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Animated and visual elements for promoting nanoscale science!

The NanoTechnology Group Inc

New Braunfels, Texas. July 26th, 2004

The NanoTechnology Group Inc. is proud to announce that an agreement between our organization and Erik Viktor has been established to market his animations featuring the creation and atomic condensation of Nanotubes and/or buckyballs (using a laser) which will encourage better comprehension for curriculum development as well as product sales for commercialization.

Due to his heavy load in the creative aspect as an animator, Erik has been much too busy to handle the inquiries and preliminary discussions necessary for development of specific animations for individual universities and corporations. While he brings his excellent skills to our staff for project work, he is also able to complete commission work for the private sector at reasonable costs. Therefore, Judith Light Feather, President of TNTG Inc., will handle all future inquiries and discussions regarding custom animations or use of the stock animations in the gallery. If you have a project to develop curriculum, these visual elements will become very important for full comprehension of nano scale science as an animation is worth a thousand pages of text for the student.

Corporations will also find that marketing their products by developing a DVD with animated segments showing the nanoparticles or composites within the structure of the finished product, will enhance their efforts and increase profits in the marketplace. As we move toward more commercialization, the public will need a better understanding of the benefits of these new products which use nanomaterials and composites that exist in the quantum realm of invisibility to the naked eye. Animation of these nanomaterials which show how they form the final product eliminates confusion in the marketplace and stimulates product sales.

Stock animations can be viewed prior to inquiries here (approximately 7.5. Mb)

Please note that this file is an unedited rough cut which allows you to view all the clips currently available. It features the creation and atomic condensation of Nanotubes and/or buckyballs using a laser. It also shows a nanotube / buckyball piston. Identify the clip that would serve your purposes and it will be available as a single Quicktime uncompressed 720 x 486 file. (Other formats are available on request)

All interested parties may contact us by or phone: Office: 830-227-5520, or Cell: 830-660-0054 for individual pricing.

Erik Viktor's latest 3D animation featuring the (industrial) formation of Buckyballs and single-wall nanotubes using a laser is available for sale (only!) for universities, TV Channels worldwide (e.g.) to promote science.

Products and other subjects can also be illustrated/animated upon request.

Be sure to visit the complete Nanotechnology Image Gallery while on the site, here (sponsored by

To view other animation demo samples visit the animations website.

TNTG is also working with Erik Viktor to convert the Spaceworld 2000 exhibit into a Nanotechnology Spaceworld Exhibit. If you are interested in Sponsoring the update of this exhibit which will become Erik Viktor's Amazing NanoSpaceworld 2015, or bringing it to your area, please contact us with your ideas for support!

If you haven't seen this exhibit, check it out online at A new website is in development for the upgrade of the exhibit at It should be online soon and will be sponsored by TNTG Inc.

The NanoTechnology Group Inc. is a Texas non-profit 501 (c)(3) developed as a Global Consortium of Universities, Corporations and Organizations working in unison to develop Nano Science Education for K-20. The TNTG News Division has been developed to keep the public informed with the latest news, information, e-learning, pay per view conferences and childrens programming. Interested sponsors can contact us by , or phone: Office: 830-227-5520, or Cell: 830-660-0054.

See also: www.NanoNEWS.TV

Erik Viktor, leading illustrator, animation artist and exhibit developer is located in Montreal, Canada. Please contact TNTG Inc. to discuss all future work.

Copyright The NanoTechnology Group. Reprinted with permission.

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