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Quantum Leap Partners Formed

Quantum Leap Partners, a newly formed nanotechnology archangel group has announced its establishment today. This specialized investment partnership consists of a select group of archangels who are focused on investing into the nanotechnology arena on a global scale.

Quantum Leap Partners is managed by Randal Leeb-du Toit, founding principal of Tribalweave Capital and founding editor-in-chief of The X Report. The group invests as a series of partnerships around each investment. As the partnership manager, Randal Leeb-du Toit is responsible for deal sourcing, structuring, negotiation, active management of the investment and its eventual exit, in return for an annual management fee and carried interest.

Quantum Leap Partners operates under a cloak of confidentiality, never revealing who the individual investors in the partnership are. As part of its risk minimization strategy, the group prefers to co-invest and not act as lead investor.

Quantum Leap Partners is currently sourcing additional archangels to invest in QLP I, which intends to make investments into world leading nanotechnology companies and as a fund of funds into nanotechnology-focused private equity managers.

Interested archangels can contact Randal Leeb-du Toit at

Reprinted with premission.

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