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General Nanotechnology [GN] News 09.20.2002

GN Introduces a New Paradigm for SPM, NanoManipulation, Nano electrical and chemical Probing and Nanomachining

Berkeley, CA. September 19, 2002 --

General Nanotechnology, the creator of AFM Guided Nanomachining, today announces the availability of the nanotool™ V, a series of active cantilevers with diamond and conductive diamond tips. The first significant advance in basic SPM cantilever design in almost 20 years, the nanotool V permits new modes of nanomanipulation and nanomachining, for many applications including industrial and biotechnology industries, and extends the benefits of SPM to process applications where wear and other limitations closed the door to commercial applications. GN expects the nanotool V and its descendents to be enabling components for new Nanotechnology Companies and Industries. The nanotool V debuts today at the Integrated Nano Systems show in Berkeley, with specific styles to be sampled to qualified researchers and companies.

The basic nanotool V series consists of a Digital Instruments footprint MEMS platform capable of many new functions and features including a thermal force generator that enables clamping of the tip platform for full immobilization of the tip, or to provide higher spring constant to the mechanical action of the tip and primary cantilever. Precisely oriented and controlled single crystal diamonds provide extreme durability, while software and hardware controlled spring constants provide High Q scans and high force probing or nanomachining.

The design includes an optional subsystem for delivery of gases, fluids or vacuum to a 50 by 25 micron volume at the base of the SPM tip. Permitting, among other things, liquids operation without a liquid chamber or petri dish for biotechnical applications. Many more functions are incorporated into the design and may be announced over the next year as they reach production readiness.

For additional information about General Nanotechnology or the nanotool V, contact Michelle Conci at 650-458-8522 or mailto: or visit the website at

General Nanotechnology (GN) is a California Limited Liability Company (LLC), that develops hardware and software for advanced capabilities in imaging, nano-manipulation, nano-fabrication, nano-spectro-photometry, near field optical probes below the aperture (50nm) limit, and diamond and other nanotools™ tips and parts. Its principal operational location is in Berkeley, California. GN has partnered with the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs in a three year nanodevices and tips development program. GN is a principal supplier of proprietary diamond tools to RAVE LLC, the manufacturer of the worlds first commercial SPM based nanomachining system. RAVE is also a licensee of GN's ground-breaking inventions in SPM nanomachining and control software.

nanotool is a trademark of General Nanotechnology, and all other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Reprinted with premission. Copyright General Nanotechnology [GN] .

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