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Nanomat To Spin-off Nanova, LLC, And Hires New CEO

Pittsburgh, Pa. July 31st, 2002

Medardo Monzon has been appointed CEO of Nanova, LLC, a spin-off company of Nanomat, Inc., a growing nanomaterials and technology firm based in Western Pennsylvania.

Mr. Monzon will assume his new post in early August 2002. He formerly worked at International Paper where he was General Manager for the company's Specialty Packaging business based in Kaukauna, Wis. "Nanova will be the first large-scale manufacturing facility worldwide to produce NanoTalc(TM) and NanoCalc(TM), products originally developed in our laboratories," said Srikanth Raghunathan, President of Nanomat, Inc. "We are among the first who have commercially produced nanomaterials that can be used to improve products in today's marketplace, especially those from the paper, plastics, paint, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries."

Shree Kumar, Nanomat's Vice President, indicated that initially they plan to hire 20 Nanova staff members, consisting primarily of chemists, process engineers and line operators. "In the future, we envision a 200,000-square-foot Nanova facility that will provide upwards of 100-200 new jobs," she said.

For the present, Nanova will be headquartered at Nanomat's 35,000-square-foot production facility in North Huntingdon, Pa. Nanomat has already been approached by a number of investors and strategic partners who are interested in investments, partnerships and strategic alliances.

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For more information on Nanomat products and services:

call or write Nanomat at 1061 Main Street, North Huntingdon, Pa. 15642-7425. Phone 724-861-6120. Fax 724-861-6119.

Founded in 1995, Nanomat is a leading manufacturer of nanomaterials, powders, and technologies, primarily for research, education and government sectors. The firm is one of a few companies worldwide to commercialize nanopowders for large-scale applications. Nanomat's personnel and consultants are extremely knowledgeable in materials science and technology, including the synthesis and processing of nanocrystalline refractory materials used for civilian and defense applications. They have published more than 200 papers in archival journals, and Nanomat's employee-roster includes a veritable "Who's Who" in Science and Engineering.

Here is an overview of some nanomaterial applications and product benefits:

  • Plastics with higher strength and stiffness, and better thermal and creep resistance
  • Paper with higher opacity, and better gloss and print quality
  • Pigments with better gloss, smoother surfaces and improved resistance to water and cracking
  • Next generation computer chips, microprocessors, and data storage systems
  • Low-cost flat-panel displays
  • Low-power phosphors for conventional CRTs, detectors, and other display devices
  • More durable, highly functional aerospace components and weapons systems
  • High-energy density batteries and fuel cells
  • Chemo-mechanical polishing (CMP) and abrasive slurries for precision finishing
  • More durable, biocompatible biomaterials
  • High-power magnetic devices
Reprinted with premission. Copyright Nanomat.

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