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Cris Orfescu

This is the second part of an article dedicated to the top 10 artists in the NanoArt 2007 International Online Competition.

June 3rd, 2008

NanoArt 2007 International Online Competition - Part II

On the 4th place came David Hylton ( ). "I used Photoshop, the microscopic images provided, and digital photographs of carefully crafted "light installations" to create abstracted imagery that explores the ideas of physical, psychological, and environmental transformation. I find nanotechnology fascinating as it is on the verge of completely reshaping our world with the strides being made in science and medicine. It also offers artists new insights on an aspect of nature that would otherwise be left unseen. Indispensable are the tools (microscope/cameras) which allow us to see the smallest facets of our world and thus provide the artist the ability to envision and create new worlds", says Hylton describing his digital collage.

Blossom, by David Hylton

The 5th place was taken by a group of three artists/scientists: Pran Mukherjee, Eleanor Howe, and Mark Stock, from the University of Michigan ( ). Here is how they describe their creative process: "The original image was taken from nanograting research. The process used was: thermal oxidation of silicon, deposition of a thin Cr layer, spin-coating of 200nm thermal plastic resist, nanoimprinting of a grating structure into the resist, and plasma etching of the resist, Cr layer, and then silicon oxide layer. This image is a failed portion of the oxide etch step, probably caused by insufficient Cr etching. The image has been subsequently cropped and colorized to accentuate features and suggest alternate narratives - 25000x magnification."

Floe, by Pran Mukherjee, Eleanor Howe, Mark Stock

Teja Krasek ( ) from Slovenija came in the 6th place: "The original SEM image provided by the was altered by the artist using different computer programs and focusing especially on exploration of various filters and effects. Many thanks for this innovative approach in connecting science and art! I find it a great pleasure and honor to contribute and help making general public more aware of nanotechnology in this manner."

Paint the Dream with Me, by Teja Krasek

"GLuminosityL (Genesis Nano Luminosity) stands for the background photo of one of my digital images, Genesis, and two layers, one luminosity and one Linier light (I think)_and then the nano image in various layer modes all in photoshop CS3.", says Steven Pollard ( ) who came in the 7th place.

GLuminosityL, by Steven Pollard

"My work is a vision of the world's realities through the eyes of a disturbed soul. I use different metals together with other materials like wood and plastic in the same piece of art. My art is a S.O.S for people enclosed in a jail of human mistakes, but firstly my artwork remains a mean to reconcile myself with the human being." This is the statement of a sculptor from Cameroon, Serge Ntamack ( ), ranked 8th in the competition. Here is a sculpture resembling a nanostructure. Materials: Iron, Copper, Aluminum, metal paint. Size: 17in x 15in x 9in.

Why Us?, by Serge Ntamack

On the 9th place was Han Halewijn ( ) from Netherland with a triptych: "Analyzing the original data and restructuring the elementary form out of the image with filters in photoshop, adding and flipping to resurrect the lady with the dog from their origin {out of the micro and nano world where they where hidden…}"

Lady with the Dog, by Han Halewijn

On the 10th place was a NanoArt pioneer, Jack Mason ( ), introducing his inovative "pixels as atoms" concept. Here is the description of his work showed bellow: "Spin Cycle" based on the quantum "wells" of electrons spinning in an array of quantum dots. The "Nanographs" I produce are developed with layers of images and structures from nanoscience and nanotechnology. By combining, juxtaposing and manipulating different images, I strive to emulate nanotechnology itself: just as nanotechnology is about finer control over the order or structure of materials at the scale of atoms and molecules, my "pixels as atoms" approach seeks to both create new visual materials out of the building blocks of pixels, with a combination of human expertise and the quantum surprise of using digital tools. I would like to see artists working in different media: including video, sculpture and 3D collaborate with us to extend the dimension of nanoart in new directions."

Spin Cycle, by Jack Mason

I would like to thank all artists for their participation and contributions to the NanoArt development. Also, I would like to invite readers to visit and view all the works and a multimedia presentation of works authored by the top 10 artists at the 2007 NanoArt International Online Competition.
See you at the next edition!

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