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February 2011 Nanotechnology News

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45 articles posted this month

February 28th, 2011

By Tuning a Laser to Pull Rather Than Push, Researchers Design a Working Tractor Beam (SHANGHAI, CHINA)
Discoveries, Announcements, News and information, Physics

February 25th, 2011

Could Super Conducting Graphene Quantum Dots Lead to Solid-State Qubits? (MADRID, SPAIN)
Quantum Computing, Quantum Dots/Rods, News and information, Blog sites

February 24th, 2011

Enabling a Cleaner World on Atomic Level (FINLAND)
MEMS, Chip Technology, Materials/Metamaterials/Magnetoresistance, Announcements, Tools, Sensors, Display technology/LEDs/SS Lighting/OLEDs, Chemistry, News and information, Blog sites

February 23rd, 2011

Nano Nano
Possible Futures, Chip Technology, Nanomedicine, Interviews/Book Reviews/Essays/Reports/Podcasts/Journals/White papers/Posters, Sensors, News and information

Nanotechnology Could Help Predict Outcomes After Heart Failure (SAN DIEGO, CA)
Nanomedicine, Announcements, News and information

February 22nd, 2011

More Proposals for Nanotechnology in Addressing Oil Spills
Environment, News and information

Nanotechnology and safety: truths and misconceptions (SOUTH BEND, IN)
Products, Materials/Metamaterials/Magnetoresistance, Safety-Nanoparticles/Risk management, News and information

NSW Government sends boffins to Japan (NEW SOUTH WALES)
Announcements, Academic/Education, Events/Classes, News and information

Silicon Solar Cells Ditch the Wafers
Possible Futures, Announcements, Energy, Solar/Photovoltaic, Openings/New facilities/Groundbreaking/Expansion, Thin films, News and information

The First Full-Color Display with Quantum Dots
Products, Announcements, Quantum Dots/Rods, Display technology/LEDs/SS Lighting/OLEDs, News and information

February 21st, 2011

UAlbany Launching NanoHealth And Safety Center (ALBANY, NY)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements, Academic/Education, Safety-Nanoparticles/Risk management, Alliances/Trade associations/Partnerships/Distributorships, Openings/New facilities/Groundbreaking/Expansion, News and information

Insect antennae inspire responsive nanopores
Possible Futures, Nanomedicine, Discoveries, Announcements, Academic/Education, Nanobiotechnology, News and information

Smoking can damage teenage brains permanently: VU research (THE NETHERLANDS)
Announcements, Academic/Education, Nanobiotechnology, News and information

Nanotech 2011 Showcases CNT Applications (KOREA)
Nanotubes/Buckyballs/Fullerenes/Nanorods/Nanostrings, Announcements, Events/Classes, News and information

Indian semicon industry told to invest in nanotechnology (INDIA)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Investments/IPO's/Splits, Chip Technology, Nanotubes/Buckyballs/Fullerenes/Nanorods/Nanostrings, Nanoelectronics, Announcements, News and information

Nano solar developer secures funding to commercialise technology (NORWAY)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements, Academic/Education, Energy, Research partnerships, Solar/Photovoltaic, Openings/New facilities/Groundbreaking/Expansion, News and information

February 18th, 2011

Believe It: Nanomesh Straw Turns Sewage Into Drinkable Water
Products, Nanotubes/Buckyballs/Fullerenes/Nanorods/Nanostrings, Military, Water, Aerospace/Space, Videos/Movies, News and information, Microfluidics/Nanofluidics

Bird on a wire could be US spy
Possible Futures, Announcements, Military, News and information

Carbon Jelly: C60's Latest Trick
Nanotubes/Buckyballs/Fullerenes/Nanorods/Nanostrings, Discoveries, Announcements, Academic/Education, News and information

February 17th, 2011

Big interest in 'small stuff' (CHRISTCHURCH)
Announcements, Preparing for Nano, Environment, Safety-Nanoparticles/Risk management, Events/Classes, News and information

EU makes moves to improve public confidence in nanotechnology (EU)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements, Preparing for Nano, Safety-Nanoparticles/Risk management, News and information

