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Altimate EnviroCare
"... photo-catalyst and ion exchange products capable of destroying microbial, mould, fungi and odour."

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21st Century NanoTechnologies
Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT)

3DM Inc.
"PuraMatrix™, 3DM's innovative and award-winning family of biocompatible hydrogels ... nano-scale properties, synthetic origin, rigorously-tested biocompatability, stability and ease-of-use yield superior cell cultures, with applications in drug discovery, cancer and cell biology, toxicity screening, stem cell therapeutics and tissue engineering."

Maker of the NanoManipulator

A123 Systems
"... developer of a new generation of Lithium-Ion batteries that revolutionizes the way manufacturers design high power products. Founded in 2001, A123Systems’ proprietary nanoscale electrode technology is built on initial developments from Massachusetts Institute of Technology."

A&A Company
"Thermal spray coatings and nano thermal spray coating using custom designed metal, ceramic, cermet and hard faced materials."

"... a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery and development of Nanobodies™ to treat a range of serious human diseases. Nanobodies™ are a novel class of antibody-derived therapeutic proteins."

Abraxis Oncology
"The proprietary drug division of American Pharmaceutical Partners. ... dedicated to improving treatments for patients with cancer." Maker of Abraxane - paclitaxel protein-bound nano-particles for injectable suspension.

Abtech Scientific
"... a biomedical diagnostics company that delivers biosensor devices, biosensor instruments and biosensor systems to the biomedical research community and the point of concern biomedical diagnostics market."

AccuFLEX Golf Company

"... a publicly traded Nanobiotechnology company that specializes in the field of research and development of solutions in the fields of Genomics, Proteomics and Diagnostics."

"... a development and manufacturing company focused on the introduction of novel medical products that help heal wounds or reduce infections."

Actel Corp.
"... award winning single-chip FPGA solutions, including FPGAs based on antifuse and Flash technologies, high-performance intellectual property (IP) cores, integrated software development tools, programming tools, debug and demo boards, and design services."

Active Optical Networks
"... advanced MEMS-based active optical components and subsystems to enhance the performance and wavelength management capabilities of optical networks."

"Spherical shape particulates. Admatechs is a joint venture of Toyota Motor Corp., Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd., Shin-Etsu Quartz Products Co., Ltd., and other firms."

Advance Nanotech
"Operating in three areas, electronics, biopharma and materials, Advance leverages relationships with financial and development resources to enable a product focused, fast-track commercialization of nanotechnology."

Advanced Battery Technologies
"... develops, manufactures and distributes rechargeable polymer lithium-ion (PLI) batteries"

Advanced Fibers & Powders
Technology development and advanced material manufacturing.

Advanced Diamond Technologies
(ADT) "An early-stage company commercializing a patented technique for making thin films of nanocrystalline diamond. This novel material, which we call Ultrananocrystalline diamond (UNCD), is a form of natural diamond—not a diamond-like compound. UNCD possesses the material properties of natural diamond in thin film form."

Advanced Magnetics
"... a developer of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles used in pharmaceutical products."

Advanced Micro Devices
Microprocessor Solutions

Advanced Nano Coatings
"... a producer of high performance, VOC compliant epoxy coatings."

Advanced Nano Products
(ANP) Manufactures nanocrystalline materials and their chemical precursors for coating and powder processing applications.

Advanced Nano Technologies
(ANT) Manufactures of a wide range of ultra fine and nanoscale powders.

Advanced Nanotechnology Limited (Advanced Nano)
Manufactures a range of nanopowders and functional products that incorporate nanopowders.

Advanced Powders & Coatings (AP&C)
Wholly-owned by Raymor Industries Inc. "... spherical metal powders."

Advanced Sensor Technologies
"... developing and bringing to market a variety of miniature, sensor-based biotechnology devices for research and medical applications."

Advion BioSciences
"... bioanalytical services and nanoelectrospray products."

Advectus Life Sciences
Advectus Life Sciences"... an emerging life sciences company focused on the commercialization of a cure for brain cancer. Advectus holds the exclusive worldwide rights including patents to this nanoparticle-based technology for the delivery of approved cancer fighting drugs across the blood-brain barrier for the treatment of brain tumors."

Aegis Semiconductor
"... wavelength-monitoring components and modules that are easily manufactured using proven methods from the semiconductor industry."

GeneChip(R) technology has become the industry standard in molecular biology research.

"... developed high-quality methods, using micro-array genetic profiling, for analyzing tumor samples and mapping the tumor’s specific properties."

Agere Systems
(Formerly the Microelectronics division of Lucent Technologies) The "world leader in sales of communications components. We design, develop and manufacture optoelectronic components for communications networks, and integrated circuits for use in a broad range of communications and computer equipment."

"Agilent Technologies is on the leading edge of nearly every major trend in communications and life sciences. From optical and wireless communications to disease and discovery research, Agilent delivers product and technology innovations that benefit millions of people around the world."

"... a leader in the mass production of Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs), creates high-energy, long-lasting and cost-effective CNT applications for a variety of industries."

Air Products and Chemicals
"... atmospheric gases, process and specialty gases, performance materials and chemical intermediates."

Aktina Limited
"Nano-engineered films for creating stable surface structures."

Akzo Nobel
Coatings/Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

AlCove Surfaces
Medical device technology using special designed ceramic surfaces made of nanoporous aluminium oxide, applications such as local drug delivery or local brachytherapy. And nanostructured surfaces between 20 nm and 300 nm, changing the reflectivity, adhesion, wettability, and other properties.

ALD NanoSolutions
"... commercialization strategy is founded on the assertion that new materials will be designed rather than discovered. The compelling opportunity is to identify and synthesize a new set of composite materials which are comprised of common substrates coated with specific material."

Alien Technology
Alien Technology "... has developed, and holds exclusive patent rights to, a manufacturing technology that will dramatically reduce the manufacturing cost of a variety of electronic devices. The technology, called Fluidic Self-Assembly (FSA™), permits the efficient assembly of Integrated Circuits into a variety of substrates, from glass to flexible plastic."

Allegro Technologies
"... is a knowledge-based campus company. It has developed outstanding proprietary microdispensing technologies for current and next generation applications in the fields of drug discovery, genomics and analytical/diagnostic instrumentation."

Allomet Corporation
Powered Metals

Specialty Alumina Materials

Alnair Labs
"... established on 29th August 2001 with the aim to provide ultra-short pulse laser systems and solutions based on its unique carbon-nanotubes photonic technology."

Alnis BioSciences
"... a drug development company with a potent, enabling therapeutic platform to treat cancer as well as infectious and inflammatory diseases. Alnis has engineered nanoscopic hydrogels, or NanoGels, comprised of polymers, bioactives, and targeting molecules."

Altair Nanomaterials
Altair Nanomaterials A wholly-owned subsidiary of Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. Altair owns a proprietary technology for making nanocrystalline materials of unique quality, economically and in large quantities. The company produces closely-sized nanoparticles of titanium dioxide and related ceramic oxide materials and compounds.

Ambri Biosensor Technology
"... pioneering the integration of Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and Electronics."

AMBIT Corporation
"... developer of new and enabling technologies in a variety of fields where rapid commercialization is taking place."

American Elements
"... a world leader in commercializing developments in materials science."

American Dye Source
"... is now offering nano materials. These materials can be used for a variety of applications in display devices, security devices and heat reflecting devices."

American Superconductor
"... supplier of dynamic reactive power grid stabilization products and the world's principal vendor of high temperature superconductor (HTS) wire and large rotating superconductor machinery."

Advanced Micro-electronic Center Aachen "Our research is dedicated to silicon process technology with a strong focus on nanolithography."

AMR Technologies
"... develops, manufactures and distributes performance materials."

"Our latest product family is Hybtonite®-nanoepoxies. Hybtonites® can be used in marine, automotive, wind energy and in many industrial applications."

AMT Coatings
"A technological based SME industry which deals with engineering coatings and advanced surface treatments for production of nanomaterials coatings (Electroplating, Electroless Plating, Anodising, PVD, etc.)."

Angstrom Medica
"... a life-sciences biomaterials company that harnesses nanotechnology for orthopedic applications."

ANP Technologies
"... develop cutting-edge technology platforms at the nano/bio interface and apply them in market sectors such as diagnostics/biodetection, protein/drug discovery, therapeutics, chem/bio defense, and homeland security."

Aonex Technologies
A subsidiary of Arrowhead Research. "... focused on applying its technology to next-generation solar cells. Ultimately, the company seeks to enable devices with optical, logical, and amplification features on a single substrate."

AP Materials
"Nanopowders and Nanotechnology for Advanced Materials."

ApNano Materials
ApNano Materials "... commercializes nanospheres and nanotubes of inorganic compounds discovered at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel. These materials are used in microelectronic, semiconductor, aerospace, lubricant and metal working markets." See funding article for more information.

Applied Materials
"... supplier of products and services to the global semiconductor industry."

Applied Membranes
"... a manufacturer and distributor for Reverse Osmosis Membranes, RO Systems and Components, both commercial and residential."

Applied MicroStructures
Surface chemistry and modification.

Applied Nanotech
A subsidiary of Nano-Proprietary, Inc. "Currently ANI is in advanced development for the application of electron emitting carbon nanotubes cathodes in a number of areas, including large area color televisions, new lighting devices, x-ray, and microwave generators."

Applied Sciences, Inc.
(ASI) "a nationally recognized Research and Development company specializing in advanced materials and their applications. ASI is located near Dayton, Ohio, and consists of three additional affiliate companies, Pyrograf® Products, Inc. (PPI), Nano Graphite Materials (NGM), and Aqua Locator."

Applied Thin Films
(ATFI) "An advanced materials company developing thin film technologies to serve defense, energy, aerospace, and other industrial needs."

AQUANOVA German Solubilisate Technologies GmbH
"As a scientifically orientated company AQUANOVA specialises in the development and production of clear, stable, water-free solubilisates of particles with a micelle structure for further processing in cosmetics, skin care products, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs and nutritional supplements."

Arc Flash Corporation
Photocatalyst coating material

A resource manufacturer for high purity nanoparticles, nanoscale ceramic fiber materials, and custom alloys.

Asahi Glass Co.
A global materials and components supplier.

"... specializing in the emerging field of self-assembling molecules or SAMs."

Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies
"... PEM fuel cells with technologies in stack design and manufacture, system integration and metal hydride hydrogen storage."

Asklepios BioPharmaceutical
"... a biotechnology company engaged in the development and delivery of novel protein and cellular based therapies through design of proprietary Biological Nano Particles (“BNP”)."

Aspen Aerogels
"Using patented technology, Spaceloft and Pyrogel materials combine a silica aerogel with reinforcing fibers to deliver proven thermal performance in the most efficient insulation available."

Atlas Mining
"Halloysite is a high-value clay that sells for more than $400 per ton. Its fine particle size enables halloysite to be used extensively as a suspension agent in glaze preparations. The purity of the clay and the low iron and titania content result in ceramic ware with exceptional whiteness and translucency."

"Formed by the merger of Isotag, Biocode and Calyx in 2003, Authentix combines 20 years experience in providing comprehensive services and technology for the prevention of product counterfeiting, brand adulteration and product diversion."

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BASF is one of the world leaders in the chemical industry, and currently produces several nano-products, such as nanoparticle pigments and nanoscale titanium dioxide particles. See also Nanotechnology at BASF

"As a market- and customer-oriented inventor company, Bayer MaterialScience is working closely with Bayer Technology Services to promote the development of this exciting future technology (nanotubes)."

Beijing Nano Sunshine Technology Co. Ltd
Nanocor's regional distributor in China

Bell Labs

"... semiconductor-based, nanocrystalline fluorescent markers for cell and intracellular detection and analysis; therapeutic compounds and procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer; and the very innovative OptiCell ®, a product that represents a significant step forward in the evolution of cell and tissue culture technology."

BioForce Nanosciences
"... developer of ultra-miniaturized nanoarray technologies for solid-phase, high-throughput biomolecular analysis."

Biophan Technologies
"Biophan is developing technology to make biomedical devices safe, both implanted devices and those used in surgical and diagnostic procedures, and to reduce interference that these devices cause to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) image quality."

"A privately held biotechnology company focused on leveraging revolutionary micro- and nano-scale engineering solutions that improve the efficiency and productivity of drug discovery."

Blue Pacific
"... a leader in new flavor technology."

Bonderite NT
Nanoceramic Technology

Bourne Research
"... market intelligence, with a specialized focus on MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical Systems), Nanotechnology, and the convergence of both."

Brewer Science - Specialty Materials Division
"Provides novel polymers and resins for use in MEMS device applications, Image Sensors and Flat Panel Displays."

Specialty manufacturer of carbon nanomaterials.

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C Sixty
"... a private biopharmaceutical company focusing on the discovery and the development of a new class of therapeutics based on the fullerene molecule ..."

Cabot Corporation
"... our core businesses: carbon black, fumed metal oxides and tantalum. We've also found and developed them into new businesses: inkjet colorants, Nanogel® and specialty fluids."

California Molecular Electronics Corporation
"... committed to profitably invent, acquire, assimilate, and utilize intellectual property in the field of molecular electronics to develop and sell quality products based on molecular electronics technology ..."

Cambrios Technologies
"... mission is to use biological technology to transform the way commercial electronic products are made, expand their impact, and reduce their environmental cost. Cambrios was formed in 2003 to develop commercial applications from the directed-evolution technology invented by the company’s founders, Dr. Angela Belcher of MIT and her longtime collaborator, Dr. Evelyn Hu of the University of California at Santa Barbara."

Canano Technologies
"We specialize in the mass production of pure nanometals, and to date have produced aluminum, copper, iron, cobalt, indium, selenium, tungsten and copper/gallium."

"... develops supercapacitors - high-power, high-energy storage devices that enable manufacturers to make smaller, thinner and longer-running products such as mobile phones, PDAs, medical devices, AMRs, compact flash cards, and more." Locations worldwide.

Capsulution NanoScience AG
"... is a Berlin-based company, which has started with a vision: to create innovative, highly-specialized products by applying its unique LBL-Technology® to existing and emerging needs in life science developments. The LBL-Technology® (derived from the term "layer-by-layer") is a high-tech tool for making unique multifunctional nano- and micron-sized capsules which are invisible to the human eye."

Manufacturers of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT).

Carbon Designs, Inc. (CDI)
"... producing CNTs, CNT-based carbon fibers, and CNT Composites with superior mechanical properties."

Carbon Nanotechnologies, Inc.
"The Leader in Carbon Nanotechnology and Single-wall Carbon Nanotube Production"

Carbon Nanotech Research Institute
(CNRI) A subsidiary of Mitsui & Co. Research and development of fullerenes and carbon nanotubes which are applicable to next-generation semiconductor, fuel cells, drug remedies for H.I.V., and industrial mass production technology of these materials. About CNRI

Carbon Solutions Inc.
(CSI) Carbon Solutions Inc. is involved in the chemistry, applications and commercialization of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT).

Catalytic Materials LLC
"... was incorporated in 1995. Leaders on the architecture and design of carbon nanostructured materials including graphite nanofibers and carbon nanotubes."

Catalytic Solutions
"... manufactures and delivers a break-through proprietary technology that significantly improves the performance and reduces the cost of catalytic converters."

Cavendish Kinetics
"... focuses on the development of CMOS compatible MEMS process modules, the design and modeling of MEMS devices and subsequently providing these two combined (process module and design module) as an IP (Intellectual Property) package for customers to use in numerous different application areas."

"... the developer and manufacturer of a breakthrough new material which is used as a substitute for conventional, petroleum-based plastics."

Center for Automation in Nanobiotech (CAN)
"... focuses on investigation of new paradigms for innovation in systems and automation design. CAN's main thrust and aim is the development of practical and useful nanobiotechnology systems and devices that may benefit people around the globe with biomedical engineering advances."

Centre for Large Space Structures and Systems (CLS3 Inc.)
"... technologies for large space structures towards the micro devices and systems of the future."

"... nano-powders for targeted applications like infrared windows, catalysts, fuel cells, and even cosmetics."

cDream Corporation (“cDream”)
"... is a fabless display company, founded to develop and design the next evolution of flat panel displays (“FPDs”) using our proprietary carbon-nano tube technology, replacing and superceding displays based on cathode ray tube (“CRTs”), thin film transistor liquid crystal (“TFT-LCDs”), plasma display panels (“PDPs”) and organic light emitting diodes (“OLEDs”)."

"Developed by Touchstone Research Laboratory, Ltd., CFOAM is a cost-effective, next-generation carbon foam structural material."

Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing
Dedicated semiconductor foundry.

Cheap Tubes
"... committed to supplying the nanotechnology research and industrial community with the highest quality carbon nanotubes (CNTs) at the lowest prices."

Chemat Technology
"... has established itself as a world leader in the development of advanced materials via sol-gel technologies."

Chengyin Technology
Focused on the R&D of nano-structured titanium dioxide in sunscreen, antimicrobial, anti-static and photocatalysis

Cima NanoTech
" ... is an advanced materials company specializing in the production of nanoscale conductive dispersions for the electronics industry."

Clean Technology International Corp.
"... is committed to producing Nanocarbon materials."

Climax Molybdenum
A subsidiary of Phelps Dodge Corporation. Engineered Materials.

CLS3 Inc., MEMS for Aerospace
"... information and details related to research and development of MEMS technologies for aerospace applications in Canada ..."

CMP Científica
Europe's first integrated solutions provider for the Nanotechnology Community, specialising in providing Nanotechnology information to the scientific and financial communities; Linking science & industry through networks of excellence and conferences; Providing expert solutions for high technology and advanced manufacturing companies; Venture Capital funding for nanotechnology startups.

"...supplier of Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and components, Micro Optical Electro-Mechanical Systems (MOEMS) and Micro optical components."

Colossal Storage Corp.
Developing a rewritable volume holographic optical mass data nanophotonic storage device.

Cool Chips
"... is the future of all cooling, refrigeration, and thermal management. Cool Chips use a revolutionary new thermotunnel technology to deliver up to a projected 70-80% of the maximum (Carnot) theoretical efficiency for heat pumps."

Copernicus Therapeutics
"... a privately-held company developing products for human gene therapy and vaccination."

Corning IntelliSense
MEMS design, development, manufacturing and CAD for MEMS software for telecommunications, life sciences and microinstrumentation. A subsidiary of Corning

(Formerly Microcosm Technologies, Inc.,) "... a product development company that continually transforms forward-thinking ideas into innovative communications and biotechnology products made possible by MEMS".

Crystalplex Corporation
"... develops tools to decode the complexity of today's problems in drug discovery and clinical diagnosis. With proprietary reagent technology based on nanocrystal-encoded microbeads, Crystalplex provides the means to interpret vast amounts of information."

CSIRO NanoScience Network. CSIRO is Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. The NanoScience Network provides a focal point for CSIRO’s nanotechnology activities.

Cymbet Corporation
(Cymbet) "...will be the first to market with a true solid state rechargeable battery (licensed technology) using a proprietary, patent pending manufacturing process. This Cymbet technology will enable new concepts in battery applications for IC's and new applications for handheld computer, communication, medical, sensor, and portable electronic devices. ... Oak Ridge National Labs brought the materials science, Cymbet brings the process science."

Cyrium Technologies
"... developing high-efficiency solar cells, using proprietary breakthrough technology, for the space and terrestrial markets."

"... is developing a pipeline of multifunctional, next-generation therapeutics, binding known anti-cancer agents – whose toxicities currently prevent or severely limit clinical use – to its patented colloidal gold tumor-targeting nanotechnology."

Cytoplex BioSciences
"Cytoplex offers nanotechnology solutions that provide high levels of information content about cell-drug interactions. Cytoplex’s technology simplifies “ion channel” screening, which is key to researching central nervous system, cardiovascular, and other diseases."

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Dais Analytic Corporation
"... a nanotechnology polymer materials company. We design and commercialize new materials that exceed the limits of conventional materials."

DayStar Technologies
"DayStar strives to build a world of “Pervasive Solar Energy” to power every corner of the planet with photovoltaic products that remove materials and manufacturing barriers currently limiting widespread use."

Degussa Advanced Nanomaterials
An internal start-up of Degussa - making nanoscaled powders.

