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Quantum Dot Corporation Launches First Bio-Nanotechnology Product

Hayward, CA. November 14th, 2002

Quantum Dot Corporation (QDC), the leader in quantum dot biotechnology applications, announced today the launch of its first Qdot™ product. The Qdot™ 605 Streptavidin Conjugate, the first in a line of Qdot products, enables dramatic improvements in a wide range of bio-sensing applications.

Quantum Dot Corporation

"This first product launch is an enormously significant milestone in our evolution into a commercial organization," said Carol C. Lou, QDC's President and Chief Operations Officer. "We have made many significant innovations in converting an academic curiosity into a business reality. Our core expertise in the commercialization of biologically active nanomaterials will enable the rapid launch of many additional products in 2003 and beyond. Our Qdot products give substantial performance improvements with a wide variety of installed instruments. We anticipate rapid adoption by the large number of scientists who require sensitive detection and visualization of biomolecules.”

The Qdot™ product comprises a multi-layered semiconductor nanocrystal attached to streptavidin, a specific biomolecule. Initial users of the Qdot™ technology have observed order-of-magnitude improvements in sensitivity, brightness, and stability in their bio-sensing applications. Currently supported applications include cell and tissue analysis, with many more applications scheduled for 2003.

“We are selling our products directly to customers in life science and drug discovery research.” added Andy R. Watson, VP of Business Development at QDC. “However, the breadth of applications for the Qdot technology is quite overwhelming, so we will be partnering with market-leading companies to open additional sales channels for quantum dot-based products. In vitro diagnostic testing and specific multiplexed research applications are our focus areas for partnering in the short term.”

Qdot™ nanocrystals, or quantum dots, are nanometer-sized semiconductor crystals that brightly light up specific biological events. These nano-scale molecular light emitting diodes (LEDs) allow rapid, parallel, and ultra-sensitive detection of biomolecular interactions.

Founded in 1998, Quantum Dot Corporation is located in Hayward, CA. The company and its advisors are the world's leading experts in semiconductor nanocrystal (Qdot™) technology and its biological applications. Additional information on QDC can be found at

For further information, please contact Andy Watson at or call (510) 887-8775.

Quantum Dot Corporation
Illuminating the path to scientific discovery™

Reprinted with premission. Copyright Quantum Dot Corporation

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