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New easy-to-use Atomic Force Microscope offers Dynamic Force Modes

Phoenix, Az. November 10th, 2002

Nanoscience Instruments, Inc. announces the availability of the Nanosurf® easyScanDFM in North America. The easyScanDFM significantly increases the functionality and applications of the easyScanAFM without increasing complexity or abandoning the easyScan ease-of-use philosophy.

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The new DFM offers Dynamic Force Mode, force modulation, phase contrast, and contact mode imaging. In addition, the easyScanSTM can be added to the system.

The easyScan offers “push-button” ease of use. Minimal setup is required, and with a single click, the system optimizes imaging parameters and approaches to the sample. The stand-alone design allows the AFM to be placed on virtually any surface to image. In addition, options such as a translation stage and video camera are available to make setup even more convenient.

The easyScanAFM line uses unique technologies for AFM, enabling low price, low voltage, ease of use, and a compact, mobile design. These technologies include an electromagnetic scanner, which does not require dangerous high voltage, and doesn’t suffer from nonlinearities and creep as piezoelectric scanners do. In addition, pre-set cantilever chips eliminate the need for any type of laser alignment. A unique position sensitive detector implementation also allows for trouble free cantilever chip placement. Lastly, well designed optics allow for easy viewing of both the top of the cantilever for tip/sample positioning as well as a side view of the tip/sample gap for initial setup.

The easyScanDFM and AFM are manufactured by Nanosurf AG, of Liestal, Switzerland.

Nanoscience Instruments, Inc. provides technical sales and support as a distributor of nanoscience instrumentation. Products include AFMs, STMs, NSOMs, AFM Probes and consumables. Additional information can be obtained at

Mark Flowers

Reprinted with premission. Copyright Nanoscience Instruments, Inc.

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