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International Society of Nanoscale Science, Computation, and Engineering (ISNSCE)
"... a scientific organization founded in 2004. Its purpose is to promote the study of the control of the arrangement of the atoms in matter, examine the principles that lead to such control, to develop tools and methods to increase such control, and to investigate the use of these principles for molecular computation, and for engineering on the finest possible scales."

Market-specific nanotechnology information services for businesses, researchers and the public sector in China.

European Project on Ceramic Nanocomposites. Structural Ceramic Nanocomposites for top-end Functional Applications.

International Nanotechnology and Society Network (INSN)
The INSN consists of researchers exploring the connections between society and the possible upcoming changes provided by nanotechnology research. The members represent 15 institutions from 7 countries.

MEXT Nanotechnology Researchers Network Center of Japan

"European Union sponsored Thematic Network ... a comprehensive source of information on all areas of nanotechnology to the business, the scientific and social communities."

National Institute for Nanotechnology
"... an integrated, multi-disciplinary institution involving researchers in physics, chemistry, engineering, biology, informatics, pharmacy and medicine. Established in 2001, it is operated as a partnership between the National Research Council and the University of Alberta, and is jointly funded by the Government of Canada, the Government of Alberta and the university."

Canadian NanoBusiness Alliance
The Canadian NanoBusiness Alliance (CNBA) is a nanotechnology association and facilitator. Its dual mission is as follows: To establish a Canadian National Nanotechnology Initiative including the creation of commercially-oriented nanotech hubs, the promotion of nanotechnology in Canada, and the promotion of Canadian nanotechnology capabilities internationally, and to develop major nanotechnology initiatives across the globe.

The MacDiarmid Institute
for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology is New Zealand's premier research organisation concerned with high quality research and research education in materials science and nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology in Australia
...a single entry point for "Nanotechnology Capability" (or related activities) in Australia by providing links to third party nanotechnology websites in Australia.

Nanotechnology Australia - The Nano Hub
"Nanotechnology Australia is the country's leading Nanotechnology Hub. Based on the vision that Nanotechnology will be a leading future industry, The Innovation Group Pty Ltd has pooled together research and industry personal to create a virtual environment designed to foster, develop and promote all areas of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology."

Nordic Nanotech
Nanotech portal for the Nordic region.

Institute of MicroELectonics
(IMEL) One of the eight Institutes of NCSR “Demokritos”, specializing in silicon microelectronics. See Nanotechnology and Nanodevices area.

European NanoBusiness Association
" a Brussels based non profit organization dedicated to promoting a strong and competitive European Nanotechnology industry. Founded by leading players in European nanotechnology, the European NanoBusiness Association provides a forum to link, inform and enable European nanotechnology companies, from start-ups to multi-nationals." The ENA has partnered with both the NanoBusiness Alliance in the United States and the Asia-Pacific Nanotechnology Forum.

CMP Cientifica
An integrated solutions provider for the Nanotechnology Community.

Spanish Nanotechnology Network

Rosseter Holdings Ltd.
Specializing in Carbon Nanotubes and related materials in large-scale production and commercialization.

The National Institute for the Physics of Matter (INFM)- Italy
co-ordinates research on the physical properties of atomic, molecular and condensed matter systems, to promote the training of scientists and technicians and to contribute to the technological development of the Country.

Israeli NanoBusiness Alliance

Iljin Group -- Korea

Norwegian education network.

CORDIS: Nanotechnology: Home Page

Nanotechnology Research Institute, NRIA part of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

Phantoms Network on Nanoelectronics The Network (funded by the European Commission (IST programme)) is of a truly interdisciplinary character (members come from government, universities and industry at the top of their fields in Europe) and involves at this stage 210 partners from 22 different European countries.

Center of Competence in Nano-Scale Analysis (Kompetenzzentrum Nanoanalytik)
Hamburg, Germany. Nano-analytics

Hamburg, Germany. Das Hamburger Kompetenznetz für Nanotechnologie (Hamburg authority for nano-technology)

Klocke Nanotechnik
Motion from the Nanoscale World

Provides foreign corporations with efficient access to Japan's high-tech world.

The Irish Nanotechnology Association
Established in 2002 by Enterprise Ireland to encourage the development of nanomaterials and processes by Irish Industry.

The Materials Ireland Polymer Research Centre
A partnership between industry and Irish Universities.

The Institute of Nanotechnology
Established in 1997 to provide a focus on nanotechnology, and to encourage new research and keep the public aware of developments.

Micro & Nanotechnology cluster of the Netherlands

Asia Pacific Nanotechnology Forum (APNF)
The APNF forms a strong regional coordination in science and technology development, facilitating rapid information flow between Nanotechnology developers and investors. It offers a unique platform for networking across the Asia Pacific region between governments, developing industry, and the venture capital market. The APNF facilitates the coordination of programs and cross regional collaborations among Government policy makers, industry strategic management and leading R&D institutions. With support from Governments and major industrial partners, the APNF was formed as the premier Asia Pacific catalyst and thought leader in Nanotechnology and related technology development areas.

Asian Technology Information Program (ATIP)
ATIP's objective is to help bridge the technology information gap by promoting collaborations and other profitable interactions between Western and Japan/Asian organizations. Producing and distributing accurate information adds value and gives mutual benefit to both providers and receivers.

Japan Federation of Economic Organizations abbreviated in Japanese as "Keidanren". " work for a resolution of the major problems facing the business community in Japan and abroad, and to contribute to sound development of the Japanese and world economies."

IBM Zurich Research Laboratory
is exploring the limits of the physically possible by focusing on the fabrication of nanometer-scale structures and the measurement and understanding of their properties.

University of Genoa
Department of Biophysical M&O Sciences and Technologies

Institute of Physical and Chemical Research

ETHZ Nanotechnology Group
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Swiss Nanotech
A portal of the Swiss nanotechnology community

National Laboratory for Nanotechnology, Microsensors and Advanced Materials (Lanotec)
Costa Rica

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