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NanoWater - Safe, Clean and Affordable Water

“If nanotechnology really has the potential to change the world, let’s make sure we change it for the better”

NanoWater is a new initiative from Cientifica to see if nanotechnology really can change the world.

NanoWater was created to focus the attention of the nanotechnology community on the potential of technology to change the world for good.

Starting with Nanowater 2004 the nanotechnology and water communities will be coming together in Amsterdam to answer the question “Can nanotechnology address one of the most pressing issues of the 21st Century?” Safe, Clean and Affordable Water.

By bringing, science, business and government together on one issue, we hope to find tiny solutions to global problems.

Not Just Droughts

The clean water challenges in developing nations are numerous and deadly with over 1 billion people lacking access to basic water supply and 2.4 billion people lacking access to basic sanitation.

Up to 2,200,000 die each year due to diarrhoeal diseases which can be attributed to the 'water, sanitation and hygiene' risk factor, 90 percent of them among children under five.

The developed world is facing its own problems, from climate change reducing snow pack feeding the Colorado River to salination of groundwater in Spain, and shortages of fresh water from Israel to Singapore.

How Nanotechnology Can Help

Nanotechnology can help solve water issues in a number of ways. Across a wide range of industries, our new found understanding of the nanoscale is enabling existing technologies to become economically feasible, and offering new solutions to existing problems.

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Copyright Cientifica. Reprinted with permission.

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