February 16th, 2011

Cosmic ice crystals reveal nanotech bonus
Possible Futures, Discoveries, Materials/Metamaterials/Magnetoresistance, Announcements, Academic/Education, News and information

NanoCenter offers first in speaker series
Announcements, Academic/Education, Events/Classes, News and information

Partnerships vital to nano success (ALBANY, NY)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Jobs, Academic/Education, Industrial, News and information

Nokian Launches New WR Winter Tire Line
Products, Materials/Metamaterials/Magnetoresistance, Announcements, Automotive/Transportation, News and information

February 15th, 2011

Sri Lanka must join rest in Nano-science research - Prof (SRI LANKA)
Announcements, Academic/Education, Events/Classes, News and information

A Twin-Cell Solar Panel
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements, Energy, Solar/Photovoltaic, Thin films, News and information

February 14th, 2011

The nanotechnology revolution is New York's 'moon shot' for the 21st century (NEW YORK)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Possible Futures, Nanomedicine, Jobs, Academic/Education, Homeland Security, Military, Environment, Energy, Nanobiotechnology, News and information

Steve Forbes Interview: Gilder On Tech Innovation
Products, Investments/IPO's/Splits, Nanotubes/Buckyballs/Fullerenes/Nanorods/Nanostrings, Military, Water, Construction, News and information

February 10th, 2011

Graphene Tracks for Aluminum Trains: Nanomaterials Engineering
Nanotubes/Buckyballs/Fullerenes/Nanorods/Nanostrings, Announcements, Academic/Education, News and information

The Smallest Computing Systems Yet
Possible Futures, Chip Technology, Nanoelectronics, Announcements, Academic/Education, Sensors, News and information

February 9th, 2011

Political Fantasy? Local nanotechnology project is not redundant
News and information

February 8th, 2011

Nanotechnology and automotive manufacturing
Products, Possible Futures, Materials/Metamaterials/Magnetoresistance, Environment, Energy, Automotive/Transportation, Battery Technology/Capacitors/Generators/Piezoelectrics/Thermoelectrics/Energy storage, Solar/Photovoltaic, News and information

New state economic development commissioner says Syracuse is no place for nanotechnology (SYRACUSE, NY)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements, Jobs, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths, News and information

Notre Dame to host nanotechnology, engineering competition for undergraduates (SOUTH BEND, IN)
Announcements, Academic/Education, Events/Classes, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records, News and information

February 7th, 2011

RDS to announce award for nanotech (IRELAND)
Announcements, Grants/Sponsored Research/Awards/Scholarships/Gifts/Contests/Honors/Records, News and information

Reactors at room temperature?
Possible Futures, Announcements, Environment, Energy, Events/Classes, News and information

Russia's nanotechnology head to meet Indian industrial magnates (RUSSIA)
Announcements, Aerospace/Space, News and information

Maryland-based Pixelligent nabs $425K for nanotech materials (COLLEGE PARK, MD)
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements, News and information

Businessman donates $20M for nanotechnology center
Govt.-Legislation/Regulation/Funding/Policy, Announcements, Academic/Education, News and information

Startup Boasts Better Lithium Batteries
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements, Automotive/Transportation, Battery Technology/Capacitors/Generators/Piezoelectrics/Thermoelectrics/Energy storage, News and information

February 1st, 2011

Winter Wonderfestival Nanoscale Predaking, Arcee, and Powered Convoy
Announcements, News and information

Steel nanotechnology can reduce the weight of our cars
Possible Futures, Materials/Metamaterials/Magnetoresistance, Announcements, Automotive/Transportation, Industrial, News and information

UW starting silicon photonics foundry service (SEATTLE, WA)
Announcements, Academic/Education, Photonics/Optics/Lasers, News and information

What Do We Think About Nano? And Why?
Ethics, Products, Nanomedicine, Announcements, Academic/Education, Preparing for Nano, Environment, Personal Care/Cosmetics, Safety-Nanoparticles/Risk management, News and information

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