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Nanotechnology Focused Not For Profit Sites

Last Updated: Monday, 20-Apr-2015 19:51:36 PDT

Currently there are 33 not for profit organizations listed. If you know of another that is not shown, please contact us.

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NanoTumor Center
"The number one goal of the centers is to eliminate the suffering and death due to cancer by harnessing the power of nanotechnology to radically change the way we diagnose, treat and prevent cancer."

International Alliance of Nanotechnology Regions (IANRegions)
"... a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating and sustaining a global network of nanotechnology hubs."

Nanotechnology Network
"... builds and assists in collaborations, contacts and selected events for advancing nanotechnology commercialization, development and research."

"... a non-profit organization that showcases applications of nanotech in the Life Sciences."

AMICA (Advanced Micro-electronic Center Aachen)
Nanotechnology Research Lab in AMO GmbH "A non-profit organzation specializing in Nanotechnology R&D."

Featured Sites:

Center for Responsible Nanotechnology CRN
The Center for Responsible Nanotechnology (CRN)
is a non-profit think tank concerned with the major societal and environmental implications of advanced nanotechnology. CRN promotes public awareness and education, and the crafting and implementation of effective policy to maximize benefits and reduce dangers.

Foresight Nanotech Institute
The Foresight Nanotech Institute "Today, with the basic framework of public understanding in place, we are refocusing our efforts on guiding nanotechnology research, public policy and education to address the critical challenges facing humanity. Foresightís new mission is to ensure the beneficial implementation of nanotechnology."

AtomWorks is a coalition of science and industry leaders dedicated to catalyzing nanotechnology development and commercialization in Illinois and throughout the Midwest. The organization serves as a clearinghouse of nanotechnology information, provides nanotechnology education, increases public awareness of nanotechnology's potential benefits, builds a community of interest for individuals and companies involved in nanotechnology, and develops networks of resources on behalf of those trying to commercialize nanotech innovations.

Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology
The Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is an inter- and multidisciplinary research institute devoted to basic research in the physical sciences and engineering, and in the life and behavioral sciences. Its primary mission is to foster interdisciplinary work of the highest quality in an environment that transcends many of the limitations inherent in traditional university organizations and structures.

Research at the Institute focuses on three broadly defined themes: biological intelligence, human-computer intelligent interaction, and molecular and electronic nanostructures. Eighteen research groups, composed of faculty and students from sixteen UIUC departments, work within and across these three areas.

Centre of Excellence for Nanotechnology, Micro and Photonic Systems (CENAMPS)
An independent and entrepreneurial not-for-profit organisation facilitating the development and exploitation of small-scale technologies.

Center for NanoSpace Technologies, Inc. (The Center)
The Center for NanoSpace Technologies, Inc. (The Center) is a Texas-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit research foundation chartered to conceive, establish and conduct cutting-edge technology, research, and development. These technologies are then infused into the Aerospace, Education, Energy, Life Sciences, and Shipping/Transportation industries.

The purpose of The Center is to expedite the development of nano and micro science technology applications for government, space, and industrial systems. Government and industry offers an ideal place to exploit new and emerging fields because of its demand for small size, low weight and power usage systems. In addition, The Center addresses the new paradigm for the communications, control, status, coordination, reporting, and accounting of the research and development of fundamentally new science and engineering areas.

CIDETEC (Centre for Electrochemical Technologies)
Created in 1997 as a non-profit Foundation whose mission is to serve both the industrial sectors related to electrochemistry and the Administration and society in general, its core activity being the field of applied research.

Energenius Centre for Advanced Nanotechnology (ECAN)
Since ECANís establishment in 1997, our alliance with our founding partner, Energenius Inc., has continued to grow. The recent - and unprecedented - award of more than $15M over the next five years from the Ontario Research and Development Challenge Fund (ORDCF), with matching support from Energenius, represents both a landmark in our flourishing partnership and a strong commitment by the combined forces of industry and government to the advancement of nanotechnology. Added to our network of collaborations and sponsors, our unique position as Canadaís first centre for nanotechnology research and our strong vantage point as a unit within the University of Toronto, this new support augments ECANís capability to lead Ontario and Canada at the forefront of this emerging technology.

European NanoBusiness Association
" a Brussels based non profit organization dedicated to promoting a strong and competitive European Nanotechnology industry. Founded by leading players in European nanotechnology, the European NanoBusiness Association provides a forum to link, inform and enable European nanotechnology companies, from start-ups to multi-nationals." The ENA has partnered with both the NanoBusiness Alliance in the United States and the Asia-Pacific Nanotechnology Forum.

Georgia Nanotechnology Alliance "A nonprofit corporation organized to promote the research, education, development, funding, and commercialization of nanotechnology in Georgia by bringing together universities, research scientists, laboratories, emerging nanotechnology companies, large corporations with nanotechnology initiatives, private and public sources of funding, state and federal nanotechnology programs, and economic and legal advisors."

