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Last Updated: Monday, 20-Apr-2015 19:51:36 PDT

Below you will find a selection of chat rooms, forums, bulletin boards and blogs whose main theme is Nanotechnology.

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Nanoparticles: Particular GmbH writes about nanotechnology - and applications of nanoparticles, in particular - Blog by Niko Bärsch.

blog~nano: Dedicated to an ongoing analysis of nanoscale technologies and molecular manufacturing. - Blog by Rocky Rawstern, former Editor of Nanotechnology Now.

NanoHype: Nanotechnology Implications and Interactions - Blog by David Berube, Professor of communication studies and research director of NanoScience and Technology Studies at the University of South Carolina. Member of USC NanoCenter. "This blog reports on a host of issues associated with 'societal and ethical implications and interactions' of research and policy associated with the international development of nanoscience and nanotechnology."

advanced nanotechnology - Blog by Brian Wang, Futurist, member of the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology Taskforce, and Senior Associate of the Foresight Nanotech Institute. "Tracking the advances along different development pathways to molecularly precise manufacturing. Top down and bottom up approaches. Primary pathways incrementally improving biopolymer-based systems, scanning probe microscopes to do direct mechanosynthesis of diamondoid systems, and a traditional machining approach to build small systems that can perform increasingly precise operations."

Nano & Nature Blog - A discussion of effects of Nanotechnology on Nature. Complexity, Nanotechnology and Bio-computing
Blog of Martyn Amos: "... thoughts on the areas of complexity, nanotechnology and biocomputing, as well as on general scientific and educational issues."

Blog of Jack Uldrich (President of The NanoVeritas Group). "Nanotechnology Investment and Business-Related Commentary."

University of South Carolina
USC NIRT: Philosophical and Social Dimensions of Nanoscale Research - NanoTalk

A collaborative website to study the facts and implications of advanced nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is developing rapidly, and its implications are unknown. This is a site for researchers worldwide to work together, helping to build an understanding of the technologies, their effects, and what to do about them.

Responsible Nanotechnology
News and notes about the ongoing work of the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology (CRN).

nanotechnology and design - Blog of George Elvin, Senior Research Associate at the Building Futures Institute and Associate Professor in the College of Architecture and Planning at Ball State University. "Nanotechnology and design covers the latest developments in nanotechnology and biotechnology as they impact the design of our world."

Howard Lovy's NanoBot (RIP)
Independent nanotechnology information and commentary

Global Nanotechnology - The where, the when and the why.

Soft Machines
Thoughts on the future of nanotechnology from Richard Jones

Science and Society
David Lemberg - focuses broadly on the life sciences, physical sciences, space and planetary exploration, K-12 science education, and the intersection between science and art.

NanoGirl's Room

Molecular Torch

Google Group

Debate and background on Nanotechnology

Nanalyze Group

Lycos / Raging Bull Group

Yahoo Groups

NASA-JSC Area Nanotechnology Study Group

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