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NanoHorizons and Arrow International Collaborate on NanoBiomedical Device Development

State College, PA. March 30th, 2004
NanoHorizons NanoHorizons

NanoHorizons, Inc. an emerging leader in nano-scale material and device technologies today announced a research collaboration with Arrow International, Inc. (NASDAQ - ARRO), a leading supplier of clinically advanced disposable catheters based in Reading, PA, to develop opportunities to apply state of the art nano-technology to numerous emerging cost and performance issues in biomedical technology. It brings together the latest in new materials and device technology, and the practical experience and commercial success needed to focus such development.

"We are particularly pleased to partner with another forward-thinking Pennsylvania corporation." says Dr. Stephen Fonash, founder and Chairman of NanoHorizons. "Arrow's experience in the biomedical industry is invaluable to our efforts to bring nanotechnology to market in unique products, critical to the continuing effort to improve medical care", adds Robert Burlinson, President and CEO of NanoHorizons, Inc.

About NanoHorizons, Inc.

NanoHorizons, Inc. was founded in 2002 with a business focus on nanotechnology applications in the drug discovery, microelectronics and health care industries. The company has licensed a comprehensive portfolio of nanotechnology Intellectual Property from the Pennsylvania State University.

The initial product offering, QuickMass™ matrix free laser desorption plates, addresses the need for more cost effective pharmaceutical research and increased drug discovery capacity. Additional commercial initiatives are being pursued to meet needs for fast, high-sensitivity respiration monitors as well as humidity and gas sensors. Further, a manufacturing process used to place high performance logic, sensors, displays, MEMS and optoelectronics on inexpensive or mechanically flexible substrates offers licensing opportunities.

For more information, visit or contact:

Robert F. Burlinson, President and CEO
Tel: +1.814.861.9909

Mark Wilson, Ph.D., Marketing Director
Tel: +1.814.861.9909

About Arrow International, Inc.

Arrow International, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of clinically advanced, disposable catheters and related products for critical and cardiac care. The Company's products are used primarily by anesthesiologists, critical care specialists, surgeons, emergency and trauma physicians, cardiologists, interventional radiologists, electrophysiologists, and other health care providers. The Company's common stock trades on The Nasdaq Stock Market® under the symbol ARRO. For more information, visit

Reprinted with premission.
Copyright NanoHorizons.

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