"... licensed by The Dow Chemical Company to manufacture and sell ethylenediamine-core poly (amidoamine) (PAMAM) dendrimers and other specialty dendrimers."

Dendritic Nanotechnologies Limited
A joint venture of chemist Donald Tomalia and Melbourne, Australia-based Starpharma Pooled Development Ltd.

"DFI’s nanotechnology is applicable to most surfaces containing silica (silicon dioxide) such as glass, ceramic tile, porcelain, and granite."

Diamond Materials
"Functionally Graded Nanophase Beryllium/Carbon Composites."

Using technology developed by Dr. Clark T.-C. Nguyen, the University of Michigan and the University of California at Berkeley, Discera replaces the passive (and some active) components on a wireless circuit board with a single micromechanical system that offers exceptional reception quality. A member of the Ardesta family of companies.

Docoop Technologies
"Neowater™, a novel proprietary water-based nanotechnology, is a broad enabling platform upon which research, diagnostics, biotech and pharma companies can obtain disruptive price-performance results, yet with a graceful implementation."

DSM Somos
Rapid prototyping materials, incorporating ceramic nano-particles.

DuPont Air Products Nanomaterials
A joint venture between DuPont and Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. "Developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling polishing slurries for electronic precision polishing and chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) processes used in the semiconductor industry.

DuPont Titanium Technologies
" ... dedicated to creating greater, more rewarding value for the coatings, paper, plastics, specialties and minerals markets through service, brand, and product."

"To Industrialise and Commercialise Dye Solar Cell Technology."

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E47 Technologies
Advanced textile technologies.

"... the largest producer of polyester plastics for packaging and is a leading supplier of raw materials for paints and coatings, inks, and graphic arts, adhesives, textile sizes and other formulated products, and of cellulose acetate fibers."

Ecology Coatings
"... focus on the development of nano-engineered, liquid 100% solids, ultra-violet curable industrial coatings."

"... is a clean technology company, positioned to replace petroleum-based industrial products with nanobiomaterials."

ec systems
"... assists companies in identifying products where carbon nanotechnology offers a clear path to improved performance. We perform complete feasability assessments, work with your team to formulate a development proposal and aid in the execution of the plan from pilot production through scale-up to commercial production." Also supplies nanotubes and related graphitic nanostructures."

"develops unique Carbon Nanotube Formulations for Coatings. We also develop coating methods that allow the conversion of those formulations into highly differentiated products for the commercial displays market and for a wide range of military applications."

Elan Drug Delivery
"Our mission will continue to be the provision of drug delivery platforms for new molecules—insoluble compounds, genes, proteins and peptides—that need to be delivery-engineered right from the discovery stage." Drug Delivery Technology NanoCrystal® Technology.

"The Company's proprietary platform technology is nano-grafting of combinatorial polymer brushes."

Emergency Filtration Products
"... formed to develop a preeminent filtration technology that would serve to ensure the safety of rescuers by virtually eliminating risk of cross-contamination during CPR."

Enable IPC
"... engaged in the development of a new battery technology that combines the best of thin films and nanotechnology."

"Fundamentally, we manipulate basic materials - typically minerals - to alter their structure and surface characteristics. We manipulate them mechanically and chemically, altering their size, shape, porosity and chemical characteristics to produce a wide range of functionality with important business uses."

"... will carry out technology and product development to design and build programmable Biomolecular Devices consisting of hybrid natural/non-natural materials addressing a broad range of commercial applications."

"... products include a line of hospital-grade cleansing and disinfecting liquids and wipes that reduce the spread of infectious disease without adverse effects to people, equipment or the environment."

eSpin Technologies
"... polymeric nanofiber manufacturing technology applicable across the universe of emergent and traditional manufacturing sectors."

Evident Technologies
Evident Technologies "... is a nanotechnology manufacturing and application company that draws upon semiconductor nanocrystal expertise to develop sophisticated, cost effective, innovative devices and products."

Evolved Nanomaterial Sciences
"... an advanced materials company dedicated to the discovery, fabrication and integration of biopolymers into a variety of high-margin applications."

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Filtration Technology
Filtration, Cleanrooms, and Contamination Control

Five Star Technologies
"... an advanced materials company specializing in the design and manufacture of engineered materials and dispersions."

Flamel Technologies
"... a recognized world leader in the innovation of delivery systems for small molecule and protein drugs, providing tailored solutions to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries for optimized controlled-release delivery of drugs."

"... provides a unique solution through fluidics at the nano-scale, using palm-sized devices with integrated channels and valves."

Focal Point Microsystems
FP Micro is currently developing a state-of-the-art, free-form fabrication system for 3D objects that utilizes proprietary patterning materials. This integrated bench-top unit will be convenient, user-friendly, environmentally friendly, and capable of prototyping and producing 3D micro and nanoscale structures, components, and devices.

Foster Corporation
Specialty thermoplastic compounding materials and polymers.

Fractal Robot Digital Matter Control

Frontier Carbon Corporation
Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation said they will make fullerenes available in quantity beginning in early 2002 under a new joint venture to be known as Frontier Carbon Corporation. Mass production, anticipated to reach 1,500 tons a year by 2004, will permit fullerenes to be bought at prices 10 to 100 times lower than those currently prevailing.

Fullerene International Corporation (FIC)
"... combines the capabilities of partners Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), Materials and Electrochemical Research Corporation (MER), and Research Corporation Technologies (RCT) in a joint venture to commercialize fullerene materials."

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GE Advanced Materials
"... a world leader in providing material solutions through engineering thermoplastics, silicon-based products and technology platforms, and fused quartz and ceramics."

GEMZ Corp.
"GEMZ Corp. recently incorporated its wholly-owned subsidiary, International Nanotechnology Corp. The Company has as its goal to Develop patented, commercial products using Nanotechnology to harness renewable energy."

"... a bionanotechnology company founded in November 2000 by leading scientists and researchers from UCLA. The Company has developed a technology platform capable of making highly manufacturable, cutting-edge electrochemical molecular analysis devices using integrated nanotechnology, plastic micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) and microfluidics."

General Nanotechnology
(GN) "... hardware and software that provides advanced capabilities in imaging, nano-manipulation, nano-fabrication, nano-spectro-photometry, near field optical probes below the aperture (50nm) limit, and diamond and other nano-tools and parts."

"... a Canadian high technology company that designs, manufactures and markets silicon integrated circuits (ICs), modules and thin-film hybrid microcircuit components for a variety of applications in three target markets."

"GEO-CENTERS supports the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in developing nanoscience and integrating nanotechnology into usable systems."

Genesis Nanotech Corporation
"... produces Nano-scale AlOOH,TiO2 & other ceramic powders and slurries for polishing , coating , & photo-catalyst high-tech industries."

Genthe -X- Coatings
"... develops, manufactures and applies nano-coatings to optical substrates enabling transparency even under the toughest conditions - a truly transparent performance."

"... a photo-catalyst material and solution provider in the domain of environmental coating services and business integration."

Groupe Minutia
Specializing in nanometric powder technology.

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"... has developed the fastest and most effective way to manufacture CIS (Copper Indium Selenide), the most reliable and best-performing thin film material for generating electricity from sunlight."

Helix Material Solutions
"... a nanotechnology company based in Texas and founded by a group of world-class experts and scientists in nanoscience and nanotechnology, who are devoted in bringing the best nanoscale materials to the market at affordable prices."

"We have only just begun to uncover the vast possibilities of this fascinating field (nanotechnology). The first interesting products have been developed, from additives in cosmetics to barrier effects in adhesives, and lubricants for process chemicals."


HP Labs - Quantum Science Research

Hitachi High-Technologies
"... established on October 1, 2001. The new company combines the global sales force of the high-tech trading company Nissei Sangyo Co., Ltd., with the world-class technological capabilities of the Instruments Group and the Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Group of Hitachi, Ltd."

"... state-of-the-art recording, replication, testing, and thin-film coating laboratories."

Hybrid Plastics
"... manufactures nanostructured chemicals for the preparation of nanocomposite materials. Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane (POSS) is a silicon based material that is intermediate in composition between silica and silicone."

Hyosung Group
Textile and industrial materials manufacturer, and "maker of nano fiber for health-minded wearers."

Hyperion Catalysis International
Carbon nanotube development and commercialization.

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IBM Research
Nanoscale science department

IBM Almaden Visualization Lab

IBM Zurich
The Industry Solutions Lab (ISL) is a joint effort between IBM Research and IBM's Global Industries marketing organization.

iCurie Lab Holdings
"... research, development and commercialization of advanced microfluidic and nanofluidic technologies for use in nanoelectric machines and micro electromechanical (MEMS) systems."

ILJIN Nanotech
CNT producer

Illuminex Corporation
"... dedicated to engineering advanced nanowire device technology."

ImaRx Therapeutics
"We believe that localized, site-specific, NanoInvasive™ medicine will provide benefit to patients and society by lowering costs, minimizing pain, and reducing the length of hospital stays and recovery time, while providing improved patient outcomes."

Industrial NanoTech
"... funds & participates in reseach with the world's brightest scientists and leading laboratories." Makers of Nansulate™ nanocomposite insulation.

Industrial Science and Technology Network
ISTN is a materials research company specializing in the development and commercialization of nanotechnology products for industrial applications. ISTN business plan focuses on three broad areas where it believes its core scientific competencies will be able to have a significant commercial impact - traditional industrial products, optical electronics and biotechnology.

"An emerging technology company with a mission to develop a variety of materials to improve performance and extend the life of components used throughout the global infrastructure."

"InMat’s proprietary nanocomposite technology provides customers with gas, vapor, and chemical barrier coatings that are thinner, lower cost, and more environmentally friendly than alternative barrier materials."

"developing solid-state lighting solutions based on its luminescent silicon nanocrystals."

InPhase Technologies
"... next generation in data storage that stores millions of pages of information on a disk that fits in the palm of your hand."

Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse. "We supply, in collaboration with an industrial group, samples of MWNT (10-100g)."

Insert Therapeutics
A subsidiary of Arrowhead Research. "... expanding the frontiers of drug delivery technology. In contrast to existing, FDA-approved methods, the proprietary technologies of Insert Therapeutics provide for the intracellular delivery of a broad range of therapeutics."

