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P Boyle & Associates Inc.

While the technology is smaller than ever before, the business of nanotechnology is rapidly expanding worldwide. Those companies who will dominate will be those "first to market" firms able to rapidly establish an economic beachhead in their particularly application and approach to the uses of nanotechnology.

The key to the success of the nanotechnology industry over the next few years will be ultimately people who can drive these companies to success.

One of the great challenges is funding and the raising of cash for R&D and product commercialization. Executives with experience in fund raising with V.C.s, private equity firms and other investment sources can be vital to buying the necessary time to reach market viability.

From a technology perspective reaching across industry lines to identify the necessary and crucial skills to be able to bring concepts to actuality can demand considerable creativity when dealing with unknown or novel technological challenges.

Individuals with the foresight to see the opportunities and consequences of this cutting edge field that are suitable for its unique challenges is where Boyle & Associates can help.


1901 N Roselle Rd
Palatine, IL 60195 USA
(847) 221-2744

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