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Starpharma Awarded Its Third US Nanotechnology Patent

Melbourne, Australia. November 20th, 2002

Starpharma Pooled Development Limited (ASX:SPL) has received notification of issue of US Patent Number 6464971 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent, entitled "Anionic or cationic dendrimer antimicrobial or antiparasitic compositions", has been issued to Starpharma Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Starpharma Pooled Development Limited.

This is the third of Starpharma's patents to receive final approval through the US system, and further consolidates the Company's worldwide dendrimer nanotechnology intellectual property. It also further consolidates Starpharma's substantial development pipeline in the area of dendrimer based pharmaceuticals. In addition to its own extensive intellectual property portfolio, Starpharma has exclusive commercialisation rights to all pharmaceutical applications arising out of the dendrimer patents of the US based company Dendritic Nanotechnologies Ltd (DNT).

Starpharma's most recent quarterly update (31 Oct 2002) shows that its research into pharmaceutical applications of dendrimers is continuing to yield promising results in a broad range of major disease areas, including:

  • West Nile Virus
  • prion diseases (including Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or 'mad cow disease')
  • colon cancer
  • respiratory viruses
  • sexually transmitted disease protection

The Company is engaged in discussions with potential license partners to develop and commercialise both Starpharma and DNT intellectual property. John Raff said: "We are offering the opportunity for major pharmaceutical companies to develop new and improved drugs by incorporating our proprietary dendrimer based nanotechnology into their products."


Dr John Raff
Chief Executive Officer
+61 3 8532 2701

Mr Ben Rogers
Company Secretary
+61 3 8532 2702

Reprinted with premission. Copyright Starpharma.

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