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Last Updated: Monday, 20-Apr-2015 19:51:36 PDT

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Kim Hill - one of the best known and most respected interviewers in New Zealand - talks with Mike Treder of the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology
Excellent Q&A. 23 minutes. Audio only. September 2, 2006.

Nanotechnology—The New Plastic National Geographic. Nanotechnology—the tiniest of the tiny innovations that stir researchers' imaginations—is for us today what plastic was in the 1940s, and its applications seem to be limitless. Photographer Mark Thiessen talks about the challenges—and excitement—of photographing this miniscule environment.

Developments in Nanotechnology - Full Committee Hearing Full Committee Hearing on Developments in Nanotechnology. February 15, 2006.

Careers in Nanotechnology Information Video Penn State University Center for Nanotechnology Education and Utilization

Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine: Applications for Vision 9 videos, plus Q&A session.

University of Pittsburgh, Research Currently there are three very good videos listed. Audio and video of Richard Feynman and members of the Foresight Nanotech Institute, as well as notes from the 4th Foresight conference, and other miscellaneous events.

The Nano Revolution Paladin Pictures

NASA Nanotechnology Click on the link labeled "Nanotechnology Interactive Feature." "Steady advances in miniaturization are leading technologists beyond the scale where Newton's laws govern the world and into the realm of Nanotechnology. Within the unimaginably tiny space of 100 by 100 nanometers - one millionth the area of the period at the end of this sentence - an amazing collision of physics, biology, and information technology is about to take place. Developments in nano space will define this century just as electronics defined the last." Nanotechnology Streaming Videos

Drexel Video Archive (DVA): The Drexel InterView: Yury Gogotsi

Audio & Video Sites

Try a search for "nanotechnology" at:

Science and Society Podcast - Talk Radio focusing on nanotechnology, life sciences, space exploration, K-12 science education, and the intersection between science and art.

RobTv: Interviews from Tiny Tech Special Jan. 2005

NCI Nanotechnology Launch For Reporters: Video coverage of the NCI Nanotechnology Launch. (Videos are organized by date - page back to September 13th 2004, for this video). 1:33:27

A Video Journey into the World of Nanotechnology in Cancer: National Cancer Institute. A few minutes.

Stylus Visualization Studio

Dr. Subra Muralidharan's National Public Radio Talk on Nanotechnology 3 parts.

Protonic NanoMachine Project

Sizzle From The Sun: Soaking up the summer sun could mean a good source of power that lowers your fuel bills. But today’s solar cells aren’t cheap or efficient enough for widespread use. As this ScienCentral News video reports, some researchers in nanotechnology are hard at work trying to change that. 1:30

Bone That Grows Back: Suppose you break a bone, and go to the emergency room. Imagine that a doctor there could start growing your bone back. As this ScienCentral News video reports, one nanotechnologist says he’s taken a big step towards making this medical miracle real. 1:14

Online NewsHour - Nano: Where Art and Science Meet: PBS.

The Next Big Thing : Nanotechnology: Vega Science Trust program featuring panellists Sir Harry Kroto (Nobel Prize winner from Sussex University), Jim Gimzewski (leading nano-technologist from IBM), Peter Dobson (Professor at Oxford University) and panel regular Jacqui McGlade. 28:55

Nanotech: Small Things Considered : ScienceFriday group discussion, featuring Bernard Yurke, James Gimzewski, Jeff Brinker, and Richard Smalley. 46:48

Rice Nanoscience From the Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology, interviews with Richard Smalley and other Rice researchers. 10:46

Buckminsterfullerene, C60, the Celestial Sphere that Fell to Earth: Vega Science Trust program featuring Sir Harold Kroto, Sussex University. 54:14

SMALL TECH 2001: A seven-day webcast examining the growth and development of MEMS, microsystems and nanotechnology.

The Singularity Is Near - Ray Kurzweil
Keynote talk at EXTRO-5 -- June 15 2001
once there, click on "The Singularity Is Near - Ray Kurzweil at Extro5 (Video)" ~2.5 hours

National Public Radio (NPR) Morning Edition aired a four-part series on the frontiers of miniaturization, in July 1996. Here are two of the four parts
[Once we locate an archived version of all 4 segments we will provide links here]

The Lure of Nanotechnology: NPR (Audio).