Institute for Microstructural Sciences
"... to provide leadership, in collaboration with Canadian industry and universities, in the development of the strategic base for information technology."

Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN)
"... established to spearhead the advancement of biomedical sciences in Singapore."

Integran Technologies
Nanostructured material technologies.

Integrated Nano-Technologies
"... developing ground-breaking products around a revolutionary approach for physically coupling molecular biology and microelectronics."

"Intel supplies the computing and communications industries with chips, boards, systems, and software building blocks that are the "ingredients" of computers, servers and networking and communications products." "Intel is behind everything from the fastest processor in the world to the cables that power high-speed Internet."

Intelligent MEMS Design
Primarily focused on MEMS, they also "project market demands, trends and forecasts based on current and potential future global markets for nanotechnology, and provide patent and IP related services."

"Intematix methodology for Materials Discovery utilizes the latest in top-down design and rapid prototyping."

Interface Sciences Corporation
"... commercialization of the extraordinary patented SAMs technology."

Introgen Therapeutics
"... a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of molecular therapies for the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases."

Invest Technologies
"Our enterprise takes part in the activity of Russian Committee “Ultrafine (nano) materials” for production, research of properties and application of UFP. We also cooperate with leading scientific institutes, conducting studies of nanocrystal materials."

Advanced materials

"... advanced coatings, polymers and materials for high-performance industrial, military and civil transportation applications."

"... spin out from the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium), dedicated to the development and production of unique templates based on the combination of ion track technology of polymers with templating capabilities."

ItN Nanovation
"... main focus on the development, production and commercialisation of products based on nanotechnology."

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"... develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of precision measurement, process control and laser manufacturing systems to enable its customers to produce smaller, faster, more powerful and less expensive precision microelectronic products. JMAR also provides custom semiconductor products and is a leading developer of advanced lithography sources for the production of higher performance circuits for future electronic systems."

JR Nanotech
"... a healthcare company which promotes the application of nano-silver. We use nano-silver particles as an antibacterial substance to provide effective and complication free treatment for age old healthcare."

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Kainos Energy Corporation
"... has adapted revolutionary nanomaterials processing technologies to fuel cell manufacturing to achieve: lowest cost, lower operating temperature, highest performance and reliability in solid oxide fuel cells, interconnects and stacks."

Kelvin Nanotechnology
" ... created in 1997 to facilitate the commercialisation of the world-class technology and expertise in the Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering at the University of Glasgow."

Thin films technologies and optical components coatings.

"... develops targeted therapeutics and molecular imaging agents that detect and attack cancer and cardiovascular disease earlier and more specifically than previously possible."

Keweenaw Nanoscience Center
(KNC) "Our mission is to develop low cost, abundant, clean, alternative energy, using nanotechnology, to produce highly efficient solar cells, fuel cells and fusion energy technologies."

Keystone Nano
"... seeks to improve human health by creating new ways to diagnose and treat human diseases and improve the quality of life. Keystone Nano partners with healthcare companies to complete the development and speed the market launch of nano-enabled therapeutics to seek/treat/image a variety of conditions."

"... based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is an intellectual property development and holding company that is currently developing a patent portfolio centered around nanotechnology-based neural networks, including neural network semiconductor chips and related devices and fabrication processes."

Koch Membrane Systems
"As advances in nanofiltration (NF) continue to stream into the global marketplace, Koch Membrane Systems continues to maintain its established role as the prime innovator."

"... supplier of thin-film disks, the primary high-capacity storage medium for digital data in computers and consumer appliances."

Konarka Technologies
Konarka Technologies "... is dedicated to the development and commercialization of solutions for portable and distributed power needs based on photovoltaic products... ... The core of the dye-sensitized technology consists of nanometer-scale crystals of TiO2 semiconductor coated with a monolayer of light-absorbing dye and embedded in an electrolyte between the front and back electrical contacts."

"... patented Wafer-Engineering™ technology in which nanotechnology is applied to semiconductor materials."

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Centre for Nanomaterials Applications in Construction (NANOC) "... a recently created unit with in LABEIN and a platform aimed at developing key technological capacities that will enable the Construction Industry to use Nanotechnology as a competitive tool."

"... international, specialty pharmaceutical company focused on improving existing drugs by incorporating our proprietary, advanced controlled-release technologies. ... also developing novel polymeric, nano-delivery systems for delivery of water-insoluble and poorly bio-available drugs."

LiftPort Carbon Inc.
A LiftPort Group Company "By bringing advanced carbon nanotube products to market now, LiftPort Carbon, Inc. (LPC) is working to develop the carbon nanotube technology which will enable creation of the space elevator in the future."

Liquidia Technologies
"... enables and develops an entirely new class of applications in microfluidics, soft lithography and nanoparticle fabrication, based on a novel fluoropolymer materials platform."

Liquid Minerals Group
"LMGI's smaller nano particles allow lower dosage rates and, therefore provide customers a lower treatment cost while increasing the passivation of contaminant metals found in heavy fuel oils. LMGI's combines established chemistry knowledge into the expanding art of nanotechnology that has allowed us to reach higher levels of concentration and performance."

Lucent Technologies
Bell Labs Innovations

"... develops proprietary polymer materials and products based on these materials for a broad range of applications. We engineer polymer materials at the molecular level – commonly referred to as nanotechnology – to optimize their electrical, optical and/or surface properties."

"... develops and markets biological detection systems based on luminescent lanthanide complexes, which provide a unique combination of sensitivity, reliability, flexibility and high throughput."

Luna Innovations
"... a research and development company specializing in developing and commercializing basic research into cost-effective products that are beneficial to society."

Luna nanoWorks
A division of Luna Innovations Incorporated. "Luna nanoWorks' new composition of matter is called Trimetasphere™ carbon nanomaterials (M3N@C80) -a fullerene sphere enclosing three metal atoms in a nitride molecule. The entrapped metals provide unique physical, chemical, thermal, magnetic, biological, optical and electronic properties that differentiate them from other carbon nanomaterials."

"... developing breakthrough photonics products. The company's technology is rooted in Caltech developments in the field of nanophotonics: optical structures an order of magnitude smaller than those traditionally used in integrated optical devices."

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MagForce Nanotechnologies AG
Nanotechnology-based cancer therapy

Materials and Electrochemical Research Corporation
"Devoted to high-technology materials and electrochemical research with emphasis on advanced composites, powders, coatings and fullerenes ..."

Materials Modification Inc. (MMI)
"... aim of developing new materials and processes in the field of Materials Engineering."

Matrix Semiconductor
"Matrix has developed and patented the technology to build 3-dimensional memory by stacking memory arrays vertically."

Mayaterials Inc.
Organic/Inorganic Nanocomposites, Nanocomposite Coatings, Nanoporous Materials, Photonic Materials, Core-Shell Nanocomposites

Mechanomade® Ball Milled Nanophased Materials (MBN)
"... produces nanophased powder materials using a high-energy milling process."

Medical Murray
"Medical Murray has extensive experience in the injection molding and development of nanoscaled plastic parts."

Meliorum Technologies
"... fabrication of high-quality nanomaterials for university and industrial research, and application development."

Melstream Industries
"Through experience in the industrial and commercial water conditioning sector we offer environmentally safe media for numerous applications."

"... is a provider of innovative MEMS-based solutions for the design, development and manufacture of telecommunications products."

MEMS Optical
Supplier and manufacturer of both refractive (microlens arrays) and diffractive (beam shapers, beam splitters, etc.) micro optics, and of MEMS devices such as scanning tilt micro mirrors and deformable mirrors.

"The MEMX technical team spent ten years at Sandia National Laboratories developing and perfecting the revolutionary SUMMiT V MEMS technology. We are now bringing the technology out of the labs and into the Commercial Sector." They work extensively with self-assembled monolayers and other nano-films and coatings to improve performance and reliability of their products.

"metaFAB offers innovative, high-level solutions based MicroNanoTechnology convergence. metaFAB is a dynamic component of the UK DTI MicroNanoTechnology Network. metaFAB integrates the resources of diverse research centres and supply chain partners."

Metcomb Nanostructures
"With its patented Integrated Nanostructure Control process, Metcomb leverages nanotechnology to create the first aluminum foam that is uniformly consistent, mirroring the way Mother Nature creates organic load-bearing materials, such as wood, bone and coral."

MetaMateria Partners
"... develops and manufactures nanopowders and components for fuel cells, batteries, membranes, other electrochemical devices, filters, rocket nozzles, and catalyst supports."

"... manufactures the first solar technology inexpensive and plentiful enough to make solar power practical for large-scale use."

"A manufacturer of microfabricated and MEMS-based products for leading instrumentation companies worldwide."

MicroTechNano Inc.
Distributes high quality nanotube materials.

Mimotec SA
Manufactures customized micromolds and micro-components.

Micro Materials
Nanoindentation, Scratch Testing and Impact Testing

Minatec Innovation Center
Centre for Innovation in Micro and Nanotechnology. MINATEC, CEA Leti, INPG, Grenoble, France

MITRE Corporation Nanoelectronics & Nanocomputing Home Page
Reviews current nanotechnology research and people behind it, downloadable copies of several widely-used articles. Nanoelectronics and Nanocomputing focus.

Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Nanotechnology Department XNRI Group
"At XNRI, we are focused on developing unique technologies that have been enabled by the fusion of a diverse range of disciplines centering around nanotechnology, technologies that will allow us to direct our efforts into research areas related to the environment, energy and medicine."

MIV Therapeutics
"... an advanced stage, research and development company pursuing the commercialization of the next generation of fully biocompatible coatings for stents and other medical devices with the intent of providing healing solutions for cardiovascular disease and other conditions."

"Molecubotics intends to develop a general method for assembling complex nanostructures, using components and methods from biotechnology."

Molecular Electronics Corp.
"MEC is presently forming strategic alliances with industry partners for commercialization of the intellectual property, and for manufacturing and marketing of specific products based upon MEC's intellectual property."

Molecular Nanosystems
"... is engaged in research, development and production of nanotube-oriented products and systems using leading-edge nanotechnologies."

Moore Nanotechnology Systems
"... is dedicated to the development of ultra-precision machine systems, typically utilizing Single Point Diamond Turning and Deterministic Micro-Grinding technologies, for the production of plano, spherical, aspheric, conformal, and freeform optics."

mPhase Technologies
"... has entered into a broad sales, marketing and development partnership with Lucent Bell Laboratories to commercialize nanotechnology for new batteries."

