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Breakthrough Sensor Platform to be Unveiled at nanoTX’06

Texas Nanotechnology Initiative

Austin, TX | Posted on June 06, 2006

Applied Nanotech, Inc. announced they will introduce a breakthrough sensor platform that will revolutionize the semiconductor gas and chemical sensor market at nanoTX’06 during International Nanotechnology Week in September. ANI’s proprietary Gated Metal Oxide Sensor (GMOSŌ) platform can operate with substantially reduced power, in a wide range of environmental operating parameters, and takes advantage of existing semiconductor manufacturing processes. The first sensor developed using the GMOSŌ platform is a CO sensor capable of monitoring CO concentrations in air in the ppm range, without using a heater component.

ANI is a leader in the development of sensor technologies utilizing nanotechnology. Dr. Zvi Yaniv, President and CEO, will present ANI’s multiple sensor platforms in a presentation titled The Nanotechnology Revolution in Semiconductor-Based Sensors, which are enabled by nanomaterials and their manipulation in the nanoscale. The development of sensor platforms provides multiple advantages over those using particular sensing principles by enabling expansion to multiple markets and applications, further expanding the commercial “Business of Nanotechnology.” This presentation will give an overview of ANI, its sensing platforms, market opportunities and life changing applications. Four exciting sensor platforms based on proven sensor technologies will be introduced. The first platform is based on films of metal nanoparticle alloys. One immediate application for this platform is a sensor for hydrogen in gas and oil environments. The second platform uses electrochemical enzyme coated carbon nanotubes for sensing chemical and bimolecules for military and civilian applications. A third platform is based on a photo acoustic principle using infrared absorption of gases.

NanoTX ’06 Conference and Expo,, will host an International assembly of technology and business leaders at the Dallas Convention Center during International Nanotechnology Week, Sept. 27 & 28, 2006. Conference Chair Kelly Kordzik stated “NanoTX’06 will draw the top minds in four vital and interrelated nanotech areas of commerce: Semiconductor/MEMS/NEMS, Defense/Homeland Security/Aerospace, Biomed/Health Sciences, and Energy/Chemical/Environment, plus an intense study of Trends/Finance/Investing by leading experts of industry.” The conference Business Hall will include exhibits of some of the most advanced nanotechnology developments in the world today.

Highlights of nanoTX’06 at a GLANCE

“This is the REAL event others only claim to be!”
—Kelly Kordzik, Pres., Texas Nanotechnology Initiative

Charismatic Leadership

  • Governor Pick Perry (Texas)
    The Governor will make dramatic announcements on nanotechnology in Texas
  • H. Ross Perot inspires with opening remarks
    Internationally renowned business leader, nanotech investor, twice Presidential candidate

More Speakers

  • International Nanotechnology Week
    150 Nanotechnology Specialists from 30 different countries to Speak
  • Foresight Feynman Award winners present their work at the conference
    Hundreds of important researchers vie for these honors every year
  • Trends/Finance/Investing panels
    Venture and angel capitalists, and the Forbes/Wolfe nanotech Report
Special Events
  • Documentary on the lives of Jack Kilby and Richard Smalley
    Exclusive Footage, information never before publicized
  • Nobel Laureates Legends Reception (networking, by invitation only)
    Six Nobel Prize winners openly discuss their work and the future of nanotechnology
  • Energy Summit
    Hosted by Dr. Alan MacDiarmid, Nobel Laureate, of the University of Texas, Dallas [2000 winner, Chemistry] who is renowned for his writings on energy solutions
  • Foresight Institute’s Feynman Award winners
    Two $10,000 awards in nanotechnology will be announced
  • Documentary to be filmed at nanoTX’06
    A top rated broadcast film crew on the latest advances in nanotechnology
  • Exhibitors Networking Cocktail Reception
    For sponsors, exhibitors, and chosen guests, held in the spectacular hall atrium

Celebrity as Official Still Photographer
W. W. Caruth, III, whose eclectic world hangs in a Dallas gallery, will chronicle this historic event

Exhibits, (Numbering in Hundreds of Exhibitors)

  • Breakthrough Technology Revealed by Leading Firms
    Many exhibitors have chosen nanoTX’06 to unveil dramatic developments
  • New Product Demos
    Longtime business alliances of complementary firms to be nurtured, established
  • Enter The Nano World, walk-through exhibit debuts
    Stunning living experience created by Rice University especially for nanoTX’06
  • $200Million Texas Emerging Technology Fund study
    Find out first-hand how the Texas governor’s office launched the fund
  • Walk-Through exhibit recreates the Texas Experience
    A 10x40 foot exhibit delivers the state in breathtaking reality
  • Corvette Driving Giveaway
    Features Firestone tires utilizing nanotechnology
  • “The Promise of Tomorrow” — symbolized by the Bat Mobile
    On display, original 1960's style car symbolizing the future
Sponsors, (regular updates at web site)
  • Top Commercial Firms Sponsoring
    Currently number thirteen and growing
  • Foreign Countries Sponsoring
    Currently include five
  • Preeminent Universities and Colleges
    Currently number sixteen from several states
  • Cities and States outside of Texas
    Still growing and include New Mexico; Shimane, Japan; Albany, NY; Pennsylvania
  • Numbers of Major Organizations and Associations
    See at web site

An interview with Kelly Kordzik can be read at the nanoTX'06 web site,


About TNI:
Our Mission: ­The Texas Nanotechnology Initiative is dedicated to establishing Texas as a world leader in the discovery, development, and commercialization of nanotechnology. We have organized a consortium of Texas-based universities, industry leaders, investors, and government officials in order to foster communication, collaboration, and the sharing of resources to accelerate the realization of our goal.

Why Nanotechnology? Why Now?

The history of civilization and industry revolves around man’s ability to understand and manipulate the physical world. As the ability to see and use a smaller and smaller scale of matter has progressed, the number of potential and practical uses of inert and organic material has multiplied. As an example, every product of the electronics industry is a result of the historically recent ability to manufacture at the micron (one millionth of a meter) scale. The techniques which allow reliable, economic production of products and materials at the nanometer (one billionth of a meter) are being developed right now. It is vital to Texas’ future wellbeing that, as a state, we gain and retain the intellectual and industrial resources necessary to maintain leadership and ownership of a broad base of the industry which will shape the 21st century. If we lag or delay, we will wind up working for the leaders, instead of with them.

For more information, please click here.

Kelly Kordzik
Pres. Texas Nanotechnology Initiative

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