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Educational Programs Designed For Today’s Engineering Professionals

Chicago, IL November 1st, 2002

Much has been made in the press and elsewhere of the emergence of nanotechnology, yet in many areas we see only the first hints of progress in applying nanoscale science for commercial purposes. In the very near future, thousands more engineers will be required to keep pace with industry needs. However, as industry cannot wait for the next generation of engineers to gain the necessary knowledge, today’s practicing engineers must be educated in nanotechnology if they are to deliver on promises within the next 10 years.

Recognizing this critical need, the International Engineering Consortium (IEC), working with the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association (ECEDHA), has developed two educational programs designed specifically for today’s engineering professionals:

The NanoEngineering TecForum, taking place January 27, 2003, at the Santa Clara Convention Center, is a one-day event focusing on bringing together engineering professionals to hear nanotechnology research pioneers and business leaders discuss the challenges and opportunities facing education, research, and industry. This tutorial provides an introduction to nanotechnology, including a view of electronic design at the nanoscale, presented by those who have taken the lead in creating this new field.

The focus of the NanoEngineering World Summit 2003, taking place June 23–25, 2003, at the Seaport Hotel in Boston, is to bring together chief scientists and technologists, engineers, research directors, senior-level executives, and educators to learn about nanotechnology’s emerging role in materials, electronics, life sciences, and business. Emphasizing the necessary collaboration between industry and research interests, the program will allow for a flow of technical knowledge and ideas, providing an arena for not only exploring the many already existing applications of nanotechnology, but also stimulating discussion of new ones as well.

For more detailed information, please visit the above links or contact IEC Customer Care at 1-888-372-1997.

Patrick Gentry
Marketing Manager
International Engineering Consortium

The IEC, a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to catalyzing positive change in the advanced sciences and technologies industries, and its university communities. The IEC conducts industry-university programs that have substantial impact on curricula, as well as conducting research and developing publications, conferences, and technological exhibits that address major opportunities and challenges of the new millennium.
ECEDHA, composed of the department heads of ABET accredited electrical and/or computer engineering programs in the United States, endeavors to advance the fields of electrical and computer engineering and contribute to the development and dissemination of engineering; to provide a forum for electrical and engineering department heads to exchange information for improving the quality and effectiveness of engineering education; and to allow the heads of departments to improve electrical and computer engineering education.

Reprinted with premission. Copyright IEC.

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