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Challenges & Opportunities: The Future of Nano & Bio Technologies
Center for Responsible Nanotechnology conference presentations in Tucson, AZ September 10 - 12, 2007

The Atkinson-Phoenix Nanotech Debate
William Illsey (Bill) Atkinson wrote a book, Nanocosm, about nanotechnology. In it he was quite critical of Eric Drexler's approach to nanotech, and of Drexler himself. Chris Phoenix (CRN) wrote a review of the book, quite critical of Bill's understanding of the topic.

Bill responded. This touched off an email discussion, presented here for your enjoyment and information. Bill's response and subsequent emails are included in this file. This is the unedited dialog, hot off the keyboard. Corrections, where necessary, have been clearly marked.

The Potential Dangers of MNT
A debate about the possible dangers associated with Molecular Nanotechnology.

Omission in the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act
Among a rapidly growing group of nano-commentators, Nanotechnology Now is concerned that the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act calls for a one-time study of the feasibility of "molecular self-assembly," and omits any possibility of studying the feasibility of molecular manufacturing. Failure to investigate both the promise and the peril of molecular manufacturing may well lead to a future where we find ourselves taken by surprise, to our collective detriment.

MS Macrosystem provides advanced 3D graphics for nanotechnology and nanometrology. The software features a unique set of interactive 3D measurement tools, available as Professional custom solutions and ActiveX components.

Toward closure
An Open Letter From K. Eric Drexler to Prof. Richard Smalley - Part II. July 2nd, 2003

Nanotechnology & Space
Sites, papers, and articles dedicated to nanotechnology in space.

Discovering the Nanoscale - Conference Report
"... international conference at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC, USA. Almost all of the attendees were professors or academics, around 60% of them from USC." March 30th, 2003

This Could Change Everything!
Prompted by the ever-increasing pace of innovation, investments, new product developments, and the slowly evolving debate over the ethics of nanotechnology, we have created a space dedicated to the idea that "This Could Change Everything!" June 20th, 2003

Nanotechnology at BASF
A great future for tiny particles

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