grease and grime from all surfaces. This can reduce aggressive cleaning materials by 75%, water usage by 40% and cleaning cycles by 40%, thus reducing overall cleaning costs and risk. In addition all electrical cables and electronic components can be rendered water-proof and resistance to the menace of condensation and fire risk.

Using Coatings for Best Practice

From metal protection to heat-loss prevention, hygiene to maintenance prevention smart fluids offers positive value. In fact every human touch point within a hotel, leisure facility of fitness room can be rendered antimicrobial. How is that for guest care?
Antimicrobial surfaces for guest safety & trust

Almost every hotel and leisure unit can protect assets and improve operational efficiency using smart fluids.

Companies can remove the need to apply aggressive cleaning chemicals, reduce water usage and cleaning cycles. Generators and motors use less fuel (around 11%), reduce emissions, and have longer shelf life with less maintenance. Simply look at what you want these smart fluids to achieve? In fact nano gels can remove the need to water plants and flowers daily, removing a massive labour e requirement in hot weather. It is often the invisible costs of maintenance, cleaning and hygiene, odour elimination and cosmetic treatment of bacteria that shores up hotel running costs. Imagine the complete removal of these daily functions.

Look at the services and products within your hotel processes & organisation. Now you can change the surface functionality without changing the basic structure of materials. So if you work in high moisture environments and wish to protect all your electronics components against vapour and electrical damage, smart coatings can deliver. If you have wear in metal as in gears, pistons and bearings one can stop this wear. Warning signs can be seen easier. Oil, sauce, and stain absorption on catering uniforms can be eliminated. Safety can be enhanced.

If you wish to have anti-bacterial areas, moisture-free electronics, even perhaps acoustic control without major cost or redesign, embrace smart fluids.

From generators to wear resistance gear teeth, engine and pump efficiency to maintenance-free thermally efficient buildings, robust paint-work to antimicrobial food processors and storage areas, whatever the operation, whatever the processes, there are smart fluids waiting to make your products and services, work environment, hotel infrastructure, superior, safer, sustainable richer and greener.

We are here to help you benefit from these new and amazing technologies. Simply tell us what you need to achieve. We have numerous solutions to help make 2012 better for your guests, your staff and your bottom line. Just write to .

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