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"We have a focused R&D on our patented, demonstrated proprietary method to store hydrogen in carbon nanotubes and several collateral applications. We believe this will lead to products for us in two to three years."

Nano and Giga Solutions
"Our main focus is computational modeling and simulation for nanotechnology applications. We develop and apply different computational and experimental tools to solve complex multi-disciplinary problems in process, materials, and device design related to the development of advanced technologies."

Nano Interface Technology, Inc. (NITI)
"We are a pioneering research organization committed to develop novel nanotechnologies in biotechnology, material sciences and the drug delivery areas."

"... has developed the leading technology for the manufacture of commercial scale, high-purity fullerenes and other nanoscale fullerenic materials."

"We are deeply involved in research and medical nanotechnology involving infection by a newly discovered pleomorphic human pathogen known as Nanobacterium sanguineum. We are working with academic researchers throughout the world to develop medical therapies that eradicate the diseases associated with these nanobacteria."

NanoBio Corporation
"... a biopharmaceutical company whose mission is to develop and commercialize its high-value Rx and OTC pharmaceutical products enabled by its patented NanoStat™ antimicrobial nanoemulsion technology."

"... engaged in the development and commercialization of magnetically responsive nanoparticle technologies for a range of human health applications for an emerging area of nanobiomedicine referred to as Organ-Assisting-Devices (OAD's)"

"... develops proprietary products and processes based on a new phase of carbon produced in accordance with NanoBlox patent(s). The building block for the company’s technology is a 5 nanometer diameter, sp3 carbon, nanodiamond particle with a chemically tunable surface."

(NCL) "A nanotechnology division of MedChemLabs Inc. (MCL). Main purpose is supplying carbon nanotubes of highest grades of purity and developing methods of bulk production."

"... striving for advancement in the development of new medicines and diagnostician/pathognomy. Integration and development of "Bio and Nano" technology is the ultimate mission and challenge for NanoCarrier."

(formerly TAL Materials) " a nanotechnology company providing mixed-metal oxide nanopowder-based research and development solutions to corporate customers for photonics, energy conversion, catalysis, and structural ceramics."

"NanoChem products in the chemicals and wastewater treatment industries enhance productivity through effective use of new materials with novel properties and superior performance."

Design of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) silicon memory.

"Cloisite® additives consist of organically modified nanometer scale, layered magnesium aluminum silicate platelets. The silicate platelets that Cloisite® additives are derived from are 1 nanometer thick and 70 – 150 nanometers across."

Nano Cluster Devices
"... novel methods for taking clusters of atoms and forming them into electrically conducting wires."

NanoComputer Dream Team
Multidisciplinary project to make first nanometer supercomputer via the Internet.

High-performance nanoparticles

Nanoco Technologies
"... develops and manufactures fluorescent nano-crystals from semi-conductor and metallic materials known as quantum dots."

"... unique IP in the area of design, development and manufacture of polymer micro systems for photonic and life science applications."

"... design and manufacture of diffractive optics and microstructures."

NanoConduction Inc.

"... advanced cooling technology, nanoCoolers offers thermal management solutions that will revolutionize the computing, communication and refrigeration markets among others."

"... a drug formulation company bringing a proprietary ElectroNanoSpray™ technology for producing nanoparticles to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries."

"Nanocor is a new operating subsidiary of AMCOL International Corporation. We are the largest global supplier of nanoclays specifically designed for plastic nanocomposites."

"... nearly pure Nanohorns and Nanotubes ... to serve both research and industry orders."

Detailed investigations with SPM-Techniques, Scanning Tunneling Microscopic analysis; Sample preparation and surface modification; Production of chemically modified tips; Evaluation, analysis and interpretation

Nanocrystal Imaging Corporation
(NIC) " ... was founded in October 1997 to exploit some of NCT's discoveries in the creation of high quality digital x-ray images. ... Our practice of nanotechnology is based upon phenomena which produce non-linear attributes and properties of single atoms when confined within nanocrystals of sizes between 2 - 5 nanometers."

a research and development company focusing on hydrocarbon polymers, nanophase carbon materials (carbon nanotubes, nanodiamond, nanocomposite) process and related fabrication systems.

" exploiting and valorising new discoveries and a strong portfolio of intellectual property developed by Prof. Janos B. Nagy’s team at the University of Namur in the field of Carbon Nanotubes."

"... leverages MEMS fabrication to enhance precision nanoscale metrology and to build a foundation in nanotechnology."

"... owns an exclusive, world-wide commercial license to all applications of Nanodiscs™ – nano scale, discoidal structures composed of specially engineered proteins and phospholipid bilayers."

"... founded in 2002 to develop and manufacture high performance nanomaterials for a wide array of customers and for integration into proprietary components and systems. The Company is pursuing commercial manufacture of nanocrystalline metals, ceramics, and carbon materials for a wide range of applications in energy, portable power, biomedical, transportation, electronics, defense, and many other industries."

A wholly owned subsidiary of Ener1. "... formed to develop and market advanced nanomaterials and nanotechnologies. NanoEner’s proprietary technologies enable unprecedented speed and control in synthesis and deposition of nanomaterials for a wide range of applications."

"... founded to develop and commercialize ultra-thin films, called nanofilms, to enhance the durability, clarity, ease of use and performance of transparent materials."

"... provides measuring solutions that meet the demand for highly accurate measurement of micro-and nanostructures."

Nanoforce Technologies
"... aggressively pursue Nanotech research opportunities, primarily focused in the area of improving commercial products used in day-to-day activities."

"... founded in September 2005, as a spin off from research performed at Lund University in the field of thermoelectrics."

Nanogate Technologies GmbH
"... is concentrating at present on the commercial areas of Surface technology and Ceramic nanotechnology."

Integrates advanced microelectronics and molecular biology.

Applications of nanoscale silver particles. English version coming soon.

Nanographite Materials
(NGM) "... a joint venture between Applied Sciences, Inc., (ASI) and GSI Creos Corporation, (GSI). ... production and marketing of Pyrograf®-I vapor grown carbon fiber, and composite materials based on this fiber."

"... is a developer and licensor of core process technology enabling the manufacture of unique nanoscale compositions for optical, electronic, and energy storage applications and products. The company has developed extensive intellectual property that is expanding the boundaries of nanomaterials technologies by enabling the development and manufacturing of new generations of materials, devices, components and applications."

NanoGram Devices
"... founded in 2002 as a spin-out from NeoPhotonics Corporation, develops novel medical device applications based on its proven and patented laser-based nanomaterials synthesis process. The company's products include patented nanomaterial-based medical power sources that enable dramatically smaller, longer lifetime medical devices with superior performance."

NanoHorizons A Nanoscale materials and devices company providing solutions for: Drug discovery, Flexible Microelectronics, and Medical Diagnostics & Monitoring.

Organic semiconductor based photonic sensors.

Nano-Infinity Nanotech Co.
"... a specialized manufacturer of nano material and related nanotechnology for health beauty product, including healthy deodorant, body guard, beauty care, nano materials & semi-finished goods etc."

"... in business to commercialize the process known as dip pen nanolithography™, or DPN™. We have developed a platform process for nanotechnology that enables our customers and partners to create revolutionary new products and services using a molecular “bottom-up” approach to nanofabrication."

"... convert research ideas into marketable nano-technologies."

NanoLab Systems
"Our main focus area is Carbon NanoTube based applications where we have created novel modification processes and devices. These processes are widely used by companies in polymer industry where we have made exclusive license agreements with corporations in specific segments."

"NanoLife Holdings has focused its commercial efforts on nanotechnology since 1999. Our thrust has always been focused on more efficient releases of energy in a reaction between nano-particles."

Produces a mercury free fluorescent tube, the NanoLamp. Utilizing a cathode "based on Field Emission of electrons from a wire covered with carbon nanotubes."

"Nanolayers is the commercial name chosen for Dr. Shlomo Yitzchaik's Molecular Layer Epitaxy (MLE) technology -- a breakthrough, patented nanotechnology from his laboratory at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Nanolayers is a basic enabling technology for semiconductor, microelectronic, materials, bioelectronics, telecommunications and multiple other industries that constitute central growth markets in the upcoming decade."

"... designs and develops high-performance and multi-functional materials and fibers out of carbon nanotubes (CNT)."

"... a biotechnology / genomics company owning 31 issued patents with applications in nanotechnology, hydrogen gas production, medical drugs/devices, bio-defense sensors and bioremediation."

Nanolume "... founded in 1998 for the purpose of creating devices from synthetically produced nanocrystalline semiconductors. It is an outgrowth of research done by the principals while at Duke University."

NanoMagnetics Ltd
"... is developing advanced magnetic materials for the information storage industry using its patented protein-based technology. These materials have the potential to replace the magnetic thin film technology used today by the hard disk industry, which is seeking to overcome the approaching physical “superparamagnetic” storage density limit."

"... analyzes the market opportunities and disruptions brought about by advances in technology at the micro and nano scale."

"... developed efficient and cost-effective processes to manufacture nanomaterials to meet a wide range of custom needs and specifications."

Nanomaterials and Nanofabrication Laboratories (NN-Labs)
"... production, processing and applications of semiconductor nanocrystals and dedron ligands."

Nanomaterials Company
Producer of complex nanopowders and nanostructured materials.

Nanomaterials Discovery Corporation
"... combines the power of combinatorial chemistry with the versatility of electrochemistry to discover and refine nanomaterials with high economic impact. NDC focuses on discovering and refining the nanostructured materials that can fundamentally change the world in which we live."

Nanomaterials Research LLC
"... is involved in the research, development, and manufacture of gas sensors, electronic components, and unique microfabricated devices (e.g., ceramic MEMS)."

NanoMaterials Technology
"... develops and provides technologies for the commercial production of nanosized materials which are applied in industrial markets including the chemical, pharmaceutical, and electronics markets."

"... mission is to provide innovative nanostructured coatings, related manufacturing processes and systems for a broad range of applications that improve the quality of life."

"... mission is to become a global leader in the development of dual-action therapeutics for the treatment of cancer."