Nanotechnology in Military Wear: NPR (Audio)

Images Sites

Last Updated: Monday, 20-Apr-2015 19:51:36 PDT

Below you will find a selection of pages with images, whose main theme is Nanotechnology. If you have another favorite, please us.

Nanomanipulator Images & Movies. The Nanomanipulator from the Center for Computer Integrated Systems for Microscopy and Manipulation (CISMM) at UNC Chapel Hill. Part of the Nanoscale Science Research Group (NSRG).

Phlesch Bubble Awarded for Respirocyte Animation (Click on the link labeled "Medical Animation and Illustration," and then on the Respirocyte image")

The best collection of sites with images: organized by R. A. Freitas Jr.

Nanomedicine Art Gallery R A Freitas Jr.

Nanopicture of the Day

Gallery of Molecular Machines from the NASA Sponsored Computational Nanotechnolology Project

NCCR Nanoscale Science Gallery. National Swiss Research Program in Nanoscale Science - Institute of Physics, University of Basel

SPM Animation Gallery from Nanoscience Instruments

SPM Images Gallery from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

SEM Images Gallery from Nano-Electronics (Mesoscopic Physics) at the University of Basel

Carbon Nanowalls Assoc Prof YH Wu, NUS: Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Gallery of Molecular Artwork by Keith Beardmore, with the Computational Materials Group, Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector.

Images and Videos - NASA Ames Developed Components of Al Globus & Team, Images & Descriptions More

Nanotechnology Image Bank & Nanomedicine Art Gallery - Erik Viktor, Artist

Phantoms Image Gallery

Nano@CERCA Gallery

Nanomix Gallery

MEMS Precision Instruments Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center

Nanogen's streaming media enhanced movies animations of Nanogen's NanoChipTM Microelectronic Array

Center for Nanotechnology Gallery
NASA Ames Research Center

Nanoscale Physics @ Purdue
Images of Small Things

Exponential Assembly - Zyvex

Nano-Gallery - University of Sussex - Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. From C60 derivatives [with fluorinde and methyl groups attached], to Nanotubes ["Play With Nanotubes" with their applet] and Single Molecule Microscopy.

Video and Audio - University of Sussex - Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. You can view online videos on the subject of nanoscale science and technology via The Vega Science Trust.

STM Gallery - IBM Almaden Research Center

Prof. Vincent H. Crespi - Gallery of Tubes Department of Physics The Pennsylvania State University.

Molecular Expressions Photo Gallery
An excellent collection of color photomicrographs and digital images

Learning how to Fabricate Nanowires
University of Wisconsin, Madison

3-D graphic of a Fine motion controller

Institute of Nanotechnology -- Images

TIMA Laboratory Gallery

Physics News Graphics

Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology--Images

ETHZ Nanophysics Image Gallery

NanoChemistry Video
6.9M mpg or 2.6M AVI

NanoOptics Video
8.1M mpg or 2.9M AVI

NanoMechanics Video
17.8M mpg or 7.2M AVI

Self-Assembled Monolayers Video
6.3M mpg or 2.4M AVI

Sandia MEMS: Image Gallery

Sandia MEMS: Movie Gallery

Nanoworld Image Gallery

Images of Small Things - Purdue

Stacy Group Image Gallery

Physics News Graphics

"Nanoscience: Big Science at Tiny Scales" Join Dr. Paul Barbara for an exploration of what nanotechnology is and can be, and how researchers at the University of Texas are helping to shape our nanotechnology future.

USC: NanoScience & Technology Studies: Societal and Ethical Implications: Nano Imagery

Engineering Works! In this episode, Nanomachines.

NIST Nanotechnology Image Gallery

Space Colonization, Habitat, and Travel Images

Space Art Space Studies Institute

Space Art Space Settlement Artwork

Don Davis Space Artist and Animator

Lightworld Showcases the graphics and animations that appeared on the now defunct SCIFI Channel television show "Inside Space"
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