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A White Paper is generally intended to clarify the broad outlines of an issue to: laymen, general business persons, and non-specialists. In the case of Nanotechnology, they can also summarize: the implications of the frequent and rapid technological advances, a new research path, or another business opportunity. Further, they can serve as an introduction to new technology, or describe the basics of a technical or business issue, or educate the general reader.

A White Paper is also a way of offering an overview of a new technology, product, issue, standard, policy, or solution, and its subsequent importance, use and implementation, and business benefits. Given the still rapid growth and nearly ubiquitous nature of the Internet, and in this case the double exponential growth of research and applications affecting the development of Nanotechnology, white papers are a fast and easily understood method of distributing information to persons in technical and business environments, as well as government and private fields. In fact, they have virtually become the defacto method of promulgating information of a technical nature, and are especially effective when talking about diverse fields such as Nanotechnology, MEMS (microelectromechanical systems), Molecular Scale Manufacturing, Nanobiotechnology, Nanoelectronics, Nanofabrication, Molecular Nanoscience, Molecular Nanotechnology, Nanomedicines, Computational Nanotechnology, Biomedical Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Extropy, Transhumanism, and Singularity.


Arrowhead has also released a white paper describing the health problem posed by the hepatitis B virus (HBV) The substantial unmet need for chronic HBV infected patients, and how Arrowhead's Dynamic Polyconjugate (DPC) enabled RNAi therapeutic in development could potentially address deficiencies of current treatment options.. March 7, 2012

An overview of Arrowhead Research Corporation's proprietary DPC technology for safe and effective delivery of siRNA. November, 2011

"Water Vapor Versus Ozone for the Growth of ALD Films"
The RASIRC poster presentation describes the advantages of water vapor over ozone in the use of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) and provides results from testing that show faster growth rates with water vapor compared to ozone. RASIRC products deliver ultrapure water vapor for photovoltaics, nanotechnology, semiconductor, and other manufacturing applications. September 16, 2011

"Nanotech Paper: Complex 3D-Nano Patterns with Indentation Lithography and Piezo Technology"
A collaboration between the Whitesides Group at Harvard University and CSM Instruments has culminated in an important advance in lithography of different materials at the nanoscale. The motivation for this development was the ability to produce unique lithographical patterns of different shapes and sizes for use in research applications (e.g. lab-on-a-chip) where conventional techniques such as electron-beam lithography (EBL) and photolithography cannot be used. The new method utilizes the standard Ultra Nanoindentation Tester (UNHT) and the Nano Scratch Tester (NST) without anymodification. April 22, 2011

"Innovation at Risk - Intellectual Property Challenges and Opportunities"
The report provides a detailed study of various IP challenges facing the equipment and materials industry and offers recommendations for improving the situation. The white paper is based on a survey of 49 SEMI member companies representing 56 percent of the total annual sales of the entire equipment and materials industry. The study was conducted by the Noblemen Group. SEMI. May 1, 2008

"Nanoparticles in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing."
The paper explores the rapidly expanding role and significant performance advantages of nanoparticles in pharmaceutical applications. It provides an overview of nanoparticle uses in applications including diagnostic products, product packaging, and biomarker discovery, as well as an extensive look at nanoparticle use in drug delivery. Most important, the paper describes the ability to create nanoparticles efficiently and economically with media milling. NETZSCH Fine Particle Technology, LLC. April 28, 2008

Growth in nano-sector healthcare requires unparalleled test accuracy
EAI invites you to read our new white paper on nano-sector healthcare and how Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) may help improve research by detecting metal distributions at a molecular level Đreducing wasted time and materials. Elemental Analysis, Inc. January 21, 2008

"Nanotechnology and the Future of Warfare"
Talk given at the recent World Future Society conference by Mike Treder of Center for Responsible Nanotechnology

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Carbon Nanotubes 101
The intent of this paper is to convey a general understanding Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs); what they are, how they are produced, and their many unique and interesting properties, markets, and applications. By Mike Foley, CheapTubes Inc.

Nanotechnology White Paper Library
NanoBusiness Alliance. A collection of links to more than 500 nanotechnology white papers, presentations and reports.