NanoMed Pharmaceuticals
"... developing nanoparticle-based advanced drug delivery systems to diagnose and treat disease."

"... distribute and commercialize high technology products that offer a different and innovative solution to everything available in the market."

"... manufacturing nano metal powders and nano powder making equipment."

"... has developed a unique, innovative, patented and effective process (the MG-1 Process) to structure, organize and assemble molecules and atomic-size particules."

(formerly Covalent Materials Inc.) New materials are designed, synthesized and characterized at the nanometer scale for a myriad of applications in industries ranging from electronics to biotechnology.

"... designs and manufactures advanced motion technologies for use in a wide range of consumer devices. Our breakthrough products displace conventional electromagnetic motors and solenoids, and for the first time provide miniature, affordable motion."

Nanon A/S
"... a world leader in the nanoscale manipulation of "difficult" polymers, such as silicone, with the goal of optimizing performance - without compromising the properties of the base material."

Nanonize Technologies Corp.
"... focusing on the research and development of commercial products based on nanotechnologies in addition to products of nanopowders."

NanoOpto "... is applying proprietary nano-optics and nano-manufacturing technology to design and make components for optical networking. Based on years of research, the company’s technology allows orders of magnitude more rapid prototyping, higher performance and lower overall system cost. Both on its own and with corporate partners, NanoOpto will use subwavelength techniques to produce better conventional optical components and also to create new classes of integrated components."

"... photo catalytic/functionalized materials, processing technology for powders, coatings and composites, control of surface modification, analysis/evaluation/optimization of materials & processing, and design of Components and Systems (Air purification, Water purification)."

"... develops novel carrier systems for the treatment of brain tumors and nervous system disorders using biodegradable nanoparticles. Nanosphere drug targeting systems allow any drug to cross the blood-brain barrier."

A privately-held spinoff from Massachusetts General Hospital, founded to develop advanced drug delivery systems, and to provide fully biodegradable nanoscopic drug delivery vehicles based on proprietary molecular constructs and "biological stealth" materials.

Nanophase Technologies Corporation
"... a leader in solving product problems through its patented and proprietary nanocrystalline technology."


Nanoplex Technologies
"... focuses on developing and commercializing products based on novel metal nanoparticles and nanoparticle-based surfaces."

Whether you are a researcher, industrialist or educator involved in the emerging field of nanotechnology, Nanopolis multimedia distributed knowledge network and encyclopedia series provides you a straightforward way to understand the Nanotech world and to be understood within.

"The German Ministry of Research and Education promotes the project “Ultra Thin Layers” as being one of seven clearly defined disciplines of nanotechnology. The manufacturing of those ultra thin nano layers is the core competency of nanopool GmbH."

" ... founded in 1993 with the purpose of commercializing high porosity/high surface area materials for a wide range of applications including adsorbtion, gas separation, advanced thermal insulation, low-K dielectrics, and optics."

Nanopowder Enterprises
(NEI) "Incorporated in 1997, NEI invents and develops proprietary, patented technologies for producing nanopowders and nanostructured intermediates."

NanoPowders Industries
"... metal powders on a production scale to meet the needs of present and future markets."

NanoPrism Technologies
"... a platform of patented technologies and proprietary know-how to manufacture and commercialize various nanomaterials with superior performance attributes."

"...was founded to develop the most sensitive reagents and technology for detecting biological molecules."

NanoProducts Corporation
(formerly NanoEnergy Corp.) "...supplier of nanoscale powders and products derived from these powders. ... employ patented technologies to produce nanoscale particles (nanotechnology building blocks), which are currently being manufactured in commercial volumes."

Nanoscale Combinatorial Synthesis Inc.
(Nanosyn) " focused on developing integrated technologies for miniaturized ("nanoscale") to milligram scale combinatorial synthesis. ... We produce combinatorial libraries with unique design features and provide access to an existing compound collection approaching 100,000 individually purified and analytically characterized small molecules for drug discovery."

" a new enterprise in the field of materials discovery concerned with the design and development of novel, functionalised materials with the potential to open up new processes within the chemical industry."

"... providing the most advanced products, systems, & services for nanodevice, MEMS, BioMEMS and MST applications."

Nanoscience Technologies
"... manages one of the few research efforts providing a viable mass manufacturing methodology and vehicle to deliver this technology (functional molecules) to the marketplace for commercial use."

"... a nanotechnology company developing chemical and biological sensors to monitor the quality and safety of our municipal water supply systems."

"... specialize in research, development and production of exceptionally high specific surface area powders, nanoparticle dispersions and ultra fine grinding."

Nanosolar "... focused on bringing to market a new generation of very-low-cost solar electricity cells, which are light-weight, flexible, and easily adjustable in shape. Based on flexible plastics, solution coating, and self-assembling nanostructures, Nanosolar's technology combines advanced nanostructural control with simple production processes to enable efficient very-low-cost solar cells."

"...have developed new molecular self-assembly processes that allow control of synthesized material structure at the nanometer level, as well as the manufacturing of new materials with designed constitutive behavior."

Nanospectra Biosciences
Nanospectra LLC and Nanospectra Biosciences "... founded in January 2001 to commercialize technology developed at Rice University by Dr. Naomi Halas and Dr. Jennifer West. The company's IP portfolio includes a broad range of industrial, photonic and biomedical applications that are enabled by the ability to manufacture and tune nanoshells across a wide range of optical properties. Nanospectra Biosciences, Inc. was formed in August 2001 to develop the life sciences applications of this technology."

Nanosphere "... a privately-held life-sciences company located just outside of Chicago, Illinois. Our proprietary technology uses the unique properties of nanoparticles. We have developed a comprehensive system for detecting bio-molecules such as nucleic acids and proteins. Nanosphere, Inc. will become the global standard for molecular diagnostics."

"... founded in 2003 to enable the rapid commercialization of polymer nanotechnology by utilizing proprietary platform technology developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory and the University of Dayton Research Institute."

"... a Menlo Park-based Nano-Composite Material company that develops highly efficient Platinum Nano-Composite Catalyst solutions."

"We create microfluidics chips to serve our customers’ needs in small-scale fluid manipulation. Using a unique modular approach, Nanostream’s technology helps automate and miniaturize fluid-handling. This approach also allows for extremely fast prototyping, seamless scale-up and mass customization with turnaround time in days."

Nanostring Technologies
"NanoString Technologies is developing a patent-pending nanotechnology-based platform for high speed, completely automated, robust, highly multiplexed, single molecule identification and digital quantification."

Nanostructural Analysis Network Organisation - Major National Research Facility (NANO-MNRF)
"The NANO-MNRF is the peak Australian facility for nanometric analysis of the structure and chemistry of materials in both physical and biological systems."

Nanostructured & Amorphous Materials, Inc.
"... a provider of various nanostructured and amophous materials with a high quality, a large quantity, and a low cost."

Nano Superlattice Technology
"... focused on research and development and mass production of nano-scale coating technology."

"... main focus is on the research and development of scanning probe microscopes (SPM) and positioning devices with nanometre resolution."

Nanosys A development stage company focused on building nanotechnology-enabled systems. Larry Bock - president and CEO. They have an exclusive licensing arrangement with Harvard University for a portfolio of fundamental intellectual property, including nanowires, which were developed by Harvard Professor Charles Lieber.

Nanotec Pty
"... ready to use product solutions for all kind of surfaces. We offer development services for enterprises which are interested to expand their product lines."

Nano-composite powders

Nano Tech Coatings
Material coatings using the sol-gel process for manufacturing inorganic-organic hybrid polymers.

Various nanotubes, nanoparticles, and nanowires.

A subsidiary of Arrowhead Research. "... seeks to develop a variety of nanoscale devices and systems."

Nanotech Semiconductor
"... a fabless chip company, designing and supplying Driver and Receiver ICs for the fiber-optics communications industry."

"... partnered with Nanotec Pty Ltd. We have introduced true nanotechnology water repellent and easier to clean/self cleaning permanent treatments to the United States."

Nanotechnology Development Corporation
(NTDC) Formed to rapidly exploit the advances being made in the field of Digital Matter Control.

Nanotechnologies Inc.
"... provide unique materials for a wide variety of industries and performance-driven applications."

Nanotechnology Victoria
" ... a vehicle for optimising benefits to Victoria from advances in nanotechnology and related sciences."

A materials science company that has developed a platform technology based on nanoscale, porous lattices. The company’s first application is energy storage for batteries and supercapacitors.

Nanotechnology Consulting Services, founded by Dr. David Tomanek (of Nanotube fame).

"... a research company founded on the principles of nanotechnology creating new or improved textile properties through molecular engineering. ... The principles of nanotechnology are utilized to create exceptional performance in everyday items: apparel, home furnishings, commercial interiors, industrial fabrics"

"... has made new discoveries in the area of nanotechnology and is applying them to the development of novel drug therapies." As of July 5, 2002 Nanosphere and Nanocoat have merged to form Nanotherapeutics, Inc.

"... large-scale, high-yield and low-cost production of carbon nanotubes."

"... founded in 2004 to commercialize nanoscale droplet technology being developed at the University of California, Irvine. The droplet technology provides high-precision, digital control of biochemical processes at the nanoscale."

Nanotubes Broker
"As a visitor of, you are entitled to a 5% price reduction on your nanotubes purchases from the american or european suppliers ..."

NanoTwin Technologies
"... focused on improving the quality inside your everyday, personal environment." Makers of NanoBreeze air purifier.

"... will enable next generation evolution in drug development and diagnostics through application of our proprietary C-FIT™ (Congruent Force Intermolecular Test) technology. C-FIT™ unites nanotechnology and biology..."

"... a holding company, predominantly into established, growth oriented enterprises in nanotechnology and adjacent technology fields."

"We believe that nanoviricides are the next great advance in medicine."

"We develop innovative approaches and offer superior solutions for the low temperature community."

"... mechanochemical synthesis and perovskite formulations for low temperature diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC) and other types of autocatalysts."

"... develops and produces new materials from chemical nanotechnology with multi-functional properties."

"... is developing NRAM, a high-density nonvolatile random access memory chip, using nanotechnology. The company's objective is to deliver a product that will replace all existing forms of memory, such as DRAM, SRAM and flash memory, with NRAM serving as universal memory."

