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Cris Orfescu

This is the second part of the article dedicated to the TOP 10 artists at the 4th edition of the NanoArt International Online Competition who are also featured on the NanoArt21 website in a multimedia presentation.

June 29th, 2010

NanoArt 2009-2010 International Online Competition: TOP 10 - Part 2

As I mentioned before, the NanoArt movement is getting a lot of attention in the last years. And there is no secret that nanotechnology is on the forefront of the New Renaissance period. And also, there is a strong belief that NanoArt is an excellent promotional opportunity for a responsible nanotech development. NanoArt21 organization was founded a few years ago to promote the NanoArt as a new artistic discipline and movement and the Nanotechnology as a new technology which is expected to improve our life considerably. In a short period of time, we accomplished to organize several NanoArt International Online Competitions, International Festivals, and NanoArt21 group shows in brick-and-mortar galleries worldwide. The next NanoArt21 group show will be hosted in San Sebastian, Spain, in September. I would like to invite the nanotechnology companies interested in sponsoring our work and future NanoArt competitions, festivals and shows to contact us at

Going back to our competition, on the Sixth Place was David Hylton, a Southern-California based digital artist. His work has been exhibited in numerous international, national and regional exhibitions and has been featured in such exhibitions as the Siggraph Traveling Art Show (Ecole du Louvre, Salon d'Automne, and the Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie in Paris, France and the Cleveland Museum of Art, USA). In addition, his artwork has been included in The History of Computer Graphics and Digital Art Project. Hylton is an Associate Professor at the California Polytechnic State University, Pomona. "I find nanotechnology fascinating as it is on the verge of completely reshaping our world with the strides being made in science and medicine. It also offers artists new insights on an aspect of nature that would otherwise be left unseen. Indispensable are the tools (electron microscope) which allow us to see the smallest facets of our world and thus provide the artist the ability to envision and create new worlds."

David Hylton, Emergence

Seventh Place: Shruti Gour and Dheeraj Roy are currently Master's students at Drexel University (Pennsylvania, USA) pursuing their degrees in the Bio-Medical Engineering department. As young scientists, they are highly motivated in scientific research as well as science-related art. While working with a Hitachi Transmission Microscope TM-1000 to study morphology of an aromatic-amorphous drug product intermediate (DPI), they revealed some interesting features.

Shruti Gour and Dheeraj Roy, Eggshells

Eighth Place: Patrick Millard is an artist who originates from the small Western Michigan town of Lamont and now lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His work in photography, painting, mixed media, sound and installation has resulted in a diversified portfolio that addresses ideas about media, culture, technology and the interactions that human beings have within their own synthetic environment. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and continues to gain recognition.

Patrick Millard, Cleared Simulation

Ninth Place: Matjuska Teja Krasek holds a B.A. degree in painting from Arthouse - College for Visual Arts, Ljubljana, and is a freelance artist who lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her theoretical as well as practical work is especially focused on symmetry as a linking concept between art and science, on filling a plane with geometrical shapes, especially those constituting Penrose tilings. The author's interest is focused on the shapes' inner relations, on the relations between the shapes and between them and a regular pentagon. Krasek's artworks also illustrate certain properties as golden mean relations, selfsimilarity, ten- and fivefold symmetry, Fibonacci sequence, inward infinity and perceptual ambiguity. She employs contemporary computer technology as well as classical painting techniques.

Teja Krasek, Cinnamon Pleasure

Tenth Place: Jean Constant was born in Paris in 1949. His mother's family originated in the Black See Greek colony of Simsikov (a village now called Demirköy), later moved to Constantinople before emigrating to France at the end of World War I. Jean Constant has now been living in Los Alamos, New Mexico, for the last 7 years. This highly scientific environment has provided him with a fertile ground for his new personal artistic research. He also continues to participate in many aspects of the promotion of the visual arts as Public Art consultant, chair of the local Art in Public Places Board, and producer of several TV series on art, film, and culture. Jean has also done consulting work for the Forum for Science and Arts as exhibition coordinator, the New Mexico Sculptors' Guild as executive director and is now teaching Visual Communication and Digital Media Technology at the Northern New Mexico College. Jean strongly believe that the duty of professional artists is not only to acknowledge the aesthetic of the past but use our collective inheritance to help integrate art further into contemporary society and develop a new artistic language for future generations. "Large or small - we are bound to find in all systems similarities that will surprise us, amuse us, enchant us - and just waiting for us to bring them to life. Thank you for this opportunity to look into the nano-universe for a short moment."

Jean Constant, Venus Heart

For information on the future editions of the NanoArt International Online Competition and other NanoArt events organized by us, please visit regularly the NanoArt21 site. To sponsor a NanoArt event, please contact us at

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