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“NanoINDEX” network: Nanotechnology Industry Exchanges

October 2nd, 2002

In July 2002, NEXUS and PHANTOMS jointly started a concerted action aimed at bridging micro and nanotechnologies. Under this new activity entitled NanoINDEX (funded within the IST programme), PHANTOMS will identify a group of experts in nanotechnology who will become active members of the NEXUS User-Supplier-Clubs (USC), established on the basis of the NEXUS market assessment, which predicted significant growth in specific applications such as Aerospace and Geophysics, Automotive, CAD Tools, Household Appliances, Industrial Process Control, Medical Devices, MEMS Packaging or Peripherals and Multimedia. The intention is to enable a better understanding of the future potential of nanotechnology in the context of microsystems-driven applications.

An important objective set up by PHANTOMS (200 members worldwide) is to make industry aware of the strategic importance of nanoelectronic research for the future of information technology (IT) in general and of microelectronics in particular. For this purpose, the network promotes industrial participation within the network's activities through interactions with industry in general as well as other applications-oriented groups such as NEXUS. In this context, nanoINDEX has been set-up to establish strong links between the micro-technologists of NEXUS and the nano-technologists of PHANTOMS. Clearly, the User-Supplier-Clubs of the NEXUS Association will form the basis for such an interaction.

NEXUS was established by the EU as a European network of excellence in Microsystems (500 members). The network has evolved and matured and is, currently, the largest forum for the microsystems community across the world, the majority of which are industrial. NEXUS is unique amongst other networks in that its structure is driven by technology users (market pull) as opposed to suppliers (technology push). Through its User-Supplier-Clubs, set-up to provide a forum that brings users and suppliers together to share technological and commercial information on MST, NEXUS has established an efficient mean of disseminating information relating to applications, trends and market opportunities for microsystems.

Therefore nanoINDEX aims to contribute with knowledge dissemination to a field that is highly diverse in terms of scientific disciplines and also highly nebulous in terms of its basic understanding. It will bring together researchers and engineers from all over Europe in order to expose to both industrial problems and basic research, stimulate discussions and define strategies (roadmaps).

The following addresses will help you find out more about the networks of PHANTOMS/NEXUS as well as about nanoINDEX:
Laurence Chassouant, NEXUS Office, in Grenoble, France
E-mail: / WEB site:
Dr. Antonio Correia, PHANTOMS Coordinator, CMP Cientifica, in Madrid, Spain
E-mail: / WEB site:

Reprinted with premission. Copyright NEXUS and PHANTOMS.

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