CORDIS Collection

Cientifica Collection

"Making Successful Electrical Measurements on Nanoscale Materials and Devices" Seminar
Event Length: Approximately 50 minutes

The Astrophysics Data System (ADS)
" a NASA-funded project which maintains four bibliographic databases containing more than 2.4 million records: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Instrumentation, Physics and Geophysics, and preprints in Astronomy." The Physics database includes many papers on nanoscale sciences and nanotechnology. Feb 2002

In Realis -- A Critical Investor's Guide to Nanotechnology
"...a detailed, quantitative assessment of the market potential for nanotechnologies in their many guises." Feb 2002

Building Molecular Machine Systems - K. Eric Drexler, PhD.
This article outlines how these trends can build toward a molecular machine technology delivering (and even exceeding) the technological promise demonstrated by the molecular machinery of nature.

A proposed "metabolism" for a hydrocarbon assembler - Ralph C. Merkle
This paper focuses on simplifying the set of molecular tools used, and the chemical reactions used to refresh those tools.

Architectural Considerations for Self-replicating Manufacturing Systems - J. Storrs Hall, PhD
"To achieve the levels of productivity that are one of the desirable prospects of a molecular manufacturing technology, the techniques of self-reproduction in mechanical systems are a major requirement. Although the basic ideas and high-level descriptions were introduced by von Neumann in the 1940's, no detailed design in a mechanically realistic regime ("the kinematic model") has been done. In this paper I formulate a body of systems analysis to that end, and propose a higher-level architecture somewhat different than those heretofore seen, as a result."

The Future of Nanofabrication and Molecular Scale Devices in Nanomedicine
By Robert A. Freitas, Jr.

Say "Ah!"
Nanorobots the size of bacteria might one day roam people's bodies, rooting out disease organisms and repairing damaged tissue. By Robert A. Freitas, Jr.

Advanced Automation for Space Missions -- edited by Robert A. Freitas, Jr.
A portion of the final report of a NASA summer study, conducted in 1980. A realistic proposal for a self-replicating automated lunar factory system, capable of exponentially increasing productive capacity and, in the long run, exploration of the entire galaxy within a reasonable timeframe.

Exponential Assembly - Zyvex
A replicative assembly methodology may be based on assembly stations each with two degrees of rotational freedom..... See the Videos of "MEMS assembly conceptualization" and "Exponential assembly apparatus" here

Nanotechnology and Life Extension -- by Chris Phoenix
from "Biology and Chaos" to "Diseases and Cures" and "Ethical Issues", Chris covers the gamut of issues surrounding the changes brought about by nanoscale technology.

Implications of Molecular Nanotechnology Technical Performance Parameters on Previously Defined Space System Architectures
Thomas Lawrence McKendree -- Molecular Manufacturing Shortcut Group. Nov 1995

Nanoscale Science, Engineering and Technology Research Directions
This report describes important future research directions in nanoscale science, engineering and technology. It was prepared in connection with an anticipated national research initiative on nanotechnology for the twenty–first century.

Volumetric Cellular Intrusiveness of Medical Nanorobots - By Robert A. Freitas Jr. Jan 2002
Medical nanorobots on cytotherapeutic missions will often need to enter the living cell to perform repairs. Such missions may require the participation of many cooperating nanorobots, or perhaps just a few but relatively large nanorobots, per cell. And so the question logically arises: How many nanorobots can safely be crammed into a single living cell?

Nanotechnology, Biomolecular Electronics - Biomolecular Electronics and Self-Assembly
Are These Technologies ready for Commercialization?
Variety of White Papers on Nanotechnology. Requires setting up a login account, but papers are free. 51 MNT related white papers as of 06-18-2002

The world's largest online library of business book summaries with more than 3,000 summaries. Just do a search for "nanotechnology" in their search summaries box.

FY 2002 Aerospace Technology Enterprise White Paper
Date Released: Monday, April 09, 2001

NASA applications of molecular nanotechnology

SPIE's 26th Annual Symposium on Microlithography

How Long Before Superintelligence? Nick Bostrom, PhD

When Machines Outsmart Humans. Nick Bostrom, PhD

The Potential of Nanotechnology for Molecular Manufacturing
Max Nelson, Calvin Shipbaugh -- RAND Corp. 1995

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