INanoVA is a state-wide consortium of Virginia's universities, federal labs, and industrial partners, dedicated to promoting collaborative nanotechnology research, education, technology transfer and commercialization.

The Institute for Molecular Manufacturing (IMM)
A nonprofit foundation, begun 1991, to conduct research aimed at developing Molecular Manufacturing. IMM also promotes guidelines for research and development practices that will minimize risk from accidental misuse or from abuse of molecular nanotechnology.

Institute of Nanotechnology (IoN)
The Institute of Nanotechnology (IoN) is a registered charity. It was established in 1997 to provide a focus for the burgeoning interest in nanotechnology, encourage new research and keep the public aware of developments in this exciting field.

The Institute is presently active in the following spheres

  • providing information to the public
  • alerting industry to new developments
  • encouraging information exchange between scientists
  • identifying and coordinating new research projects
  • promoting education and training

Materials Research Society [MRS]
a non-profit organization which brings together scientists, engineers and research managers from industry, government, academia and research laboratories to share findings in the research and development of new materials of technological importance.

Michigan Molecular Institute
Michigan Molecular Institute is an independent, not-for-profit research and educational organization, conducting both basic and applied research in polymer science and technology.

Micro and Nanotechnology Commercialization Education Foundation (MANCEF)
" promote the commercial development of Micro, Nano and all extremely small technologies. These are emergent disruptive technologies and it will be accomplished through scientific and educational activities."

Minatec - Micro and Nanotechonolgy Innovation Centre
Minatec came into existence at the instigation of CEA-Leti Grenoble and INP Grenoble. Its ambition is to become Europe's top centre for innovation and expertise in micro and nanotechnology. The Minatec Innovation Centre started life in Grenoble. It is one of the few sites in the world to possess sufficient scientific, technological and industrial resources to achieve this objective. The centre will take form by developing cooperation networks and strategic alliances with complementary centres of excellence in France and elsewhere in the world.

A non-profit resource in the Bay Area dedicated to illuminating technology development at the interface of nanotech and biotechnology. Originally founded as NanoBio Forum in 2002 by Dr. Laura Mazzola, the management team made the decision to spin off into NanoBioConvergence to better execute on our focus and mission in the space where biotechnology, nanotechnology and high-technology converge.

"... a non-profit, volunteer-managed organization that showcases applications of nanotechnology in the Life Sciences. As an organization, its mission is to facilitate economic development and provide a community service whereby leading-edge nanobiotech companies and research institutions are matched with companies that have synergistic, converging technologies or investment."

The key aim of the NanoMicroClub and its networking meetings is to focus on bringing together nano and microtechnology companies, and providing them with an excellent opportunity to network with selected corporate members and key mentors from leading companies.

Nanotechnology Foundation of Texas (NFT)
NFT is a publicly funded research initiative to accelerate research in nanotechnology by expanding research funding and recruiting the best nanotechnology researchers from around the world to come to Texas. NFT is be a statewide program. The competition is too large for a single institution or city to handle alone. Therefore, NFT will provide grants to any Texas research university.

Nanotechnology in Forest Products
A roadmap for Nanotechnology in the Forest Products Industries has been developed under the umbrella of the Agenda 2020 program overseen by the CTO committee of AF&PA.

National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS)
The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) is a non-profit, membership organization dedicated to advancing the global competitiveness of North American industry through collaboration. Formed in 1986 and now with 150 corporate members and a diverse array of public partners, NCMS is widely regarded as the nationís premier provider of collaborative manufacturing research.

Pronano AB
A not-for-profit organization, dedicated to converting nanotechnological breakthroughs into industrial products and processes.

Russian Society of Scanning Probe Microscopy and Nanotechnology
"The society is a profitless public organisation working according to the Russian legislation. The activity of the society is regulated by the Charter. The society is founded in 1998 for active information interchange, development of researches and practical applications in the area of scanning probe microscopy and nanotechnology."

Founded in 1930 as the Textile Research Institute, is an independent, nonprofit organization that serves clients in industry, government, and academia throughout the United States and abroad. Though originally established to assist the textile industry in staying competitive, over the decades, TRI has extended its expertise to provide advanced research and education in polymers, fibers, films, human hair, and porous materials with special strengths in Surface Science, Microstructure and Nanostructure Characterization, Solid-Liquid Interactions, Fluid Flow in Porous Media, Process-Structure-Property Relationships, Modeling of Sorption and Transport Phenomena, Instrument Development, and Professional Education Programs.

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
"The Wilson Center is a nonpartisan institute for advanced study and a neutral forum for open, serious, and informed dialogue. It brings pre-eminent thinkers to Washington for extended periods of time to interact with policymakers through a large number of programs and projects. The Center seeks to separate the important from the inconsequential and to take a historical and broad perspective on the issues." Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies

American Academy of Nanomedicine (AANM)
"... a forum to exchange ideas, communicate new findings, and encourage collaboration among the diverse disciplines represented in Nanomedicine."

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