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Tracy Becker
Operations Manager
National Nanotechnology Manufacturing Center

You keep hearing about the great Nanotech Revolution. Everyone says it will involve virtually every aspect of your life. So how do you keep your company competitive and join in this revolution? Well you could start by attending one of the many conferences on nanotechnology.

September 14th, 2008

Getting Your Company Involved in Nanotechnology

The cycle is simple, it follows the time proven process of capitalism. Either someone invents a new product or someone needs a new solution to a problem. The answer usually comes from an R&D lab of which the US has plenty (Do you know where they are and how to talk to them?). This cool new solution now needs to be scaled up to production, tested, packaged, marketed, there's distribution issues, supply gaps, and the list goes on. Your company should be in there somewhere but how do you get your company engaged?

First realize you are not alone and the good news is that you asked the question. Many existing companies, especially manufacturers, can benefit from getting involved with nanotechnology. You don't need to hire scientists or build a clean room, at least not yet. There are opportunities developing for many manufacturers but you need to make the contacts that lead to the contracts. Here's a good example: a materials developer has the know how to make a stronger, more effective dielectric that would greatly help the military's needs and be a powerful commercialized product. Their business model doesn't include making this material into thin films or packaging into the final product. That developer needs to collaborate with other companies to be successful. They may need your company but how do they find you?

You should seriously consider attending the "Nanomanufacturing & Dual-Use Commercialization Conference" being held November 3-5, 2008 in Savannah, Georgia. This conference is geared toward helping introduce you to the details of engaging the nano-revolution. My organization is hosting this conference, so there is obvious bias, but I am qualified to explain why you should attend.

The National Nanotechnology Manufacturing Center (NNMC) is hosting this event to bring together companies like yours with the rest of the community. The major theme of this conference is "Dual-Use" commercialization of nanotechnology. Building products for the military and commercial markets and specifically doing so in a collaborative manner. Besides the ability to get funding, this method spreads the risks and costs and significantly improves your success rate, whether you are entering or expanding into the nano-revolution.

The key-note speaker, Ms. Cynthia Gonsalves, works for the Office of the Secretary of Defense and is responsible for many of the programs you'll need to engage. Presentations from the Army's Armament Research, Development & Engineering Center, the Federal Laboratory Consortium, the DoD Office of Tech Transition, and more, will give you perspective on the opportunities, both supply and demand, that are available. Then hear from the organizations set up to specifically assist you like the Nano Valley Consortium (NVC).

The NVC is a membership consortium that enhances your ability to collaborate with other successful companies in securing government funding and the commercial success of products. This team approach reduces your overhead in time and manpower giving you the edge to succeed. You'll learn more about the NVC and other not-for-profit organizations at the conference.

So how do you get your company involved in nanotechnology? You engage the people and organizations that are working specifically to help you do so. You start by attending the "Nanomanufacturing & Dual-Use Commercialization Conference" by going to our site at .

Tracy Becker is the Operations Manager of NNMC. Please contact him by email at or call 478-289-2346

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