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How You Can Help

Join Foresight Institute

Through your Foresight membership you'll be kept up-to-date on the latest advances in nanotechnology, and you'll have the opportunity to influence future directions. Nanotechnology is still near the starting point; your actions today can significantly affect the path nanotechnology will follow.

Your support is needed now: advances in nanotechnology are accelerating, and Foresight is expanding to keep pace. Foresight offers three levels of membership involvement.

Become a Senior Associate. Once you join, go to the anual gathering. Here are some comments:

"This is mind candy for my soul. Having attended for two years now, this event stands alone in my mind as an opportunity to explore new horizons, challenge assumptions, and turbocharge a pursuit of lifetime learning. Too few people are brave enough to ask what could be-what could go right, how can we create our future...Those people are here!" Steve Jurvetson

"A great and brain-jazzing experience -- a real thought-hunting expedition I'll want to make as often as I can!"
Greg Bear

"Tremendous energy, chaos, enthusiasm, groping and formation of solutions." Max More

SETI@home A scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data.

More details about Seti@home at The Planetary Society.

Folding@Home -- Stanford University Participate in a group effort to solve the protein folding problem. Understanding how proteins self-assemble ("protein folding") is a holy grail of modern molecular biophysics.

Project: Cancer Research The Intel-United Devices Cancer Research Project is asking you to volunteer your PC to help process molecular research being conducted by the Department of Chemistry at the University of Oxford in England and the National Foundation for Cancer Research. To participate, you simply download a very small, no cost, non-invasive software program that works like a screensaver: it runs when your computer isn't being used, and processes research until you need your machine. Your computer never leaves your desk, and the project never interrupts your usual PC use.

Open Mind Commonsense Project -- MIT An attempt to make computers smarter by making it easy and fun for people all over the world to work together to give computers the millions of pieces of ordinary knowledge that constitute "common-sense", all those aspects of the world that we all understand so well we take them for granted. This repository of knowledge will enable us to create more intelligent and sociable software, build human-like robots, and better understand the structure our own minds.


The Little FREE Things You Can Do Every Day:

Save Rainforest & Chimps -- Just Go There & Click!

The Hunger Site
Feed the Hungry + Help Fight Breast Cancer + Save Rain Forest -- Just Go There & Click!

Ecology Fund
7 Land Preservation Projects -- Just Go There & Click!

Plant Trees -- Just Go There & Click!

Stop The Hunger
Feed The Hungry -- Just Go There & Click!

Search To Feed
Feed The Hungry -- Just Go There & Search!

Against Hunger
many different ways to "click to feed the hungry"

Cancer Charities
click to donate

Click For Hope
visit and/or click to donate

House the Homeless
click to donate

Clear Landmines
click to donate

Other Ways You Can Help

Buy Shadegrown Coffee at the Songbird Foundation Help protect songbirds in So. America, save rainforest & environment, and pay small coffee farmer a fair price as well.

Read about sustainable growing practices

Please suggest other ways for our users to help. Ideas range from the projects above, to your ideas on how we can work together to heal the world, and advance the understanding of Nanotechnology, Extropianism, Transhumanism, and the Singularity, among the general public [our fellow consumers], our political representatives, and scientific communities. Email us with your suggestions.

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