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Cris Orfescu

In actual nanotech world, NanoArt could serve as the foundation for a broad-based and rapidly growing commercial enterprise.

December 1st, 2009

NanoArtFabrics(TM): New Line of Designer Fabrics

There are a number of NanoArt related projects I started several years ago, and I am continuously working on: NanoArtFabrics(TM), NanoArtFashion(TM), NanoArtDesign(TM).

Cris Orfescu - "NanoHologram 3-31" (NanoArtFabric)

NanoArtFashion(TM) and NanoArtDesign(TM) are some of my projects in progress, and I will talk about these in future articles. What I want to present you in this article is my recently launched line of designer fabrics: NanoArtFabrics(TM). You can check some samples (out of about 200 designs finished so far; more in progress) of these new designs on . Since I am planning to upload new designs frequently, please visit the NanoArtFabrics(TM) website often.

Cris Orfescu - "NanoHologram 4-9" (NanoArtFabric)

NanoArtFabrics(TM) should not be confused with nanofabrics which are fabrics manufactured by incorporating nanomaterials to improve the fabrics characteristics and allow their use in new applications. For example, there are fabrics that contain bamboo charcoal nanoparticles, with superior antibacterial and deodorizing properties, used for products like socks and underwear. Other examples of nanofabrics could be Carbon nanotubes twisted into yarns with very high thermal and electrical conductivities, and extremely high strength. These fibers might play future roles in artificial muscles, fabrics that can conduct electricity, electronic sensors, wearable electronics, surf-wear and mountaineering gear, bullet-proof cloths, etc.

Cris Orfescu - "Lava-blue 1" (NanoArtFabric)

NanoArtFabrics(TM) are manipulated images of nanosculptures printed on various fabrics. Nanosculptures are sculptures at molecular and atomic levels created through different chemical reactions and physical processes. They are visualized with electron microscopes and their images are captured and further processed using different artistic techniques.

Cris Orfescu - "Once Upon A Time 1-15" (NanoArtFabric)

For example, the "Flamingo 1" design shown bellow is part of the "Flamingo" series of NanoArtFabrics(TM), which are manipulated versions of the NanoArt work "Flamingo" ( ), a nanosculpture I created several years ago by the hydrolysis (chemical reaction) of a tiny drop of one Silicon organometallic compound. For a better visualization with a scanning electron microscope, the structure was coated with a very thin film of Gold by sputtering (physical process occurred in an Argon plasma). In order to be able to show the sculpture to the general public, the monochromatic scan of the structure was painted digitally and the final image was printed on canvas with archival inks specially formulated to last for a long time.

Cris Orfescu - "Flamingo 1" (NanoArtFabric)

All NanoArtFabrics(TM) are one-of-a-kind designs which could become important assets for clothing designers, clothing manufacturers, interior designers, architects, furniture manufacturers, fabrics manufacturers, fabrics retailers, and other designers and manufacturers looking to gain a competitive edge and to have unique creations in their collections.

Cris Orfescu - "Transparence 4-15" (NanoArtFabric)

For more information or business proposals, please send email to:

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