National Composite Center (NCC)
"... promoting, developing and applying advanced composite technology to the aerospace and defense, automotive, commercial and infrastructure markets."

A subsidiary of Technology Innovations, LLC "... processing and applications of naturally occurring nanoscale materials, such as halloysite, or manufacturable at very low cost and in high quantity."

(nano world technologies) "Numerous international patents on nanolithography with electron beam induced reactions (formation of nano-structures on surfaces) and especially modified high resolution electron beam systems are the basis for successful applications in electronics, nano-analytics, bio-nano physics and micro-optics."

"... a nanotechnology research, commercialization, licensing and distribution company. Through its subsidiary companies, nCoat develops and distributes commercially viable proprietary nanotechnology and traditional coating products."

NEI Corporation
"... synthesis and processing of nanomaterials ..."

"... designs, manufactures and markets planar optical components through the deposition of nanoscale light enhancing materials."

NexTech Materials
"... is developing a range of advanced ceramic products for the energy, automotive, medical, defense, and aerospace industries. Its core competencies are inorganic materials development, ceramic product development, synthesis and dispersion of nanoscale oxides, and scale-up of advanced powder synthesis technologies. Some of the products under development are described below."

Nextreme Thermal Solutions
"Nextreme's devices employ nanoengineered layered semiconductors called superlattices that are created by stacking thousands of layers of thermoelectric material, with the layers between 1 and 5 nanometers thick."

nGimat Co.
"An intellectual property company and a manufacturer of engineered nanomaterials in the following areas: nanopowders, thin film coatings, and devices."

NIC Industries
Powder, ceramic, and elastomeric coatings

NSC-Nanosemiconductor-GmbH "... designs and fabricates semiconductor wafers grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy in (In, Al, Ga) As with Si and C doping elements system using proprietary nanoepitaxial techniques for optoelectronic and microelectronic applications."

NSTI Nano Science and Technology Institute "... a leading, global nanotechnology consultancy. Through its knowledge network, NSTI offers high-value services powered by a unique network of established high-level and long-term relationships with leaders in the nascent fields of nanotechnology."

Ntera A broad-based nanotechnology company with current applications in flat panel displays, medical diagnostic sensors and targeted drug delivery.

Noble metal nanocrystalline pharmaceutical and medical device technologies.

"The Technology is a patent pending called Nano-sized Self-assembled Liquid Structures (NSSL) and is related to the nano-sized vehicles that are used as vehicles to targeted compounds (such as nutraceuticals and drugs)."

" We specialize in colloidal dispersions of inorganic oxides and powders prepared from these dispersions. We use nano particle technology to create these inorganic metal oxides and organic based silica sols that are largely used as flame retardants, abrasion resistance additives and as binders for catalysts, refractories and ceramic fibers."

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Obducat Developer and supplier of technologies and processes for the production and analysis of very fine structures (micro and nano structures).

"... developed the technology of optical MEMS....also incorporated two other core competencies: optoelectronics packaging and automated manufacturing of photonic switching subsystems."

Omni-Lite Industries
"... one of the world's leading developers of precision components utilizing advanced composite materials and computer-controlled cold forging techniques"

"Benefiting from over two decades of successful large-scale research in supramolecular engineering, Optiva is the first to develop a commercial mass-production process optical self-assembling materials ("nanomaterials"). Optiva's first family of thin crystal films (TCF™) products will target the flat panel display industry, offering significant cost and performance advantages over traditional polarizer film alternatives."

"... research and development of novel optical, imaging, chemical, as well as biological sensors and microsystems. Optotrack is dedicated to commercializing its proprietary intellectual properties based on microfabrication and nanotechnology to seize rapidly growing market opportunities in the healthcare, communication, and homeland security industry."

Orla Protein Technologies
"... a bio-nanotechnology company integrating biological systems and physical devices through engineered protein interfaces."

Commercialized special kinds of conductive polymers ("organic metals") highly engineered nanostructured materials made from organic building blocks.

Owlstone Nanotech
"Using leading-edge nanofabrication techniques, Owlstone has created a complete chemical detection system on a chip. A hundred times smaller - and a thousand times cheaper - than other currently available devices, the Owlstone detector overcomes many of the limitations of traditional detection technologies."

Oxford Nanotechnology
A research and development company based in Oxford, U.K. Our research specialty is into the use of ion beams to create nanostructures, but we also have interests in nano-scale electronic architecture, quantum computing and other nanotechnology research. We are currently looking to expand our operations, and to employ a number of staff research scientists.

Oxonica "... engaged in building a portfolio of in-house developed new product opportunities and commercialising IPR that has been researched within the Engineering Science and Biochemistry Departments of The University of Oxford."

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"P2i Ltd’s plasma surface enhancement process is a 21st century technology that gives everyday products extraordinary performance levels of oil and water repellency."

Pacific Fuel Cell
"... leader in the development of carbon nanotube-based membrane electrode assemblies (MEA's)."

Pars Environmental
NanoFeTM remediation technology for soils and groundwater.

PChem Associates
"... developed a patented nanomaterial technology for printed electronics."

Pennsylvania NanoMaterials Commercialization Center
"A primary objective of this new center will focus on establishing Pennsylvania as the first-to-market leader in products and technologies that involve nanomaterials."

Percenta Europe Ltd
A wide range of goods to protect surfaces; sealants and coatings.

Nano-materials and -powders, detonation-, vacuum-, plasma- and ultra-thin film technologies and their biomedical and technical applications.

Plastic Logic
"... a leading developer of plastic electronics technology. It develops and exploits new manufacturing processes which combine the power of electronics with the pervasiveness of printing."

Platypus Technologies
"... develops, produces and markets nanotechnologies for the life sciences. We produce a variety of nano-structured surfaces for use in research and are also developing a range of products that derive from a proprietary platform technology for the rapid detection of molecular interactions."

Powdermet Inc.
Specializes in modifying powder and particulate surfaces through applying metal and ceramic coatings onto particulate matrices. We design, develop, and manufacture metal and ceramic nanoengineered fine powders and particulates using fluidized bed surface modification technology.

PowerMetal Technologies
A provider of electrodeposition and product engineering services for nanometals in the consumer and sporting goods industries.

Primet Precision Materials
An advanced materials company with expertise in controlling materials at the micro and nano scales to create new and useful macro effects.

Programmable Matter Corporation
"... a research corporation based in Lakewood, Colorado. PMC was formed for the express purpose of exploring and developing dynamically configurable ismart materials and the technology associated with them."

PSI-TEC Corporation
"... a developmental stage company that engineers next-generation electro-optic plastics.

"... an Australian listed public company that is committed to the biomedical nanotechnology sectors. It has as its core focus the development of nano-structured porous silicon for multiple potential applications in human and animal healthcare through its UK operating subsidiary, pSiMedica Limited."

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Q Chip
"... a precision particle engineering company with a unique microfluidic technology enabling sophisticated manufacture of micro- and nano-particles for the high value added manufacturing industries of pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics."

QD Vision
"... quantum-dot materials advancements and manufacturing process development for the next-generation of displays."

Qtech Nanosystems
"... a 'technology incubation enterprise' focussed on making products based on nanotechnology."

Quantiam Technologies
"Develops and commercializes advanced materials based on nanotechnology; manufactures powders, catalysts and coatings for the petrochemical, energy and aerospace industries; provides consulting, technical and research services for characterization of nanomaterials and surfaces; extensive collaboration and seed investment in innovation."

"... a nanotechnology company developing process solutions aimed at next generation lithography (NGL) for the microelectronics industry."

Quantum Dot Corporation
Develops and sells novel solutions to accelerate the discovery and development of functionally validated novel drug targets at the cellular level.

Quantum Logic Devices
"... focus is on single-electron transistor platforms, based on quantum dots, that use very low power."

Quantum Polymer Composites
Thermoplastic Rubbers (TPR) and Rejuvenates of Rubber Scraps.

Quantum Polymer Technologies
Self-assembling polymer nanowires.

Quantum Precision Instruments
"... patented technology forms the foundation for a family of nanoTrek(TM) nanotechnology MEMS and NEMS sensors having applicability in a wide range of industries: from medicine and bio-technology, through to aviation, aerospace, defence, automotive, seismic, mining and others."

"... a leading manufacturer of metallic nanopowders for aerospace, defense, energy, and other markets."

QuarTek Corporation
Active research programs in smart materials, nano-sensors for diagnostics, nano-tagging, and remote sensing.

QuNano AB
"... a venture-backed, development-stage nanotechnology company focused on development and commercialization of next generation quantum nanoscale semiconductor materials and devices for the electronics, optoelectronics and sensor markets."

QinetiQ Nanomaterials
QinetiQ Nanomaterials Ltd "QNL is a fully owned subsidiary of the QinetiQ Group, Europe's largest science and technology organisation. Across QinetiQ there are over 150 scientists and engineers working in nanomaterials and nanotechnology. By linking them with a proven manufacturing technology we have been able to make significant progress in addressing the key issue of bulk supply of nanometric material - the essential lifeblood of the technology."

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Radiation Shield Technologies (RST)
"... proud to offer Demron(TM), the new standard in personal radiation protection. This revolutionary technology is currently produced as full body suits, gloves and boots."

RAND (a contraction of the term "research and development") is the first organization to be called a "think tank." ...job is to help improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis.

"... a semiconductor equipment manufacturing company capitalizing on its proprietary nanomachining technology which takes advantage of developments in Atomic Force Microscopy, cantilever and Nanobit technology and 3D imaging software and their collective application to critical nanomachining solutions for the high technology marketplace."

Raytheon's Nanoelectronics Branch
Develops future-generation analog and digital technologies for commercial and defense applications in radar, communications, and sensor processing.

Reactive NanoTechnologies
(RNT) "In 1994 Dr. Tim Weihs (now a professor in Johns Hopkins University Materials Science and Engineering Department) and Dr. Troy Barbee of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory made a groundbreaking discovery that held the promise of changing the way many materials are held together....Weihs and Barbee patented their invention in 1996, and set to the lengthy task of making these foils ready to manufacture. In this effort they are joined by Professor Omar Knio, who is spearheading the computational modeling effort that will eventually lead to optimizing the foil’s design."

