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Phlesch Bubble Awarded the IMM Computational Nanotechnology Prize

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. October 17th, 2002

Phlesch Bubble has been awarded the IMM Computational Nanotechnology Prize (Simulation category) for their animation of a working respirocyte (a hypothetical artificial red blood cell).

David Forrest, President of the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing, commented about the animation:

"The judges were very impressed with the quality of (the) work, the level of detail, and the fidelity to the physics of fluid motion in the bloodstream and the biological environment of the respirocyte. The operation of the respirocyte was communicated with clarity, attention to detail, scientific accuracy, and high visual impact."

For more details, and to view the animation, please visit: "Animation of a Respirocyte", a 6MB/Qicktime5 movie.

See also Respirocytes: Artificial Nanomedical Erythrocyte. Based on an article originally written by Robert A. Freitas Jr. in 2001. Published on 5/20/2002

Jillian Rose and Lawrence Fields
Phlesch Bubble Productions
Computer Animation

Reprinted with premission. Copyright Phlesch Bubble Productions.

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