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NanoHorizons announces Matrix-less MALDI now available for Fast, Cost Effective Analysis of Small Molecules

State College, PA. January 21st, 2004
NanoHorizons NanoHorizons

NanoHorizons, an emerging leader in nanoscale material and device technologies, and Kratos Analytical (a wholly owned subsidiary of Shimadzu Corporation), a world leader in Mass Spectrometry, announced the commercial introduction of a fast, precise technique for small molecule analysis today. Kratos Analytical will offer the NanoHorizons' QuickMass™ targets, which are used to identify low molecular weight compounds in MALDI (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization) mass spectrometers, through Shimadzu Biotech, a business unit of Shimadzu Corporation. Users of the Axima-QIT™ and Axima-CFR™plus line of mass spectrometry systems will soon be able to realize the benefits of high throughput and lower cost from using disposable, matrix-less, QuickMass™ targets for small molecule analysis. QuickMassTM targets increase selectivity and reduce cross-contamination concerns for small molecule detection in MALDI-type mass spectrometers.

"QuickMassTM targets are a breakthrough in mass spectrometry: they provide clean and reproducible low molecular weight spectra by eliminating the matrix compound used to help laser desorption/ionization in a MALDI mass spectrometer. This dramatic improvement is due to the QuckMassTM target's non-porous, thin film surface, which adsorbs and transfers the laser energy to the sample molecules. Accordingly, the interfering background matrix peaks that are commonly observed with MALDI MS are not present. Also, the lack of surface porosity prevents low mass contaminant trapping" says Dr. Stephen Fonash, founder and Chairman of NanoHorizons.

"By reducing the cost and increasing sample throughput, our technology makes applications such as drug discovery more cost effective" adds Robert Burlinson, NanoHorizons' President and C.E.O. "Further, our targets do not degrade with exposure to the atmosphere, so they can be stored without extraordinary precautions. And, since Quickmass™ targets are low cost, they can be discarded or retained for reanalysis."

Chris Sutton, MALDI Business Manager for Shimadzu Biotech stated "The Quickmass™ targets

represent an opportunity to demonstrate the versatility of the Axima mass spectrometers, enabling the company to present new solutions to the pharmaceutical and chemical markets. Quickmass™ targets are a part of Shimadzu Biotech's continuing strategy for developing a series of modified MALDI targets that provide improved performance in a diverse range of applications."

About NanoHorizons, Inc.

NanoHorizons, Inc. was founded in 2002 with a business focus on nanotechnology applications in the drug discovery, microelectronics and health care industries. The company has licensed a comprehensive portfolio of nanotechnology Intellectual Property from the Pennsylvania State University.

The initial product offering, QuickMass™ matrix free laser desorption plates, addresses the need for more cost effective pharmaceutical research and increased drug discovery capacity. Additional commercial initiatives are being pursued to meet needs for fast, high-sensitivity respiration monitors as well as humidity and gas sensors. Additionally, a manufacturing process used to place high performance logic, sensors, displays, MEMS and optoelectronics on inexpensive or mechanically flexible substrates offers licensing opportunities.

For more information, visit or contact:

Stephen J. Fonash, Ph.D., Chairman and Chief Technology Officer
Tel: +1.814.865.4931
Robert F. Burlinson, President and CEO
Tel: +1.814.861.9909

Mark Wilson, Ph.D., Marketing Director
Tel: +1.814.861.4931
About Kratos and Shimadzu Biotech

Kratos Analytical Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Shimadzu Corporation of Kyoto, Japan, selling and distributing its MALDI mass spectrometry products through the global Shimadzu Biotech business organization. Its strengths lie in the quality of design, in the excellence of products and in the commitment to partnerships with customers.

Kratos Analytical employs innovative strategies in the development of MALDI MS products, including the unique patented curved field reflectron of the Axima-CFR™ for controlled seamless post source decay fragmentation of peptides, and the novel Axima-QIT™ hybrid MALDI quadrupole ion trap time-of-flight mass spectrometer, for detailed structural determination of biomolecules.

For more information, visit or contact:

Shimadzu Biotech

Tetsuo Ichikawa, Chairman
Fax: +81-75-823-1364
Tel: +81-75-823-1148
Chris Sutton, Business Manager
Tel: +44-161-888-4400 ext 228
Fax: +44-161-888-4402

For press information, please contact:
De Facto Communications
Richard Anderson
Tel: +44-20-7496-3300
Fax: +44-20-7496-3355

Reprinted with premission.
Copyright NanoHorizons.

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