Reade Advanced Materials
"... a manufacturer, value add custom processor, & global distributor of metal, alloy, ceramic, composite, usp, & fcc grade nano materials (nano particles, nano crystals, nano tubes, fullerenes, nano wires, nano fibers, quantum dots, doped nano particles, and encapsulated nano particles)."

Refinery Science
"... meeting the increasing demand for energy independence through nanotechnology"

Rockwell Scientific
"Rockwell Scientific is an independent, privately owned high technology enterprise with unique technical strengths in electronics, imaging, optics, materials, and information science. Its range of activities includes contract research and development services for the U.S. government and private sector companies, as well as commercialization of select technologies through licensing and the development, manufacturing, and sales of high value products closely related to its R&D efforts."

Rohm and Haas
"... specialty materials with revolutionary developments in everything from electronic materials and polymers for paints to personal care products ..."

"Rolltronics Corporation, a Silicon Valley technology company, is developing roll-to-roll (R2R) manufacturing processes that will enable the production of electronic devices with dramatically lower costs and improved product features: thin, light, flexible, durable, affordable, faster to prototype and faster to market."

Rosseter Holdings Limited
"... a company that specialises in large-scale production of Carbon Nanotubes and related materials."

Research Triangle Institute (RTI)
"In 2001, RTI initiated a new focus on nanotechnology to consolidate and coordinate years of successful work in thermoelectrics, materials science and engineering, and filtration and aerosol technology."

RTP Company
"Specialty thermoplastic compounds from RTP Company provide conductive, structural, wear resistant, flame retardant, soft-touch, and color properties in over 60 engineering resins."

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"... develop and manufacture nanotechnology engineered controlled delivery systems and biodegradable devices for various commercial applications."

Among others items, makers of nanpowders, and prototype nanotube-based FED (field emission displays).

Schoeller NanoSphere
"NanoSphere® finishing technology is revolutionizing the textile industry. Nature's phenomenal “self-cleaning principle” is now also available in textiles." English and German

"... mission is to commercialize new technologies that dramatically reduce the cycle time and the cost of successful discovery of new materials."

Seagate Technology
Storage Products

Seashell Technology
"... nanoparticles and nanostructured materials for academic research, development projects and for industrial processes."

Seldon Laboratories
"... a privately held nanotechnology company focused on incorporating the unique properties of carbon nanotubes into products for today's markets."

Sequoia Pacific Research Company
"... a chemical research and development holding company, which applies the science and art of Nanochemical Technology to create new products and unique chemical process applications."

SES Research
"... one of the first commercial manufacturers of Carbon Fullerenes to supply research communities worldwide."

Shenzhen JINGANGYUAN New Material
Specializes in R&D, manufacture, and marketing of nanodiamond powder and suspension, and their applications. With an annual output of up to10 million carats.

Shenzhen Nanotech Port Co
Research, manufacture, application and sales of carbon nanotubes.

Solaris Nanosciences Corporation
"... focused on developing nanoscale materials for large applications including the solar energy, display and vision markets."

Sol-Gel Technologies
"... proprietary platform nanotechnology is an innovative concept, that involves the encapsulation, at room temperature, of active ingredients in micro- and nano-sized glass (silica) matrices as well as nanospheres utilizing a chemical process called sol-gel."

"... using advanced polymer formulations to prepare nanotransporters for drugs having delivery or compliance insufficiencies."

"... applications such as the gentle drying of nano-particles, the isolation of highly effective pharmaceutical agents, the production of spherical ceramic matrices, or micro-encapsulation, as well as efficient and safe spray drying of aqueous and organic solvent-based solutions and slurries."

Southwest Nanotechnologies
Southwest Nanotechnologies Produces Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWNT's) by Catalytic Disproportionation. See Controlled production of SWNTs at the University of Oklahoma

"... intends to develop the next generation of targeted drug delivery and imaging agents using proprietary, nano-scale protein cage architectures."

"... over 40 years experience as supplier of high quality coatings. Our company was one of the first offering high quality fluorocarbon coatings."

"The Starpharma Group (Starpharma) was established to commercialise novel polyvalent compound technology discovered at the Biomolecular Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia .... comprises a class of high molecular weight, branch-like chemicals (dendrimers) and other polyvalent compounds with demonstrated activity against a broad range of viruses and other human diseases for which current therapies are inadequate." Teaming with Queensland-based PANBIO and Dr Donald A. Tomalia (the pioneer of dendrimer technology) they have established a new venture to develop products using dendrimer nanotechnology, called Dendritic Nanotechnologies Limited. Research facilities are at The Center for Applied Research and Technology at Central Michigan University, located in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

Standard MEMS
"... the largest independent high-volume manufacturer of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) for high technology markets."

Starfire Systems
"... offers a wide range of patented silicon carbide (SiC) ceramic forming polymers and material systems that companies use to meet performance and cost targets where high temperature, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and weight are requirements that must be met."

Steward Environmental Solutions
"Solving Environmental & Industrial Challenges in Liquids and Gases with Nano-Materials."

Makers of Nanofil® - nanocomposite filler product line for polymer applications.

Sughrue Mion
Nanotechnology Patent Practice Group

Smart Electrode Technology™ - Nanoscale RF control for tissue welding.

SurroMed "... focused on applying its phenotyping technologies to accelerate the pharmaceutical discovery and development process and enable the precise diagnosis and personalized treatment of disease."

"Functional surfaces with optimised wetting and optical properties are the core technology of SuNyx Surface Nanotechnologies, a recent spin-off of the Bayer Corporation."

SUSS MicroTec
manufacturer and supplier of precision microelectronics equipment for the manufacturing and R&D environments.

SusTech Darmstadt
"... a center of competence for nanotechnology. Consisting of an international team of currently 30 scientists, it develops new materials, systems and products. Its location on the campus of the Technical University of Darmstadt makes it possible for our chemists, physicists, engineers and materials scientists to use the adjacent research facilities efficiently."

Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology
(CSEM - Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique SA) CSEM is mainly active in the areas of microtechnology, microelectronics and information systems.

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Tailored Materials Corporation (TMC)
"... an emerging manufacturer of ultra-pure, carbon Double-Wall Nanotubes (DWNT) for Field Emission Displays and other devices."

"... a drug development and drug delivery company utilizing its proprietary nanoparticle technology to produce novel, efficacious drugs with improved properties. New or existing drugs, either antibodies or small molecules, can be attached to the nanoparticle to develop a new class of therapeutic agents."

"... surface care protection for your glass, metal, stone, granite, plexiglass, vinyl and travertine surfaces."

Telomolecular Corp.
"... develops nanotechnologies capable of delivering large-molecule proteins across human cell membranes. "

"... a wide range of technologies for the production and processing of powders in general and for nanopowder production specifically. In addition there are a number of processes involving carbon products, including graphite, carbon black and diamond production."

Texas Instruments

Thales Nanotechnology
A subsidiary of ComGenex, Inc. involved in exploring the use of continuous flow chemistry with nanotechnology in the field of drug discovery.

Thomas Swan & Co.
"... performance and speciality chemical manufacturer." Carbon Nanomaterials Business

T/J Technologies
"... designs, develops and manufactures advanced materials and devices for electrochemical energy storage and conversion."

Triton BioSystems
"... a development-stage company focused on the discovery and development of non-invasive targeted therapeutics that use heat to treat cancer and other life threatening and debilitating diseases." Currently working on pre-clinical product development of their Targeted Nano-Therapeutics system for advanced breast cancer.

Triton Systems
"... a fast growing materials company located just north of Boston. We provide our customers with unique materials solutions." Including polymers (e.g., polyolefins, polyesters, polyetherimides) that are enhanced by adding specialty nanometer sized particles (1x10-9 m) into the polymer matrix.

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United Nanotechnologies
"... was established with an aim to cater products based on Nanotechnology for the Indian market."

Universal Display Corporation
"... a leading organic light emitting device (OLED) technology developer with a broad intellectual property portfolio, years of experience in OLED research and development, and entrepreneurial management expertise."

US Global Nanospace
US Global Nanospace A Nano Science company developing innovative solutions for Homeland Security and Force Protections.

US NanoCorp
(USN) "... was incorporated April 1, 1996, as a vehicle to identify, develop, and commercialize value-added products in the field of energy storage and energy conversion devices which exploit the extraordinary properties of nanostructured materials."

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Vantage Resin Systems
"... a Nanotube-Neutral formulator of carbon nanotubes for thermoset epoxy applications."

"VBN is dedicated to furthering the art, science and practice of nanotechnology, where Biology, Chemistry, Physics and mechanical design converge Molecular scale."

Versilant Nanotechnologies
"... pioneers the invention, development and production of nanotechnology-based materials."

A division of Eastman Chemical Company. "The world's largest manufacturer of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for packaging and a global leader in the manufacturing of acetate tow."

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a development stage enterprise, is inventing, researching and developing new precious metals analytic and extraction technologies based upon the science of nanotechnology.

Xerox Palo Alto Research Center
(PARC) Founded in 1970, PARC transformed computing with inventions such as the graphic user interface, client/server architecture, laser printing and Ethernet. Current activities are focused on Networks and Documents, Smart Matter and Knowledge Ecologies.

Specialty Nanopowders

"... an Austin-based nanotechnology company in the business of developing carbon nanotube based mechanical, electrical and logic devices together with micro- and macro-scale products that incorporate these nanodevices."

Formerly Applied Nanotechnologies, Inc. (ANI) "... established in October 2000 to develop and commercialize applications of carbon nanotubes in various industries such as telecommunications, electronics and medical imaging systems. The Company also fabricates carbon nanotubes for use in the above-mentioned industries and the research community."

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"... launched in January of 2002 to market an amazing medical product invented by its co-founder, scientist and former NASA team engineer Francis X. Hursey. The product, QuikClot® brand hemostatic agent, is the first in history that rapidly stops severe arterial or venous bleeding outside the surgical setting."

"... developing ultra-dense, low-power, lower-cost memory chips that have the potential to revolutionize the microelectronics industry."

Zhangyuan Tungsten Co.
Nanoscale tungsten carbide powder.

Zyvex Molecular Nanotechnology research company. Working in the areas of Nanomanipulation, Mechanochemistry, assembler system design, CAD, and others. Interview with James Von Ehr II by John C. Snider

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